2019 Lexus UX Review: These are the Top 10 Things You Need To Know

( ) 2019 Lexus UX Review: These are the Top 10 Things You Need To Know!

You know it’s not that often that a new car is born and behind me is a brand new car it’s the lexus ux and coming up right now i’m going to tell you the top 10 things that you need to know about the least expensive lexus that you’ll soon be able to buy and number 10 has to be the fact that ux stands for urban explorer and lexus designed this to be an urban car

It’s small it’s fuel efficient and it’s easy to park exactly the kind of thing that you’d want in a place like stockholm where alexis flew me out to test drive this now lexus thinks that this car will actually sell much better here in europe than in america and i’m guessing they’re right because we like our cars xl or double xl and this is definitely a small

Vehicle at number nine has to be what’s under the hood let me show you guys first the front wheel drive base car has a four cylinder that puts out 168 horsepower and 151 pound foot of torque but this hybrid gets a combined 175 horsepower because of course the 250h also powers the rear wheels the uh a separate drive motor that’s powered by batteries in the

Back which means that unfortunately let me show you you don’t get a spare tire but you do get a little bit of a cubby back here you also get a cvt transmission that has get this a regular first gear it’s basically the transmission out of the toyota corolla and of course this car also shares its platform with the toyota c h r lexus says that it’s a much stiffer

Chassis but nevertheless if you see a chr when you look at the lexus there’s a good reason for it at number eight we have the fact that every lexus ux comes with let me show you as soon as it starts up that is alexa that’s right it comes with alexa and apple carplay which means that if you get a ux you can do things like have alexa check the fuel level in

This car when you’re at home or vice versa have alexa help you out with things like well buying floor mats perhaps and of course of course this car being a pre-production model doesn’t seem to have alexa but come december when this car is available in the u.s it will so you’ll have to stay tuned for that at number seven is the fact that lexus says that at

34.2 feet this car has the best in segment turning circle so let’s try that let’s see how tightly i can turn this vehicle and not drive it off the pier i’m going to see if i can do it within the frame or if i go out of the frame is that 34.2 feet hard to say but let’s find out now keep in mind if you’re an urban explorer you need to be able to park your car in

Tight areas so here we go let’s see how tight of a turning circle that is yeah it feels pretty tight certainly small enough to completely i think turn around on this pier but let’s give that a shot i’m going to try to see if i can make a complete u-turn on this pier without driving off the pier here we go coming around come around 34 feet is that tight enough

Yep and there you have it what happened to us what happened to all the love we always took for granted are we stranded is it too late is it too late to call our feelings that have faded complicated number six is not the fact that it has the family resemblance and of course the large spindle grille it’s the fact that it competes with other german luxury cars

That are small in stature think of the bmw x1 the audi q3 and of course the mercedes-benz class and guys here we have all the specs for this car in case you’re wondering how fast is it from 0 to 60 or in this case 000k lexus says 8.7 seconds 80 to 120 6.5 seconds so not exactly the rocket ship of the lexus lineup but of course this hybrid is meant more for

Fuel efficiency than for carving canyons at number five has to be the fact that lexus says that this car has the best fuel economy in its segment for a vehicle without a plug what is that fuel economy well unfortunately i want to get this review to you first and that information is embargoed until september 12th but if you go to tflcar.com on september 12th we

Will certainly let you know what this vehicle’s fuel economy is so let’s keep going to number four one of the unique things that i’ve never seen in lexus before are these audio controls that are right where you rest your palm in front of the little touch pad so you’ve got your media selection your volume knob and you can of course tune the radio which is nice

Because none of that stuff is where you’d expect it to be but it does come to hand easily especially if you’re right-handed and the volume knob especially is a really handy thing to have i love when they have real knobs for volume and tuning let’s go to number three on our list and that is the fact that lexus has designed this car to be urban friendly i’m not

Sure what that means but what i do like is the fact that you’ve got these three triple beams that are optional and in the back come on with me let me show you it’s got this really interesting and innovative use of lights to funnel air across the side of the body which lexus claims gives you more stability on the highway and then there’s this impossibly thin line

That runs across the entire back end of the car it’s actually three millimeter led and it is kind of the design signature for the ux at least i think it is this is the f-sport version of the ux and what you get in the f-sport besides of course f-sport badges and f-sport steering wheel is right here check it out paddle shifters and the paddle shifters emulate

A 10 speed automatic because this car still has a cvt but now you can pretend you’ve got 10 separate gears so you can shift up that would be here and of course shift down that would be here now number two is the fact that this is a very well let’s call a diminutive car because i’m sitting behind myself right now and this is how much leg room i have and how

Much headroom i have you know not a lot of course i’m pretty tall i’m 6’2 and if you were let’s say under 6 feet tall i think the back seat wouldn’t be that bad of a place to be especially if the guy in front of you wasn’t over six feet tall in other words for a small car it’s actually pretty usable at number one has to be the fact that this car has something

Called proactive eco drive what’s that beside a mouthful well it’s a fact that the car for instance knows the route that you’re driving and knows that ahead of you is stop and go traffic in which case it will actually charge up the battery ahead of the stop and go traffic so that you’re using less fuel when you actually get to the stop and go traffic a very urban

Feature that increases fuel economy every lexus ux gets a full suite of safety features called lexus 2.0 and that includes things like front collision assist where the car will actually break if it feels an oncoming front collision same thing with rear collision assist and of course lane keep assist blind spot monitoring there is an entire suite of safety

Features that now make this perhaps one of the safest lexi ever and is lexi the plural of lexus i’m gonna go with that the lexus ux for all you urban adventurers will be available in december if you want the front wheel drive or january if you want the all-wheel drive hybrid now how much will it cost that information is embargoed but if you go to tflcar.com

On september 12th we’ll have it there let’s just leave it at the least expensive lexus that you can buy as always this is roman reporting for the fastlane car thanks for watching and check out tflcard.com for more news views and of course urban explorer lexi reviews see you guys next time ciao you know one thing i really really hate about every car company does

This what’s that they say they have a driver-focused cockpit have you ever heard anybody say they have a passenger focused cockpit because that might be a bit of a problem i mean minis used to have a center yeah but isn’t every cockpit driver focused

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