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Good morning this is brighton from pacific toyota here in kansas doing a quick virtual tour in a 2019 kia rio the sport sitting here in front of me for only 20 990 drive away and only about 51 000 kilometers on there it’s an absolute glamor really good service history i understand you obviously are down in brisbane but that’s no drummers at all like i said we um

We’re located here in cairns so i’m currently standing at 235 mulgrave road uh you can currently see you can see our toyota lexus showrooms up the hill there service department drop-offs everything down the street and obviously a massive big yard here currently absolutely jam-packed with with vehicles just like this little rio we’re lucky enough to have another

Another yard up at 77 mulgrave road as well so we get some absolute glamas just like this one here so like i said just the whole idea of this video basically is just give you an idea a bit of a closer look through the the car itself um i’m just giving it a quick shammy because we did obviously have a bit of rain last night so uh forgive me if there’s a little bit

Of water still on there um but obviously you can only sort of see so much in the photos so i just want to go through a bit more detail for you looking very very tidy across the actual bonnet itself so not really much to show you across there we’ve also got the genuine fitted um weather weather protectors for the headlights here too very tidy across the front here

As well there’s a tiny tiny little sort of stone chip just there about half the size of the tip of the pen on your pen but very very tiny tiny um things like that if they are concerned just let me know it’s all stuff that we can always look at getting potentially touched up for you same thing just two little ones there but the rest is exceptionally clean as we

Come across the front down across the little bar so we’ve always got the little light bar on the front there that is controlled through the um through the inside of the cab with a little switch wired up to the high beam so it’s an aftermarket accessory but all that kind of stuff we just leave on there little fog lights down the bottom very tightly underneath of

Course back through up the top now i have kicked the wheels out here for you because i wanted you to see the tread on these guys absolutely stacks of tread left on them you can see a little indicator just on the inside there i want to be in the sport we’ve got the the flash hello wheels on this one as well very tidy on there can’t really see any gravel rash from

Where i’m looking at very tidy to be honest with you right there as well so no chips or cracks or anything like that in the windscreen either i’m obviously is currently reduced now making it one of the cheapest in australia for these sports especially those sort of kilometers i’ll just give you a bit of a view down the passenger side there’s body work obviously

No dents or anything like that either and very tidy through here tiny little sort of smudge just there i reckon a bit of polish might even clean that up it’s always something we can look at but some will just have to get back to it about and again absolutely heaps of heaps of tread left on these guys a little bit of gutter rash on this one just around the outside

Obviously being a low vehicle they’re pretty common for the gutters up and around the joint so a little bit of gutter rash around the outside but that’s about it for the alloy there very clean through the actual passenger side door very tidy through there as well just obviously the inside of that door card as well some light scratching just on the inside of the

Actual plastic itself probably had something sitting on the on the seat that’s sort of rubbed up against it uh we do have electric windows being a sport as well the whole way around a little um edition here with the the reflective obviously the rio signage we’ve got the genuine fitted rio mats as well the whole way around those up too so you can see there all

That kind of stuff we just leave in the car and so very clean through the inside got airbags on both either side of these um front seats as well got the genuine kia fitted dash mat as well just show up under there now while i’m here i’ll just quickly take you through that service history so we’ve got the books here it was actually locally owned so full service

History is through trinity here in town i just want to show you that first page because it does have the previous owner’s details but happy to take you through them in private so our first original service 2020 3000 kilometers 20 kia so here in town here in cairns and then second service 18 000 kilometers because obviously with your kids you’ve only got to do

Them once every 12 months or 15 000 kilometers so next one at 18 000. 2020 2021 at 30 20 22 at 51. so excellent service history there all through trendy kia it’s a little genuine stuff been a 2019 you’ve obviously got the balance of the factory warranty in here as well and you’ll have that there too going through tidy through the back and down the inside of

Those door cars there too again just some light scratching on the inside there potentially someone’s rings or something like that or resting up against it and so not too bad like i said we’ve got these fitted mats the whole way around a little usb accessory plug is there for you too so great for the kitties anything like that really well looked after seeds we’ve

Also got the adjustment just up here to drop that down so we’ve got one two child anchor points and then when that 40 side there drops down that’ll have another anchor point behind that too uh we’ve got your parcel shelf here so again that pops straight out if you do want that extra room giving you a massive massive amount of room for the boot i’ll leave that down

Just to show you exactly what i mean he’s on this side as well it’s on the passenger side there too we’ll give you a quick look across that roof there as well while we’re here very tidy panel work not too bad on this one little tiny bit of gravel rash up here that’s about it that i can see uh rear parking sensors right across the back being the sport we’ve got the

Reverse camera in these parking sensors tiny little bit of luggage marks just here and obviously here so once we pop that up that’s where your camera hides and very tidy through the back that’s a little partial itself i was saying so it just literally sits in place you can pop that straight out you can obviously see that final child anchor point there too hidden

Underneath here spare tire jack tools everything like that as well so here’s the tread left on that spare tire it is one of the get home savers the space savers obviously being a small hatchback little tie-down points on the inside here here on both sides and a little bit of storage at the top and a little bit more tie downs here as well so real handy for um

Obviously grocery stuff like that you don’t want slipping and sliding around very tight across the rest of that roof as you can see back here so finally just down the driver’s side now as well very clean on that one again absolutely stacks of tread left on these guys it’s pretty much nearly brand new tires last door see the inside of that one on this side i

Didn’t run across that roof it’s my little little very faint sort of marks just on the very very edge of it there but otherwise exceptionally tidy across that roof the lining and very clean through the front there so finally just the driver’s side door now a little tiny sort of hairline mark there that’s a very very faint it’s not actually into the paint but it’s

Just a little scuff now of course being the driver’s side all your electric controls are over here so we’ve got electric windows for all four doors and we’ve got the window locks to stop anyone in the back playing around with them that you don’t want to mirror adjustments up here so left and right side of the car and of course the power fold option there too so

You can actually tuck those mirrors in with that button so it makes it a little bit easier trying to get out with between if you’ve got a car that’s parked close to you or a garage wall or anything like that this makes life a little bit easier the rest of your plates are there for you too now sure people like me i love this one you can crank that right up we’ve

Got a height adjustment on that seat as well as the adjustment for the back side the fuel release on the passenger side of the car but here’s the actual release itself for the fuel and the actual bottom release is just up under here as well so i’ll pop that because i do want to show up under that bonnet just quickly before we jump inside the car it’s got two two

Keys here as well and we’ve got central locking on this one so that one works beautiful and then of course uh central lock in there it’s wonderful and that works as well so genuine keys to this one put the spare key which is always good news so we’ll jump in start this one up for you all right only 51 646 kilometers as it sits right now no engine lights no

Dash lights nothing like that of course the radio down nothing on there um like you saw at macular services so we’ve been a really really well looked after car very tightly through the inside here obviously not due to a game for his service until 66 000 k’s or september next year we’ve got the inside of the visors you’ve got a little mirrors tucked away there

For you little sunny holder up the top obviously all your lights in the middle and of course same thing over the passenger side there we’ve got drop down handles the whole way around adjustable seat belts on both the front seats like i said airbags in these guys airbags and dash airbags in the steering wheel and underneath so absolutely everywhere super safe cars

Up on the actual touch screen here so like i said we do have a little reverse camera in the back so you’ve got two little options here we’ve got the blue line which stays stationary dipping off so the blue line which is stationary so really handy for lining yourself up for for car parks and stuff like that you see ing those blue lines with the white lines and you

Can pretty much park yourself perfectly into a car park every single time real handy for us here on the yard and then we’ve got that yellow and the red one which as we turn that steering wheel is going to basically show you predicting the direction that you’re traveling so at the moment that shows that if i can come back i’m going to hit that outlander behind us

I’ll show you the direction of travel so it really hurts super handy as well that red line there is about 30 centimeters away from the back of your car roughly now so the little sensors that i mentioned in the back they’re going to be faster and faster and faster once an item gets to that red line it just becomes a flat tone and that’s pretty much where you want

To stop it’s enough room to be able to open that boot walk between it but it is just a nice safety distance for you too otherwise you can physically see the back bar there too so you never really should bump into anything behind you if you don’t like that beeping like just then i was going to turn it off so you can turn it on and off with that one so that’s that

Being that you can now here so you can’t control that as well massive big touchscreen display here it’s got apple carplay android auto all those sort of features bluetooth usb aux you name it big touchscreen display here too so we can jump straight into the radio side of things so am fm bluetooth the media sort of thing so again that’ll be usb aux all that sort of

Stuff the phone once your phone’s connected it um it gets trying to connect to somebody’s bluetooth already so he contacts all that kind of thing will be in there and otherwise that home button brings us to here every time so we jump into all those menus my menu settings and the apple carplay and whatever’s playing on the radio so that’s your little favorites one

There for you central locking’s just there hazard lights are there aircon fan speed temperature and where you want it coming out usb accessory plug aux and another accessory plug and even a little wider up on this side here as well heaps of storage down in the middle um what have we got we’ve got to drive us obviously a drive down the bottom we do have a manual

Site for that too so you can flick it over and go up and down the gears as you see there um genuine handbrake real one there couple is in the middle heaps of storage through the middle there as well and i think that’s just about nearly it up on the actual steering wheel obviously wipers are all up on the left-hand side for your bluetooth controls are up here so

You can jump between the radio stations um am aux bluetooth whatever on that one there and by jumping between song stations through that one and you can answer and hang up the phone calls through there uh cruise control is all up on the right hand side being a sport you do have an automatic option for the headlights so we can flick those to auto they’re going to

Turn on and off as they need to otherwise partners headlights high beams blinkers are all through that one there just like normal so what we’re going to do i’m going to leave this running because i just want to quickly show you under that bonnet before we finish up i think that’s just about all of it she’s a hot day here today that’s for sure as soon as that rain

Goes away for it see a little motor in there absolute glam i’ve been really really well looked after you can see all the fluid levels as well super well maintained very particular about the cars that we get of course that firewall there so so look thank you again for your inquiry and yeah can’t wait to hear your feedback soon

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2019 KIA RIO SPORT By Braedyn Williams