2019 Lamborghini Urus Review // Why Its Worth 00,000

This is the Lamborghini Urus. And its the fastest, most powerful SUV you can buy. It has two turbos, a great big stonking V8 and a ton of power. And for 2020, it gets…soft-close doors. James and Thomas jump behind the wheel to see if this almost $300,000 Super SUV is worthy of the name. Watch and enjoy. SUBSCRIBE!

You’re watching paddle house i’m thomas and i’m james and yes it is easy to make the earth the butt of a joke but the auris makes a joke of a viewer of your butt your butt what the lamborghini naruse this year we’ve driven the best and the sportiest suvs from the likes of alfa romeo bmw mercedes and yet they all quiver in the presence of this because it is the

Daddy of the rip your face off turn pavement to mush super suvs but at triple the price is it triple the car because it’s not triple the cylinders triple the power or triple the size triple triple triple a – do you ever get that thing when something stops sounding like a word james but yeah totally i know what you mean right anyway let’s find out if it commands

The price tag of two hundred and ninety thousand dollars canadian as tested and if it earns the badge of the bull and if you’re new to throttle house we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing about so subscribe hit the belts tide goes in tide goes out can’t explain that men having nipples can’t explain that either supercar crossover well we’re

Going to try and explain that one and we’ll start with the launch that goes some of the way to explaining it oh listen to those down shifts now we’ve been in the glc 63s recently and the still very quadrophenia and the x3m and the question is does this really take you up a notch and the answer is yes so james is going on earlier about things that you can’t

Explain something about the type going in the thai going out and man nipples and super car suvs well you can explain an suv super car actually and you can explain those other things by the way and you explain it by taking something that looks like this on the outside and then giving it a twin-turbo v8 that makes 641 horsepower a rear biased all-wheel drive system

And a lightning-fast 8-speed transmission and then when you stomp on one of these cars the rear lights up the front end lifts and it creates hilarious noises pops and bangs and tire squeal that is how you do an suv so why is it so violent well because unlike the huracan that has 446 power fear talk this has 617 thanks to the twin turbos it’s available download

Enjoy hunger for a higher redline yeah probably and it’s not like a crazy screaming regular lambo engine that we’re used to but it makes lots of really cool noises oh but there’s so much drama to that engine they’ve taken just a regular formula twin-turbo v8 mercedes does that bmw does that they’ve made it absolutely mad only lambo so this has air suspension

You can raise and lower the ride height in the different modes this has got the off-road package so it’s got all that good stuff but what the air suspension does more than anything is when you put this in strata mode the ride is fantastic it’s so smooth and obviously when you put it into corsa it tightens up in the car stays very very controlled and flat in

The corners this does not drive like it looks it drives a sport here that it looks similar to the gl c63 it has no business being as good in the corners as it is and what an incredible turning circle i’m sure that’s massively and thanks to the fact that the rear wheels can turn three degrees all right obviously you don’t buy a nurse because you want to be in

A flash land bikini or go fast or look cool you buy it and you add the off-road package because it’s not a wrangler you’re not driving this through town you’re off-roading lambos and so i’m gonna put it into snow mode and i’ve seen there’s a big chunk of snow here and i’m going to show how this thing off roads oh crushed it you can confidently throw it into a

Corner despite its higher center of gravity and suv nature it just it stays so flat in a way that the other cars are driven just don’t and the torque is sublime unbelievable driving this car is thrilling and living with it is even better because when you want it to be it feels like an audi q8 around town in strada mode which is the daily living mode it’s easily

Liverpool you can fill bumps through it but the car does not do it doesn’t decompose now that doesn’t sound right doesn’t lose its composure if you decompose that there’d be a few californians out there that would be quite happy and yet when you want to play with it it does come alive you can throw into corsa which is really only meant for the track but sport on

The other hand the dash changes the sound changes the throttle response changes and suddenly you’re in a lambo again bye-bye aldi as long as you ignore the steering wheel the front end turns in a very very well it’s easy to point this thing wherever you want it to go the steering doesn’t have that much feedback but it’s honestly really really good put it this

Way not many of these super suv’s i find fun to drive i find them impressive and i’m like wow i can’t believe they made it do this this one just crosses the border into actual fun to drive on a back road the thing is it doesn’t seem to compromise anywhere visibility good comfort good power so yes this is a gl c63 s that’s eaten a still vo quadrifoglio that’s

Eaten some of an audi q8 or the other way around the qat in all of those either way it’s unbelievable we’ve had that we’ve been spoiled recently we’ve driven a huracan an r8 you know absurd cars and mazda mx5 but the thing that’s crazy and especially about the huracan recently is with the v10 screaming behind your head it’s sensational and as good as this is it

Doesn’t fill me with that you know a lot of people ask the cliched question is it still a lamborghini it does not fill me with the same sensations as a huracan but as far as suvs go it doesn’t get better than this so is this a replacement for a mid-engine supercar no obviously not but is it the best suv that i’ve ever driven i think it is well that is simply the

Best suv we have ever driven i think it’s a best suv in the world maybe the galaxy so this is blue in the theme of space yes blue astrious blue astrious not a cool name is that is that latin or is that italian though yes it looks great it looks amazing i think this looks perfect no because it tones it down just enough that it becomes good-looking as opposed to

Ridiculous and well and also the yellow lent to the pontiac aztek joke way too much on the idea okay can we go right to these wheels at 23 inches 23 inches $6,700 for the privilege of that and but they look in proportion because they’re hiding the biggest production brakes on the market i believe you because they are the biggest brakes i have ever seen this comes

On that’s pretty p0 so much money as good as this looks though yeah we can’t forgive it for the crime of sake vents at $300,000 okay there’s a lot of money it’s as though someone from the vog group woke up and just went to be fair though there aren’t that many fig vents on this there’s like that little style bit right there the front though is okay that’s fake and

So is that i’m a it could be less but come on ice truckey fine 300 grand highway it drives it doesn’t yeah all right let’s talk about the backend first of all this rear wheel has like a really aggressive offset so it’s got like a nice dish to it there’s really really like that let’s look trouble the back end though okay in the back obviously looks so good oh here

Even a carbon-fiber license plate you what else is carbon fiber actually check this out it’s absurd how cool is that it actually doesn’t even weigh that much he’s gone five although there is still fake vents in the back and we did say in the huracan video if you’ve seen that you have to spend four hundred grand to not get fake vents and this is under four how

And therefore therefore okay we have a rear lip spoiler we have a big big spoiler we do and we have a surprisingly large amount of space i’m go the akrapovic resort which as we know yes sounds phenomenal also iii don’t officially know how to pronounce that is it is it akrapovic or is it a crap a i’m just going by my wimbledon jog on it’s just a crapper extra

Pervert okay fine either way it sounds amazing you can also it looks really cool you know it looks even better what the interior of this car you’re right let’s go check that started up it is a crime to put your finger through there absolutely i didn’t i didn’t instagram story with that only a hurricane yeah yeah people were appalled this is the reverse yeah and

I think it’s so cool it’s like it’s similar to the huracan but more beefy it’s just the best feeling to do it kablam it feels like it was a star trek right yes reverse hyperdrive yeah here’s what i wish i wish this was for drive so you like pull it in because you never put it in drive you click the first though up shift paddle yeah but in this if it’s not fixed

Column-mounted right it’s not so if you’re parking you’re like how do i you where i put it in drive yes yes but and i found a silver lining to that which is if you’re full lock the steering wheel is actually in the normal place okay so okay it’s very thin silver lining okay anyway let’s talk with the rest of the interior all right i’m just gonna say this is the

Most stunning interior i’ve ever been in i think i pretty much agree with you right we’ve been in s glasses and yeah i box actually now that the my back was pretty good the my face feels better because it’s got howdy there’s a lot of aldi yeah a lot about e which it’s a negative maybe but is it though there’s new stuff is going to be nice in some places no so

This has the bang all of some sound system that we had in the a8 and is astonishingly good it’s $5,000 it’s $8,000 but it’s so good after each song i give a standing ovation to elton john on the highway here and suddenly driving very very fast yeah but the other aldi stuff well let’s me down slightly is this steering a little stray out apart from this with the

Italian flag and the metal and obviously the airbags a little different but like it just looks like an out whereas the huracan wasn’t this stuff from the a8 is next-gen which puts it ahead of things like the been tiger yes and i loved it obviously as i chose it it’s amazing because like this is got haptic feedback right so everything is really really easy to use

There’s zero lag this is cutting-edge tech in here yeah but the contrast is amazing like like the lights and the darks is obviously just freemium it’s like an old id screen it also isn’t too shabby looking at night time this has a $4,000 ambient light package is that worth it though for grand no okay what we need okay this section down here is one of my favorites

Because it’s like the control center yeah car with animo animo yeah an enema and then we got the ego over here right so just this part right here i think is one of the coolest designs a lamborghini absolutely crushes making things dramatic somehow they’ve nailed the kind of like sports car feel and yet on this this is like this is almost like 4runner off-road

Stuff yet wait it is the off right everything’s a big click yeah it’s very very satisfying although you can’t go backwards you have to go all the way through to get to each one yes ego allows you to customize things but unfortunately there is no sports exhaust button so if you want the loud exhaust yeah you have to move either this mode or go into sport course

Or something louder which is unfortunate which is unfortunate because you want to go around town and you want to show up yeah it’s good the – though as well it’s very aldi but that’s a good thing because it is incredibly nice but it’s not as dramatic as the hurricane and the paddle shifters as well they were like big tomahawks in there yeah yeah i get in a

Way language probably sitting there like okay how do we make the suv special without taking away from a hurricane right they have done that i think they absolutely have this these are incredible they’re soft not like the hurricane either way – sis oh nice stitching this like i’m not sure this is this it’s open for wood yeah it’s so nice it’s wonderful obviously

Huge amounts of headroom and an alcantara headliner and the back seats easily easily fit me even the even though it has the coop a shape yep because it’s it’s just a big huge amounts ahead room and this has the a das $8000 safety package that you have yes the 360 and all the safety for parking despite its size because it’s quite bulbous yeah yeah and it’s hard

To know where the edges but like honestly the overall the interior of this car it is worth the money in fact it would be easy to argue that the whole car is worth the money is it necessary no is it ridiculous yes but if these super car manufacturers need to make suvs in order to be able to continue to make their low volume supercars then well lambo is showing

Them all how a supercar suv is done you know what i like is the why like why would you get one no no like like the wise like the wise like it’s wise to buy one no james the wise the wise how do y ou the desert yeah no not in the head no that’s a y no the one subscribe

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