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2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES | Awesome Deal under 7,000 | Review –

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Hey everyone mike sherry with paul sharer used cars reviewing a 2019 mitsubishi outlander today so let’s get started overall this 2019 mitsubishi outlander is well equipped power windows locks adjustable mirrors remotely fifteen thousand eight hundred fifteen miles on the dash not a single light of warning on here uh this is powered by the two liter uh inline

Four cylinder and that’s connected to the continuous variable transmission which that type of transmission what it does it optimizes uh the gear ratio based on rpm and speed to give you optimal perform performance out of that transmission touch screen radio here also doubles as your backup monitor when you kick it in reverse you can see the functions am fm it’s

Got usb hook up bluetooth connectivity and also hands free calling uh so you can call on your cell phone through the speakers of this car heating air conditioning is right below that does have a handbrake does have factory books still in it this is a one-owner vehicle you can see how it scores in 94. uh scores really well never been in an accident uh never been

In any hail damage or water damage now what i really like about these outlanders is i think they’re really a steal of a deal you get almost a pretty much brand new car with the japanese engineering that you find in the but honda and fraction of the price now this being a 2019 with under 16 000 miles will still have remainder of the mitsubishi warranty on it so

Any big items are going to be covered uh for the for the relatively uh time being here usually three year 36 thousand miles from when this vehicle was purchased new stylish front end looks good i don’t see any body damage very almost no rock chips or anything it’s got the pearl white exterior really looks good in the sun here the windshield looks good as well no

Cracks or anything in it does have alloy wheels down here as you can see uh they are uh machined and painted and they’re wrapped uh in a nice rubber there plenty of tread on it with little miles on this 18-inch wheels there check out the rear compartment here and the rear seating seating for three back here nice and clean doesn’t look like it’s been used much

At all fuel fill on the driver’s side coming back to the passenger side this is the mitsubishi outlander sport let’s take a look underneath the hatch does have defrosting rear window does go up tall enough i’m six foot tall i can fit underneath here so i can get out of the rain there uh this seats back here will fold flat for extra cargo push down on that and

Down it goes so if you do have a little bit extra cargo space you can uh fit some more stuff in here got the nice mat here lift up underneath this and see yes got the spare tire under there with the jack and everything coming over the passenger side really a good looking vehicle i don’t see any paintwork or anything that needs done to it uh really great color

Looks awesome in the sun so if you need any further information please contact us i’ll put a link below of this vehicle you can get super low payment on something like this and you can get pre-approved by just clicking on the link below we’d love to have an opportunity to earn your business uh if you have a trade-in we’d love you to make an offer on that we can

Do that right from our website at the link below in the description so thanks for watching everyone my name is mike and uh hope this review makes your purchasing decision a little easier take

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2019 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport ES | Awesome Deal under $17,000 | Review – By Paul Sherry Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram