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2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class – FULL REVIEW

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2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the brand introduces the new highlight MBUX – Mercedes-Benz User Experience – first in the compact class rather than the luxury class. This underlines: the 2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class is more mature and comfortable than ever before. Technologically, it is not only the new MBUX infotainment system that sets it apart from the competition – it also offers a range of safety and driver assistance systems that were previously reserved for the luxury class. This also applies to the redesigned appearance. The purist, surface-emphasised design is the next step in the design philosophy of sensual purity.

Hey i’m mister jww car crazy youtuber and today i’m in a pretty remote location to collect my car when mercedes-benz asked me if i’d like to spend the day with the new a-class it took me less than a second to say yes because this thing is packed full of technology so one of the awesome features of this car is the way you interact with the infotainment system they

Call it mb ux and it has a feature called lingua tronic which allows me to just talk to the car to input the normal command so let’s give it a try hey mercedes how can i help you take me to a fish restaurant please select an entry just like that there’s restaurants available for me directly let’s try one more hey mercedes how can i help you change the temperature

To 28 the temperature is set to 28 degrees just like that all of my commands were done without having to take a single hand off the steering wheel so what you just heard was lingua tronic an intelligent voice control activated by a casual hey mercedes how can i help you and it’s intelligent because you interact with it just like a human so there’s multiple ways

You can interact with the car there’s blingo tronic it’s as you’ve just heard it’s effortless there’s a touchscreen here a touchpad down here but touch control buttons on the steering wheel and all of this adds up to an incredibly intuitive experience so what’s revolutionary about this system is that mb ux is powered by artificial intelligence meaning that the

More you interact with it the more it learns about you personally so let me give you an example say every day at 5 o’clock you call your loved ones or friends after a while the system will learn that behavior and then when you get in the car the next time they would be on top of your personalized suggestions i mean how awesome is that there’s also this really

Cool feature we’ve all been there when we’ve walked away from our car and we’ve wondered if we’ve wound the windows up or if we’ve locked it well mercedes has this online service called a mercedes me connect which is ready to partner with mb ux and you can go online via your phone or an online browser and you can check the status of your car you can check out

Where you’ve parked it you can even see if you’ve locked it or the windows are up or down you can even see how much fuel is left in the tank all of that tech is really awesome and in fact for some people it might be enough to buy the car alone but for me i’m a driver and i want to know what this car is all about when i’m behind the wheel the first impressions

Are wonderful it’s a very lightweight nimble car and the steering feedback is weighted lovely and the engine has plenty of sort of torque and power to enjoy all of this road the what’s great is when you’re driving it and a bit more of a higher flow it really comes into its own and finds this wonderful balance that lets you enjoy this incredible environment the

A200 i’m in right now is a 1.3 litre four-cylinder engine with a hundred and sixty-three brake horsepower that might not sound like much but honestly in this package it suits it so well the a 250 puts four cylinders to work to offer a powerful 224 horsepower and comes with a 7-speed dct is standard the agile 1.5 litre 116 horsepower 4-cylinder diesel engine of

The a 180 d is also designed for dynamic efficiency and more engines will follow in the new a-class the comfort suspension comes with steel springs as standard optionally the new a-class is available with a 15 millimeter lower suspension of a standard offering to underline its sporty appeal as an optional feature the damping behaviour can be customised virant and

Adjustable system ultimately this is all about flexibilities giving you the choices of changing the dynamics of the car depending on where you’re driving so if you want a sporty drive or a relaxed countryside cruise or you’re going slower in the city at the flick of a button the car is adapting to the drivers needs all right let’s find some way to stop the car so

We can check out the exterior so the previous generation a-class marked an incredible reinvention of the car not only did it become a lot more sporty but it also began to appeal to a younger audience which in turn made it one of the most exciting cars in its class and while this car has some incredible tech on the inside i want to talk about how fantastic it looks

On the outside it’s adopted a more purist design ethos but let’s talk about some of the features that make this car look so great the first thing that comes to my eye is this incredible sweeping catwalk line that goes all the way down the side of the car it is literally point-to-point and one feature which you might not pick up on straightaway is the fact that

The car has a much longer wheelbase and what that does is just gives it this lovely squat and stance that gives it a much more sporting feel to it continuing on that theme is a steeper bonnet line as well that drops off quite suddenly and to complete the whole package is the larger wheel arches which accommodates 16 to 19 inch alloys and i think the whole thing

Just looks so awesome speaking of wheels and that longer wheelbase not only does it make the car look great but also allows for more room in the rear for any passengers speaking of rear here we are and you can see immediately that it has this lovely wide stance which is further exaggerated by these shoulders here something else you might have picked up on is that

The rear lights are actually split in half that looks great for sure but the practical benefit is that when you open the boot you’ll notice that half of the lights go up with it which means they don’t encroach on the boot space so when you’re throwing bags inside just got a lot more roof and finally moving round to the front of the car which might have my favourite

Feature is the iconic star grille which has these optional chrome diamond pins which ties in really nicely with the determined looking headlights which also has this awesome chrome inlay here i think when you stand back from the car it together they just look so great now let’s check out the interior so as with the exterior the interior has clearly been designed

As a revolutionary experience as well the moment you step inside this it just wow’s and engages the passenger immediately so obviously the first thing you experience you get in the car is of course the seat immediately you can tell it is made from gorgeous leather and it hugs you nicely and then your next point of contact is the steering wheel which has a lovely

Reassuring feel and then what hits you next is the harmonious wraparound design which is clad in luxury fabrics so the dashboard actually appears to float it is split into two distinct sections with the air vents being down here and the display screens on the top which sit in this beautiful trench which acts as a stage for the screens well my favorite features

Is actually the way these turbine air vents look one other great feature is this you can choose from 64 different ambient light colors to suit your mood or even the theme of your car you know sitting in this thing you’re aware that you’re in a compact class but the quality of it makes you feel like you’re in something at the next level there’s actually some

Really incredible assistant systems found in this car that are normally reserved for cars of a much higher tier and yet they are found in this a class the car is constantly scanning and observing the immediate driving environment which in turn provides safety and support the newer a-class features active brake assist as standard this effectively helps you avoid

Accidents by braking for you times of emergencies we even have active distance assist which mercedes cause distronic this effectively helps to maintain a distance between you and the vehicle in front it also supports speed adjustments with the optional drivers assistance package it can provide steering assistance one amazing optional feature is together with the

Updated cameras and radar they talk with the navigation system to predict your

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2019 Mercedes-Benz A-Class – FULL REVIEW !! By CarsFX