2019 Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid EX

All new for 2019 is the Kia Niro. Touted as a compact hybrid crossover SUV, the Niro offers great gas mileage and cargo space for everything you need! With its 1.6L four cylinder plug-in hybrid engine you can expect to save a ton at the pump!

What’s up guys this is taylor with liswear car company we are back with another car review today we’ll be taking a look at the 2019 kia nero this is the plug-in ex so with the ex trim we get lots of cool upgrades on the interior and cool upgrades on the exterior as well such as led headlights fog lights you get these cool blue strips you get those with the with

The plug-in models two-tone alloy rims coming around to the back we get a backup camera just under this window wiper here i’ll pull up the trunk here get the eco plug-in badge and then a lot of space back here it’s got a power lift gate blind spot monitors keyless entry let’s take a look at the interior all right guys so as for the interior this is a plug-in

Hybrid so we do get gas and electric got the gas on the left and then just up above it you have the battery of the car over to the left is where you can get your blind spot monitors lane keep traction control gas plug-in and the front two windows are automatic and then we get folding rear view mirrors just push that switch there and then up on the steering wheel

It is leather wrapped we get this blue contrast stitching go going through the center of the wheel with bluetooth capability voice control we also have adaptive cruise control just over here on the right this kia niro does come with apple carplay and android auto with bluetooth capabilities as well as fm and am radios dual zone ac passenger side driver side and

Then we also do have vents for those back seats just below the air conditioning controls we got two 12 volt slots aux and a usb and these kia niro’s have this really cool setting where you can push this drivers only button and it’ll actually take all the air conditioning and focus all of it in on the driver’s side so that’s super nice thing to have as for the

Seating we kind of have these cloth leather seats so we get leather for the most part but in the middle we have cloth they’re super comfortable we got that same light blue contrast stitching going throughout the whole entire interior of the car leather wrapped console as well got a charging port for a usb and then the front two seats are heated and then we have

Our ev button up here but other than that this is a really comfortable interior there’s lots of room lots of legroom up front and in these back seats all right guys to wrap it up this is a one owner vehicle with no damages or accidents on its carfax report it’s got just over 9000 miles so it’s got pretty low mileage and it is in great condition the paint has no

Scratches or dents the interior’s beautiful under the hood we have a 1.6 liter four-cylinder engine that gets us absolutely insane gas mileage we get 52 miles per gallon in city 49 on the highway so we get incredible gas mileage on this kia niro get led headlights fog lights on the interior we get super cool features like apple carplay and android auto super

Comfortable seating lots of safety features come on down to this rear car company and check out this nero we’ll see you guys soon

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2019 Kia Niro Plug-in Hybrid EX By LeSueurCarCompany