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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG 4Matic For Sale

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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG 4Matic For Sale

Hello everyone i’m seth with exotic motorsports and this is our 2019 mercedes-benz gls 63 amg 4matic with 8857 miles do you want to go ahead and apologize in advance for the wind noise it is a really windy day here in oklahoma i’m here trying my best so please just bear with me and as i say that the wind picks up even more great so here on the front just looking

At the cosmetic condition of the car we do have some rock chips kind of intermittently and evenly scattered throughout the front end none of them are extremely noticeable none of them are big or offensive they’re all just little tiny ones kind of just scattered around the front headlight and grill area they’re mostly in the center section of the front bumper again

Doesn’t look horrible but they are there same with the hood there’s just a few on the front not very many at all overall i’d say the hood looks pretty good moving to the front driver’s side fender that’s in fantastic shape no issues there front driver side wheel that looks good as well there’s a little bit of discoloration on this spoke that’s not dirt that’s

Part of the finish driver’s side mirror looks good front driver’s side door just has a few small scratches up at the top of the door and a rock chip down here at the bottom side step is in good shape it just has a few kind of intermittent defects some scuffs and such but i mean it’s a side step it’s kind of its job is to take that rear driver’s side door it’s

Perfect driver’s side rear quarter panel looks good does have a super tiny dent here and a mark something might have door tapped it maybe overall it looks really good that defect is super tiny and i did almost walk past it rear driver side wheel no issues there looks good moving along to the rear bumper typically here on the top of the rear bumper where this

Chrome insert is it’s usually a really high wear area but overall this piece is in pretty good condition it does have a few scratches and scuffs but nothing serious overall it looks really good back end looks really good base of the rear hatch looks good these amg exhaust tips are beautiful i love that about this car the back end looks great moving around to the

Passenger side here looking at the rear quarter panel that’s in good shape no issues there rear passenger wheel got a few chips in some of the spokes but nothing major it’s very very minor defects rear passenger door looks great rear step is in pretty good condition again it does have some chips and some scratches very small but that’s kind of what it’s there

For just to take the abuse so the front passenger door looks good does have just a few marks in it nothing serious overall it does look good passenger mirror this one has some rock chips and some very light scratches but nothing serious those are all very very minor blemishes does have a little bit of wear just above the wheel arch there on the front fender

But overall looks good front passenger wheel no issues there looks great i will go ahead and walk around the vehicle from a one foot distance to give you a better big picture idea of the overall condition of the vehicle here at exotic motorsports we do these comprehensive walk around to give our out-of-state buyers the confidence and peace of mind they need to

Purchase a vehicle from us sight unseen if they choose to do so walking around a vehicle from a one foot distance is a lot more indicative of what you might notice on a day-to-day basis if you were to own the vehicle yourself it does help separate the smaller less obvious flaws from the bigger more noticeable ones giving you a more complete picture of the overall

Condition of the vehicle so hopefully you have a better understanding of how clean this gls amg is i think it’s a great looking suv the very small flaws are extremely unnoticeable overall it looks really clean checking out the interior personally my favorite mercedes option the white interior with the black contrast stitching it looks so good do have one touch

Express up and down windows for all four doors we do have power folding mirrors memory seats perforated leather seats with black contrast stitching that are heated and cooled and like i mentioned they do have the memory option as well the memory setting push button start now you can see we’re at 8973 miles it does have toilet sensing headlights you have these

Very very nice paddle shifters very ergonomic they fit in your hand very well and this does have a lot of driving assist options it does have distance pacing cruise control does have lane departure prevention and lane keep assist and it does have pre-braking as well collision detection avoidance i guess you could call it uh navigation there heated and cooled

Seats auto stop start mercedes is nice enough to have a toggle for that we do have dual zone climate control with automatic climate control as well all the a-pillars and headliner it’s all alcantara we do have a panoramic moon roof there front driver’s seat perfect condition the door panels are perfect the dash there’s no wear no issues there no wear on the

Steering wheel a couple others are nice and clean all the buttons work do have a variety of driving modes as well adjustable suspension dampening and ride height this vehicle has a ton of features and another feature worth pointing out um if you want to get to the third row and fold that down for storage or perhaps see somebody in the third row there’s a button

On the top here it flips the seat forward pretty awesome and then back here you do have these switches you can actually fold these seats down and they will lock it’s all automatic uh the only thing it’s not is putting these back down so you can leave that down for cargo storage moving something whatever you need it’s just all very convenient very quick i did

That all from just standing at the entryway to the rear driver’s side door so i think mercedes did an excellent job and more larger vehicles like suvs and such should incorporate that to get this to sit all the way back to flush there’s a handle here lift it up push the seats back and it’s that simple everything’s all lined up very simple very ergonomic i think

That’s probably one of my favorite features about this car now let’s take a look at the v8 bi-turbo engine sounds really quiet it’s very smooth it runs and drives really really well and the thing about mercedes powertrains is that for not aggressive driving for just day-to-day commuting they’re designed to operate at really low rpms so it’s incredibly smooth

But when you put it in sport or sport plus and get your foot into it you can hear the turbo spool and this thing will move despite this being a really big suv it really doesn’t feel like it at all um because of the seven speed transmission and the twin turbo v8 in this car um it really doesn’t feel heavy at all it moves around with ease and it’s i’ll even go as

Far as to say it is pretty fast and the sounds that it makes oh the exhaust notes the the sound of the intakes with the turbo spooling i mean it sounds incredible uh that’s one thing that mercedes will never never leave you disappointed with so with all the creature comforts the modern exterior styling the practicality and the uh huge supply of torque that this

Thing has this is just such an amazing suv mercedes did a great job with this so that is our 2019 mercedes-benz gls 63 amg 4matic if you have any further questions please feel free to check out this car on our website at thank you for watching

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2019 Mercedes-Benz GLS63 AMG 4Matic For Sale By Exotic Motorsports of Oklahoma