2019 Kia Sedona Seating and Cargo Flexibility

You asked us to take a closer look at how the seats work in the Kia Sedona, here’s that video! Have questions? We’re happy to help!

Hey everybody its peter from brantford kia and today we’re going to talk about something that came directly from your comments on our youtube channel people wanted to see how the seats work in the sedona for storage capacity how they go up and down and some of those features so we’re making this video just for you because of your comments now it can be a little bit

Tough to film these anytime you’re filming inside of a car camera angles can be weird so we’re gonna do our best with it if you have questions let us know in the comments as well and we’ll see if we can clarify from there so let’s go give it a whirl all right so i’m going to start in the front seat of this sedona now this is an lx plus model which is kind of lower

Mid level somewhere in that range and you have a few options here that make it easier for your cargo storage so people don’t think about this all the time but this seat here has two controls right here and if you watch very carefully you’ll see that i can move the entire seat forward it’s a powered seat and i can also tilt the front ford without leaving the driver’s

Seat so those are two controls that are there you can use them to really tick off your passenger if they’re in the front seat which is kind of fun for me when i especially arrive another salesperson grant but they’re also really good for creating more storage you can see i can move the seat a long ways up i’m still going forward i’m still tilting forward so right

From the driver’s seat i can create passenger room i can create cargo room i can do all that without even leaving the driver’s seat when i’m talking about the front passenger seat so it’s a feature that a lot of people don’t realize that we have that is also handy and it’s just helpful to get your kids in and out or maybe if you have an elderly passenger you can

Help them and get comfortable as well when they can’t find the seat controls so yeah i mean it’s just a great little system in the very front seat that creates a passenger space now we’re gonna go to the middle row and show you some of those features in those seats alright so one of the things i love about the middle row is if you’ve got lots of cargo in your hands

And you gotta grab that door handle sometimes that can be difficult to grab pull out slide back all those things this one’s got a power door so all i’m gonna do is touch the button and the door opens which makes it easier just kind of just nudge it with your knuckle or something if you’ve got a lot of cargo in your hands so inside this is an eight passenger vehicle

Which means that there’s two seats in the front and then you’ve got three here and you’ve got three more in the back so eight passengers the center seat is removable we’re gonna get to that in a second i may or may not take it out but i’ll show you how it works the big thing with minivans people talk about chrysler’s stow and go now credit to chrysler they’ve done

Great job with her marketing and it practically makes a lot of sense the seats go right to the floor we don’t have that now there’s a couple reasons we don’t have it because one thing chrysler doesn’t talk about is some of the side effects that you get from having stow and go seat they’re very thinly padded because they have to be very compact to fit into a very

Small space in the floor so let me show you this seat for a second get the headrests down there because i was playing on the seats earlier this seat very comfortably fits an adult now i’m about six feet tall you can see i’ve got quite long legs the seat comes right to the end of my leg so it’s very comfortable that way you’ve got a recline now you can move it to

You know even more recline you can sit upright so a lot of comfort a lot of comfort in this seat you’ve got an armrest here you can put the center seat down you got enormous on that side as well and that’s the big reason that most other competitors don’t go with some sort of stow and go type seat is because you lose seat comfort so if you’re taking adults and i

Get a lot of people say well our kids are only eight or our kids are only seven then they’ll finance the vehicle for seven years and find out that their kids fourteen and taller than they are so when you’re buying a minivan if you’re buying even for a young family of young kids keep mind they will grow and having that extra space for their gear for their stuff for

Their backpack so they don’t throw on the back that makes a difference and having comfortable seats make the difference so start with that seats are comfortable they don’t go on the floor but how do you create a lot of floor space in this car well it’s very very simple so a couple things we can do the seat of course can move forward can move back just like any

Other seat but what do you create floor space in this one is you lift this lever here very simple kind of a two-finger kind of thing it’s sort of a cantilever it on its own and you’ve got all this space here so can you fit a four by eight piece of plywood in here i don’t know i’ve never tried but that’s kind of the point most people the standard measurement for

Car reviewers them i used to be a car reviewer is will it fit a 4×8 sheet of plywood and almost nobody actually takes four by eight sheets of plywood in their minivan there’s tons of trucks around that’s what they’re for so it’ll create a ton of space you’ll still have your seats in the car and they’re easy to get to so that’s what i love about our seats they’re

Comfortable they give you a ton of floor space because these vans are longer than some of the previous minivans even the chrysler minivans for the past they’ve got they’re quite big van especially inside so you’ve got all flat floor from here back there is a third row seats they do fold into the floor we’re going to show you about them in a second so let’s see if

We could try to get an angle to show you the center seat now as well because it’s kind of unique alright so normally when i take the center seat out of this van i do it from behind but again just camera angles i haven’t got all the greatest camera equipment and i don’t want to do with 16 cameras of editing so i’ll show you how this works as best i can sitting here

If it looks awkward from here it’s because it’s really easy to do from behind but it’s just a lot of pictures of the back of my body when i do that so first of all you’ve got a headrest that’s adjustable it looks like a fairly narrow seat but once again you can fit a full size adults here you’ve got tons of knee room to the leg room it does recline i can show you

That in a second we’ve got plenty of room here even for an adult to sit in the center here it’s not that uncomfortable like for a center seat most tender seats in every car are you lose comfort you do lose some comfort compare these sized seats but you could certainly drive for an hour a couple hours in this seat and be perfectly fine even with an adult so let’s

Get that out of the way now this seat is just like all the other seats it rolls forward and back so you can move that and that’s handy it also reclined so you can go you know quite a ways forward use it as an armrest we’ll put the headrest all the way down and it looks kind of neat it’s got cupholders in the back there for some storage a little storage place back

There as well and of course it also reclines all the way back these seats are you know fairly far back as well we have the wrong one there there we go so you can see the seats go quite a bit further it goes all the way back comes nice and upright as well so that’s kind of how that works so what i’m doing to tilt it here is there’s a little strap here looks like

A mini seatbelt you’re just pulling that it’s a two-finger thing even your kids can do it on their own from there once it’s folded down there’s a handle back here sorry another strap back here same type of thing it’s a black strap so grey strap goes first the black strap same idea you pull it here and the whole thing tumbles forward and again it’s cantilevered so

You’re doing this with two fingers there’s no strength involved to do it and it rolls forward and depending on where i have the seat initially it’ll be forward or back now the big thing is from here i pinch this and i can remove this seat it’s not that heavy if i had to guess and this is purely a guest so don’t hold me to it it’s probably about twenty maybe thirty

Pounds probably not even thirty pounds it’s quite easy to manage you know it says it’s the same weight as a toddler it’s kind of the way i’m thinking about it so whenever that weighs that’s kind of how it feels and it’s quite easy to get out again you put the seat back you roll it up you come up it’s on little wheels so when you put it back and you just wheel it

Up from the back it locks into a track you hear it click you slam it down like that and it’s back out so i’m not going to take it out just because that would look awkward in a video but it is quite easy to do and then you have a nice big aisle through the center here as well that you can use so storage ability in the center seats fold up flat this one’s removable

If you want even more space where you can just tilt it you know got something long you can put it right through over the driver’s armrest right up to the dash if you wanted need to remove it you can do that as well now we’re gonna go to the backseat and show you the options back there all right so when i do these videos i like to talk about practicality and then

I’m not just gonna talk about features and specs some people want to know how many liters of cargo space and that kind of doesn’t really matter it matters how you fit things in and what you do to actually use the car and i’ve been to car things where the manufacturers tell us oh it’s got this feature it’s got that feature but it really doesn’t matter matter to

The average consumer if we’re talking cargo space we need to talk about what you’re doing with that cargo space so let’s assume i’m carrying all kinds of stuff it’s a snowy wintry day there’s ice on the ground and i want the tailgate to just open on its own now i can do it a couple ways i can hit my button on my key fob which is in my pocket right now in some of

Our competitors cars you waive your foot underneath the car which seems like a terrible idea in snowy and icy conditions with our cars it’s great all you do and you can set this up you can turn it on or off if you don’t want to do this it doesn’t have to but i’ve set it up it’s called our smart tailgate you approach the trunk you’ll see it’s gonna be five times

In three seconds i didn’t do anything other than stand very close to the back of the car and it opens on its own so i’m still carrying my stuff i’ve never touched anything i haven’t scratched the paint with the salt that’s on there in the middle of winter and i can drop my stuff in here without any problem without ever touching the outside of the car it’s a great

Feature you can turn it on you can turn it off and it’s called a smart tailgate and it really is smart you you won’t set it off accidentally if you’re concerned about setting it off accidentally you can turn the system off but it is a really good system and a lot of our cars have it so ask about that smart trunk smart tailgate depending on which kind of vehicle

You’re getting so here we go typical minivan back let’s just pull them up everything’s numbered so it’s pretty easy to do i’m gonna tilt that i’m gonna tilt the headrest up there as well there you go seat there up you’ve got a deep storage well can you fit a human being in there yes you can now it’s a 9 passenger vehicle 8 people legally one person illegally but

If you want to escape your kids some time you just you know smart tailgate that thing back down with your key fob you can hide from them they’ll never find you great system not that i’m saying i never use it but i think this is why my wife won’t let me buy a minivan anyways moving on how do you get the seats down pretty simply i put the headrest down first that was

Easy to do then you start backwards to count backwards so this is no pull number 2 and when i say number 2 on the actual strap it says number 2 and then so you pull that then you pull this one it’s number 1 i’m gonna do it with two fingers just because i want to show that it doesn’t require a lot of strength so you just pull it up roll it back gently push this down

On the floor and it locks in now you’ve got a flat floor there i’ll move the camera closer we’ll do the same thing with the larger seat alright here’s the larger seat same thing i’m gonna put the headrest down just pinch the piece right there pinch this one right here whoops there we go both the headrests are down now you’ve got a nice flat top there this strap

Is labeled number two it even says to recline seat back only so you know exactly what you’re doing pull that it folds flat like that and again you can use that space if we put this one back up you can use that space as storage but we’re gonna pull it down again push it down in the floor same thing pull up on here you just pull it straight up you don’t have to

Pull it back so much pull it straight up push it in the floor and there you go flat floor right to the middle row now again i’m gonna jump to the middle row while we’re here open the door here we’re gonna roll the seat all the way forward and i’m going to flop the seat forward now you’ve got tons of space here now how much space again i’m 6 feet tall i could lay

Down i could stretch out i mean we got 8 feet not quite but we’ve got plenty of space so there you go awkward gymnastics to show you how the seats work in the kia sedona so as i close up this video i’m also gonna close up the sedona right now and as i do that if you have questions about anything that we sell the reason we make these videos is to try to earn your

Business but feel free to talk to us in the comments section we want you to understand your vehicle to understand the features that are available to it and that’s why we make these videos to help you out and to hopefully earn your business so if you like this video give us a like feel free to leave us a comment if you have questions or just tell us we did a great

Job that’d be great if you want to see more let my bosses know by telling us in the comments section and thanks everybody for watching

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2019 Kia Sedona Seating and Cargo Flexibility By Kia Hyundai Channel