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2019 Land Rover Range Rover Velar P300 R-Dynamic SE Review – Park Mazda

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Up everybody welcome back to parker madsen today we’re taking a look at our 2019 range rover velar p300ser design this range rover velar p300 is in this awesome gray color black accents led headlights running lights and fog lights tons of features on the inside so let’s go take a look at what it has to offer the vehicles lock the mirrors are folded in the handles

Do go into the door panel there as you can see you do you do have the button here to unlock and nice and easy tap as with your proximity key when you unlock you can have the door handles the door handles will come out so as you can get in but on the driver door panel here you’re going to find this really cool leather design along here for the handle very premium

Feeling you do have the piano black and your soft touch armrest you have your power windows power mirrors with your power folding music you double tap that your three power memory power memory seat as well as your power locks there you also do get the meridian surround system throughout you have two speakers on the door some storage in the door panel but moving

Over to the matthew you have the range rover all over the mats you have your power driver’s seat they are equipped with a nice black claw a black leather upholstery with the alcantara sidings and the white trimming throughout the whole velar and you also have that same design from the door panel go all the way across the dash and you can see how nice and sleek this

Dash is but let’s get into the range rover and see what it has to offer so now that we’re inside the range rover of course you have your push button start right now the dial here for shifting is collapse as well as the rear shade is down so a really cool thing when you start up the range rover you of course have the power memory seats everything goes to where

You set the sun shade starts to open this pops up everything comes to life and just looks really really nice and you kind of in this very premium feel all soft touch with this nice nice design here as you can probably see throughout very textured design all the way so moving over to the left-hand side of the steering column where to start where you have your

Electronic parking brake as well as your power liftgate button there you do get your blind spot monitoring in the corners of the mirrors so you do have that which is very nice and moving over to the steering wheel you’re going to find the very nice steering wheel you do have a nice chrome accent all the way around the steering wheel here as well range rover badge

Right in the middle and you’re going to have your big paddle shifters very good placement for the power shifters on the back of the steering wheel here as well so you do have that and you do have the different style design buttons never really seen these on a steering wheel before but they are very nice you do have your different options of your volume rocker here

Skipping and seeking and then the button is a menu which now changes it’s actually a little screen so i don’t know if you saw that but you do have the screen here and so when you’re on the home screen you do your volume rocker skipping seeking and as soon as we tap the menu button this pops up and now you have a multi-directional pad so this whole screen here the

Whole gauge cluster is customizable you have just the big map you can have your just your driver assistance which is on the left hand side you can have just the dials you can change a bunch of different options through the screen but uh starting to go through it you can see your trip here you can go over to the left see the different driver assistant options you

Have your collision of voyage with your forward alert you can change the sensitivity the aeb blind spot assist cross traffic monitor you do have the steering assist here you have the steering assist here as well with the with the lane keep assist setting so you can go in there you have the speed limit awareness there as well that you can go through and change the

Driver condition monitor as we scroll to the left here you can go into the media change your media through the screen and then for the vehicle info you can show all the different vehicle info through here i love how they spell tire t-y-r-e i know that’s spelling in other countries but you do have the different vehicle settings here also and then for the display

This we can change the display so we’re on the left panel right now but you can change the right panel right now i have it set to the navigation but you can have it change this trip but i think i think the nav looks really good there you can change the right panel info the left panel info as well as you do have the display layout here so you can go into the display

Layout and then you can have it as two dials full map the full map does also look really nice so it’ll be a full map once this display menu is gone you can have it just on driver assistance full map full driver assistance full media but it will of course still show your speed and what your where how fast you’re going and stuff like that i would keep it on this kind

Of the three split how it is right now but you do have that you have the r dynamic right in the middle with the digital speedometer the speed sign and the rpm gauge and the map on the right hand side but on here you’re gonna find also your answer and hang out voice recognition as well as you do have your cruise control setting on the right hand side where you can

Set your cruise you can have it on or off you can turn on the lane keep assist on or off you can have your set the different following distances you have the heated steering wheel here as well and then up shift power shifter of course you do your windshield uh your automatic windshield wipers as well as you do get the automatic headlights automatic high beams as

Well as you do have your front and rear fog lights so when the rear fog lights on they’re actually going to show in a orange and the front fog lights will show up on the left-hand side in green so i don’t know why it’s so out of focus but you’re going to have that so you can turn those on or off but moving on to the second screen you’re going to find your multimedia

Navigation phone kind of your entertainment tab here so on the home screen you can set up different home screens different pages here that you can scroll through but on the home page you can go into the navigation media and phone with the nav you do have this nice map you can see your last places here you can see you have your favorites and just you can just have the

Map on this full screen here you have the media here as well as you do have the different sources assist as right now is only serious xm and am and fm radio but you have your usb and bluetooth connection there as well you can connect your phone here also to make phone calls send text messages stuff like that scrolling over to the right here you have the different

Eco data the different camera controls you can see the rear camera there and then you do have your in control apps that is all through range rover or land rover you do have the apple carplay and android auto the valet mode a web browser live different your contacts voice bluetooth 4×4 um for off-roading type information with low traction control launch so you do

Have those options there as well and then you also do have the vehicle that i mentioned so quickly find out the vehicle inventions here so if you want to see the vehicle dimensions to see if they’ll fit in your garage there they are but coming over back to the home screen here we can put the range rover into reverse you do have the active guidance lines with the

Rear parking sensors you can have the all the full 360 parking sensors you can change the different camera modes as well so you can pick which one you want very nice and easy to see through the screen there you have your quick function buttons of course down here free multimedia bluetooth all this stuff for the infotainment but moving down below you’re going to

Have your second touch screen and this one’s going to be all the climate control vehicle settings here seats and steering wheel so into the climate right now you have your dual zone climate control as you sync these they will change this will change to a fan speed and this one will just change the full um climate control your front rooted frosted of course all

Your all your classic arrow directions but now you can push in for your seats and then you have a quick seat change so you can turn on your heated seats or ac seats here by the turn of the dial push it back out change your temperature but then you also do have lots of seat control as well for the heated and cooled seats so let’s say you want your back cooled off

You can turn just the back on the cooled mode so you can just have the back but or you want the seat as well you can have the seat same with the heat as well so you can have just the seat heated or the seat and back so you can really choose which one you want you can also the same for the passenger as well so you do have those those different options you can turn

Off or on the seats easily by a nice one tap you do have i mean you can go back and change the fan speed and everything while you’re here you do have the menu here as well so you can pull it down you connect your phone but you do have the different vehicle settings this is very this is a nice arm reach so you can change this very quickly without taking your eyes

Off the road but you have your different drive modes so you’re going to find your dynamic program your eco your comfort program the grass gravel and snow program the mud ruts program and the sand program your auto engine off and then you do have the off-road connection or 4×4 information tab that pops up here when you tap the little mountain button so you do have

Those you have the different settings here where you can change the settings for the screen what you want to pop up right away so that is all awesome you can connect up to connect your phone and then you can also have it show different information uh with your media here we can change your source quickly we don’t have to reach up you can kind of do it while you’re

Driving and still have your eyes on the road your volume rocker here as well a little physical buttons for your front uh max defrost as well as the max ac so the traction control downhill deceleration and to the dials here you do have your nice shifting dial to put it into drive as well as your sport and then when you’re uh you have a 360 degree parking sensor so

You can see that it is alerting us that we are close to that wall you do get the cup holder under here that is hidden so you do have that that does close up nicely and gives that nice pan a black finish you’re going to have your a little bit of storage here that you can use for a cup holder and a couple there on the right hand side you do have your center console

I really like how that opens up in two different compartments here also so you can open them up nice and easily like that they open quite far and in here you’re going to find your usb connection as well as a micro sim and a 12 volt so you do have those options there as well which is always very nice moving up here you have your frameless auto dimming rear view

Mirror with your three universal garage door openers utility and sliding moon roof control with that big panoramic moon roof as well as the visor or the sun shade that you can close nicely there i think i went over most the stuff throughout the throughout the range rover on the interior so let’s go take a look at the exterior and see what else it has going on so

On the outside of the range rover here you do have your led running lights led headlights they do look really good down here is where your led fog lights are going to be when they are on you have this nice copper coloring to the range rover for accent color with the black and the nice gray very nice front and your front part extensions up here they’re detachable

From block heater nice range rover badging and a nice front end to the ring drive a lot but coming over to the rim here you’re going to find your 20 inch black alloy on your all season tires and you’re going to find the aerodynamic vaginal on the side here as well and comes the back of the range rover you are going to get a second set of tires and wheels they are

Wind tires blizzaks great tires nice looking rims and the black rims and you’re gonna have that oem window tint very nice sporty design to the velour here but the light the taillights wrap around the back here to the range rover and it does look super super good so you have that with the velar p 100 or p 300 s e badging as well as the land rover badge in the back

Here you of course get the power lift tailgate so as that opens up in the back you’re going to find your 40 20 40 split folding of your seats you also do have a nice little hooks in the back here for hanging groceries whatever you need you have speakers on the back sides here as well to give you a little bit more of that all-around sound which doesn’t sound very

Good the sound system is very nice in the back and throughout the range rover uh you have your rear cargo mat here that is removable your spare tire down below here you actually do have an alloy on your spare which is a proper tire you still have nice alloys on and you’re still good to go the range rover still looks good let’s go take a look at the rear seating

You get the rear door panel when the vehicle is locked as well you’re just going to see the tap the handle of course pops out opens up nice and easily so i have set these seats this passenger seat all the way back and it’s very far back as you can see it’s in the back in the back door panel but you have tons of lightroom in the front there but they actually still

Have quite a bit of legroom in the back for having the seat for how far back it is you’re gonna find that same alcantara with the leather upholstery in the rear here you do have the rear center armrest of course with two cup holders really cool thing that with the back seats here you do have these buttons here and what they are for is to recline the seat so you

Can recline the seat a little bit give you a little bit more the more comfort you can stop at any point wherever you find it comfortable of course you can fold down the seat here as well nice and easily to have a little bit extra cargo seat and the seats are very bucketed in the back which is always a nice feel kind of gives you more of a driver or passenger style

Seating for the rear gives it a little more comfortable you do have that nice leg lift as well which is very nice for the longer legs rear air vents in the back here as well as two heated rear seats for the two side passengers they’re both at three level setting as well and the back it does just look really really good of course you have the two meridian speakers

On the back door panel here as well power window controls the same design on here soft touch for storage in the door panel so it has all the features you need thank you for watching the quick overview of the 2019 range rover velar p300 se r dynamic have remember questions about this range rover velar p300 you can visit that time you find out all

The information about this range rover as well as book this vehicle for a test drive with a qualified test drive you get a 25 visa gift card we have to see you soon and have a great rest of your day

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