2019 Kia Niro Plug in Hybrid LX

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What’s going on guys it’s taylor with liswear car company and we are back with another car review today we’ll be checking out our brand new 2019 kia nero this one’s got the lx trim and it is the plug-in hybrid version so we’re going to get some crazy gas mileage as well as some really nice features we’ll start up here on the front end you’re going to get led

Headlights fog lights down on bottom it’s got this blue trimming multiple different places on the suv really good looking paint job on this one it is a compact suv got this chrome trimming over the windows you get a backup camera back here just under this wiper blade and then your trunk latch just down below you’re gonna get a good amount of space in the back

Just because it is a compact suv doesn’t mean you’re gonna get a tiny amount of space you’re gonna get a good amount of it back here it’s got the nero badge front mats and the trunk mat but other than that you are going to get keyless entry on these front two doors let’s take a look at the interior so as for the interior features on this lx trimmed kia niro we’re

Going to get a good amount of them we’ll get a leather wrapped steering wheel you got that blue contrast stitching wrapped around the center it’s going to come with bluetooth capabilities voice control cruise control you’ll get adaptive cruise control over there on the right and then to the left you do get lane keep traction control gas cap and then your charging

Buttons it’s got an automatic driver’s side window and then you got your hood latch e-brake down to the left over on our screen here we’re going to get some really nice features you’re going to get bluetooth capabilities fmm radios of course but you’ll also get android auto and apple carplay this is a really nice shortcut to navigation if you don’t have built-in

Navigation in your car you’ll be able to plug in your iphone samsung with this usb port down below access your own personal music apps navigation apps all up on the big screen so it’s really nice to have that does have dual zone ac in the passenger side and the driver’s side you got your push to start drivers only button this is cool this will take all the ac

From the car pump it right into the driver’s side really convenient if you’re the only one in the car it’s got a usb port aux port for audio connection not one but two 12-volt sockets and then you got your ev mode leather wrapped gear shifter it’s got two cup holders good amount of space inside your console and that’s for the seats they’re in great condition

Really comfortable you got that blue stitching lots of leg room in the front and the back here but overall great looking interior you’re getting you’re going to get that blue detail in a couple different places on the stitching around the air vents multiple places on the exterior looks great in here all right to wrap it up on this kia niro guys it’s in awesome

Condition it’s not going to have a single damage or accident on its carfax report it’s a one on our vehicle with just over 21 000 miles on it it’s got a 1.6 liter hybrid 4-cylinder engine under the hood and it gets up to 51 miles per gallon in city 46 on the highway seats up to five people comfortably you’re going to get some really nice features like that backup

Camera you get keyless entry lane keep adaptive cruise control apple carplay android auto led headlights come on down to this rear car company and check out our new nero we’ll see you guys soon

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2019 Kia Niro Plug in Hybrid LX By LeSueurCarCompany