2019 Mercedes A-Class A180d Diesel Review

With the A-Class, the brand introduces the new highlight MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience – first in the compact class rather than the luxury class. This underlines: the A-Class is more mature and comfortable than ever before. Technologically, it is not only the new MBUX infotainment system that sets it apart from the competition – it also offers a range of safety and driver assistance systems that were previously reserved for the luxury class. This also applies to the redesigned appearance. The purist, surface-emphasised design is the next step in the design philosophy of sensual purity.

Welcome to the driving event of the brand-new mercedes-benz a-class we’re head croatia it’s a wonderful beautiful place we have this c we have the sun everything is perfect but this one thing that we don’t like so much croatia is a place where loads of new people come to make holiday as you hear they building houses everywhere you can hear a jackhammer or if

You hear a big lorry you don’t have to mind it’s just the way it is at the moment but now let’s talk about the new a class we talked about the design of that car at the world premiere already so now we just have a short overview about the most important changes so let’s start with the design at the front of the car the first thing that you get to know when you

Look at it is it looks a lot similar to the new cls because we have this new front here it’s the same with the cls we have this very sharp very thin new headlights and this car here now features the multi beam led headlights as well and we do have the new grille where you can see it’s not only that part it’s also the part down here and it looks a bit open to the

Bottom so that makes the car looks a lot more solid on the road and then what you see is the bonnet the bonnet is very very steep and very low very close to the road so that gives the car an impression from the front it looks a lot more dynamic more sporty and aggressive than its predecessor overall the new a-class is 12 centimeters longer than its predecessor

Now it’s form it is 41 along and on top they increased the wheelbase by three centimeters as well when you look at the front i think that bond is really very long and if you look from the side to the whole car i think it looks a bit too long but on the other hand it looks perfect from the front among you then look here you have this quite flat front window we

Have a standard standard roof line and that ants here with that nice spoiler but more important when you look from the site to the cars they reduced the lines so that makes this side of the car a lot more clean and as i think a lot more modern as well looking at the rear of the car we see what we saw at this side we have a reduction of lines the whole rear of

The car looks a lot more clean and i think a lot more fresh as well but the most important change here is of course we have splitted taillights and behind that is a very important information because now the bootlid is 20 centimetres wider than with a previous system that makes loading and unloading a lot more easy now the a-class offers three hundred seventy

Litres of boot volume with the rear seats up and a maximum of 1210 litres when folded down this is matching the size offered by the competitors the audi a3 sportback comes with 380 up to 1220 liters and the bmw 1 series offers between 360 and 1,200 litres of boot capacity my test car features the 1.5 liter falls in the inline diesel and that offers a hundred

And sixteen horsepower and 260 newton-meters of torque that doesn’t sound that much but i have to say when you drive the car especially on countryside roads while starting or inside of a city the car feels more powerful than it is maybe that’s because of the combination with the 7-speed automatic gearbox the only point where you can feel that the car may should

Offer a bit more powers when you drive a bit more quicker but more sporty or with higher f’s but i have to say on the other hand our car only took five point three liters per hundred kilometer driven diesel and i think that’s a very nice number so i think if you see that together it works absolutely well one of the highlights of the new a-class is the so-called

Mb ux infotainment system and next to me is mark asante he’s part of the development team of exactly that feature so mark what does that mean mvx and what are the highlights of the system so mdx means micellar spends user experience and it’s everything to do with the customer index with a car inside the car and outside the car so to start with one of the or main

Features are for instance it looks awesome when you have the widescreen carpet that you saw on the car you know it’s just brilliant graphics it is very easy to use we have a touch screen now in the car so it can touch it we have our steering control pads on the steering wheel and also you can interact with the system now with natural speech but that’s not all

Of course the system can be updated over the air that’s made possible through to great connectivity that the car has and it learns intelligently over the time a question about if i buy one a class and i don’t want to have these big screens because the extra cash how about if i’m using the smaller ones that’s also part of mdx in germany for instance it starts you

Once you get a navigation in a market it starts with us – 7 inch screens for instance with other car companies i saw that they when they offer things like this their connectivity they also offer something like an app and do you have something like it and some some extras on it oh yeah we have an app just one example we have an app where you can do a car sharing

Now so for instance if you like the new ai class and i have one and you want to borrow it we could do it via that app do car sharing now and if you don’t have the key for instance we can use another technology which is you can’t just open the car with this car with this card it’s an nfc ship so some cellphones have that or you just get the card and then open the

The car you just said that one of the highlights is that i can use natural speed my speech sorry um does that mean i can use slang as what would understand that and is there any command i have to use to use it so you don’t have to know all the commands anymore as we did in the past so we are also very fond of that we are kind of okay with with with accents first

You know me being a german i could talk to the system still in english and will understand me so that’s working yes and also when we talk about natural language understand it’s like you and me talking to each other i could even say a masse decipher code and we’ll erase the temperature for you so it’s indirect speech that’s working now so for us means that means a

Lot more easy to work with and of course a lot more safe so now turn the radio and the entertainment on to check out how this new system works with the voice control i will show to you hamer cetus i’m hungry so as you see it instantly shows me the next upcoming restaurants on my way so that works perfectly we try another thing the mercedes engineers explained

To me that the system only works with everything that is connected to cars so what we want to try now how does it work if i ask her something really special hey mercedes how can i help you what do you think about vw so that was a rude answer last time she said to me that she likes them a lot because she can see them in her rearview mirror when the new a-class

Will hit the market misuses will only offer three different engines for that car and these are two petrol one diesel it starts with a smallest petrol engine that is a 1.4 liter 4-cylinder in line and this will only offer 163 horsepower if you want more you can choose the 2 litre petrol engine this is a force in as well and that will offer 224 and then there is

The diesel engine which is the car we’re driving it’s a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder in-line engine and that offers and 16 horsepower very important is only for the smallest petrol you can choose a 6-speed manual gearbox all other cars will come automatically with a 7-speed automatic gearbox but for me the most important news is there will be an amg version for that car

Available quite soon and this is really the engine i’m looking forward to talking about the interior of our numeracy dispense a class i really have to say it feels very nice and of course the real eye-catcher here are these two big screens at the front we have to say they offer you on one hand loads of information very nice very crisp you can really configure

Them the way you want if a million of options you have of course for the first type of touchscreen which i really like a lot and so that really is a feature that i would definitely buy when i buy an a-class regarding to the size to the space in the car i have to say i sit very comfortably here at the front seat i have not so much head space but more than enough

And very important this kind of has a sunroof mounted and even though i have enough space but that is because you see that pillar here that is a sight my hat so that gives me extra space which is nothing that you have in every car so this car works even for tall persons when you buy the sunroof as well regarding to the materials i don’t think we don’t have we

Have to talk a lot about because that’s a typical rasheeda’s thing it really is the way a machine should look like regarding to the seats i have to say my seats are really comfortable i absolutely love the way you can change the position of the headrest which really is absolutely great but i would love to have a bit more support to the sights but some of my

Colleagues they do have a sports seats mounted in their test cars and they told me that they offer a lot more of support but they say on the other hand they are not as comfortable as this one here next to me is young lights man from house party foul one of my colleagues young we do have different engines on board but before we’ve talked about the engine of the

Car um what is your idea what do you think about the new a-class well our thing they did a really good job from the prior generation to this one it’s really a big step as they talk about evolution outside revolution inside and especially the inside it’s more comfortable you have better materials all over yes the mbx infotainment system which is really easy to

Use and fun to use as well and it helps you i mean if i can talk to the car him as soon as i’m cold and it turns on the heating that’s what i want what about the drive of the car what about the suspension and how does it feel on the road well i have the adaptive suspension here and i’m really pleased about the spreading between comfort and sport it’s really

Notable you know a lot of cars we drive there they give us an adaptive suspension and you don’t really feel the difference here we have a difference especially on the roads here and croatia croatia that are not so good you feel different it’s very comfortable on confort and if you put it in sport you really feel all the dents ok so let’s talk about the engine so

I have the small diesel engine on board which what i think really is a very nice and it works well and my consumption with that car was only 5.3 liters per hundred can be there driven yesterday and i drove in the city and on the countryside well that’s it but you have the most powerful one onboard what about your car how first is that one well i’m driving the

A 250 which is a 2 liter inline four-cylinder engine was 224 horsepower and i ended up with a few consumption off of 10 liters which is due to my driving a he and croatia they have a lot of windy country roads and up and down the hills which was fun to drive and so i think i had a little bit more view running in the engine but us saying if you buys this engine

You have to think about at least eight to nine litres rather nines and then eight i guess but the driving itself was fun suspension great steering great as the engine has enough power but of course you know people like you and me we wait for the mg version of course very important to know is when we drive with our cars while filming you have to stop very often

We have to to push the car a bit more hard so that it’s the consumption it’s nothing you can say as somebody will reach by normal driving but for me i did the standard drive yesterday which was great before your thing as you said we drive different to extended customers is there anything else you think maybe about pricing or do you do you think that car is value

For money well you know car journalist like you and me the price is just like a number like the weight so i can’t really make up my mind if the cars were sixty thousand euros i configured it online and i came up with almost 60 1000 euros i think it’s a really beautiful car it is has nice materials this is like almost all options in so well i really wait for the

Amg version there will be a lighter amg version as so then we can talk again but i if i would buy a car which i don’t have to as a car journalist this would be on my bucket list for sure so as you see if you want everything from a series we’ve got a sticker price on it but i think it’s worth it as y’all mentioned already va classes not a bargain the base

Model starts at 31,000 398 euros in germany these are about 8,500 euros more compared to a similar powered golf but if you then look at the bmw one with a 116 horsepower diesel it ends up by just the plus of 2200 euros and actually the a-class comes a standard with an automatic gearbox that was our test-drive with a brand new mercedes-benz a-class here from

Croatia and i think it’s a good time to think about what you are like and what do i’m not like and the first thing that i really think when you look like the exterior is this new front design of the a-class i really have to say i love these so called predator face i really think that makes the car more aggressive more stylish and i really think young people will

Absolutely like it if you then talk about the rest of the car more city says exterior evolution interior revolution i think that is really what they did with a car the interior is completely new and fresh the materials are absolutely great and i think more important is the new system called mbx that infotainment system with the new voice control really gives you

A car that you can easily operate only by using your voice something i really like the rest of the interior is nice as well and then you look at these big screens this is something you normally find at the middle or upper middle class not in a compact car but of course that car does have its price but i think if you want to have a small car and you don’t want

To say i can’t take that i contact that’s if you really want the whole package in a small package i think this is the car you really have a closer look at you

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