2019 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van | Video tour with Roger

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Hello john i’m roger here at mercedes-benz of scarborough thank you very much uh for taking my calls and uh on this uh 2019 mattress van you wanted to hear the engine running so i get to get kind of close so you can hear it on my mic it sounds uh perfect um it sounds exactly like it should you can see it’s nice and clean in here my client that purchased this from

Me and traded it back in with me he takes really good care of his vehicles um he has buys him here has them serviced and trades them back in with me so there’s the sound of the engine for you then we’re just going to close this hood and we’re going to do a nice uh we’re gonna do a nice walk around on the vehicle so you can see it does have painted bumpers the

Front and rear is painted it does have the safety sensors in the bumper which is really nice now keep in mind this mattress has dual sliding doors um the gentleman that traded i know we talked about the wheels too these are the factory wheels he just uh he powder coated them black so it would match a little bit better and as you can see it’s got the hardwood

Floor anti-slip coating it’s got the cargo petition sidewall paneling for protecting the walls we’ll come around here to the back so the this mattress does have a trailer hitch as you can see it’s uh mercedes-benz trailer hitch you can tow up to 5000 pounds with the mattress and you can see the back bumpers painted and it has the sensors as well then we’ll get

A nice view with the back doors open here for you so in these doors also open 270 degrees as well you can open them up when the doors are open 270 though the back doors you can’t open the sliding door up so you can do one of the other so now john we’ll hop in the cab and i’ll go over some of the features in there with you and uh and we’ll go from there all

Right john so we’re sitting here in the cab of the 2019 mattress um just wanted to start out here on the steering column you can answer your phone and hang it up it does have bluetooth uh has your navigation system i brought that up on here so you could just take a look it’s got the becker map pilot and also it has the backup camera which is a pretty nice to have

On this unit and then on the left hand side you get some controls here too for some things in the instrument panel this van does have 95 652 miles on it it does come with cruise control it has a heated electric mirrors uh has uh comfort seats so there’s some adjustments and as i said it’s got the nice cargo petition here to for for protection if you didn’t want

That petition in there it just bolts and you can take it out um so john i hope you’ve enjoyed the video that i made for you and like i said my name is roger my cell phone number is 207-838-0169 thank you so much

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2019 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van | Video tour with Roger By Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough