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2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Black Edition AWD Review – Park Mazda

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This is the 2019 mitsubishi eclipse cross se all-wheel drive this is the night edition this vehicle comes equipped with a turbocharged 1.5 liter four-cylinder engine with an automatic transmission let’s go take a look inside of this vehicle getting inside this mitsubishi eclipse is fairly easy press the button on the door handle and lock the door for you with its

Remote keyless entry it does have power folding mirrors equipped as well inside we do have a very soft leather armrest here beautiful leather stitching all throughout the interior power locks windows and mirrors decent storage here in the door panel inside we do have these nice cloth seats let’s go take a look inside this is a push to start button vehicle let’s

Start it up starts up just beautifully you have a nice digital and analog gauge cluster mix on the left hand side here we do have our dimming for our digital gauge cluster do you have our traction control off button this vehicle does have paddle shifters automatic headlights we do have auto range sensing wipers equipped on this unit we have a nice leather-wrapped

Steering wheel in here on the left-hand side we do have our multimedia controls as well as for bluetooth and we do have our cruise control controls on the right side you have a nice infotainment system in here touch screen of course we do have the mitsubishi system where you can mess around with the infotainment system with this little touch pad very similar

To the lexus we do have series xm fm am radio as well as bluetooth connection and usb as well do you have apple carplay and android auto available on this unit do have our phone options for when we have our bluetooth connected you can put it in day and night mode you can turn the screen completely off some of the vehicle info clock vehicle settings and you can

Check your location of the vehicle for vehicle info you can look at your fuel consumption eco information and history information lots to mess around with in this infotainment system we have very two big air vents right here hazard light we do have our climate control it is an automatic dual zone climate control down here we do have our heated steering wheel for

Those cold alberta winters eco mode two usb inputs as well as a 12 volt so you have a transmission shift nice little backup camera in here and you do have the option to put it in manual sport mode as well shift your own gears do have our heated seats for driver and passenger we do have our all-wheel control with mitsubishi this is an all-wheel drive unit so you

Can put it in multiple drive modes snow gravel and auto just a click over that button you have infotainment controls apps audio home and our back button do have an electronic parking brake as well as an auto hold for those red lights two cup holders we do have a very nice soft center armrest decent storage with a little sliding storage panel here this vehicle

Does come equipped with some safety features it does have a blind spot monitoring system as well as a rear cross traffic alert many features available on this unit let’s go take a look outside taking a look outside of this mitsubishi eclipse we do have our led daytime running lights and we do have our led headlights available there we do have our fog lights iconic

Mitsubishi front end grille love the chrome trimming all throughout the vehicle we have our 18-inch alloy wheels this paint is in immaculate condition definitely been taken care of let’s open up the trunk do have a rear privacy for the trunk this is a 60 40 rear seat split we have mats in here for the summer available as well let’s go take a look at the back seats

Taking a look at the back seats we do have power windows some decent storage here in the door panel we do have a very roomy back seat back here lots of headroom and leg room get some decent storage behind the passenger seat do you have our two heated seats back here at 12 volt input do a nice center armrest two cupholders this is a 60 40 rear seat split so these

Seats do go down very easily we have tons of room in here for storage and for seating so that is going to wrap it up here for this 2019 mitsubishi eclipse cross se all wheel drive if you guys have any more questions or want more information about this vehicle please visit us at let’s hope we get you booked in for test drive thanks for watching everyone

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2019 Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross Black Edition AWD Review – Park Mazda By Park Mazda