2019 Nissan Armada SV

May have said 2018 a couple times on accident!

Good afternoon everyone this is matt croissant your internet manager and dedicated content creator over here at kiev columbia giving you some information today about this 2019 nissan armada sv this is a four-wheel drive v8 full-size sport utility vehicle and starting up front here we’ve got some projector beam headlights with led daytime running lights fog

Lights also included we’ve got some front parking sensors right here looks like we have some halogen high beams here as well wrapping around to the side of the vehicle we can see we’ve got this nice gray painted trim here for some contrast then down below we’ve got an 18 inch alloy wheel set with some all season mud and snow rated tires on here for you we’ve got

Color matched mirrors with some nice chrome accents on the vents on the quarter panel here chrome accents on the bottom of the window window trim wrapping around and across the front of the roof there with chrome door handles we’ve got keyless entry on your front two doors there some nice running boards available here and typically i show you guys the features and

Equipment but uh on the labeling that we have but we haven’t gotten there just yet so i would highly recommend if you’d like more information on this vehicle head on over to kievcolumbia.com and the link and stock number is down below in the description for you okay we’ve got privacy glass and all of your rear windows here nice raised roof rail system on the back

Here we’ve got a heated back glass with rear wiper and sprayer along with a backup camera rear parking sensors let’s go ahead and see if we’ve got a power liftgate real quick yes indeed we do oh hey man that opened even faster when i pressed it again we’ll close that there we’ll go over that in just a little bit we do have a cover for a tow package here curious

See i do feel a two inch receiver back here so i don’t want to take the time to get these panels off because there’s actually two screws down here covering this but i do feel a two inch receiver there there very well may be a four pin connection for sure uh possibly a seven pin connection as well wrapping around here again big beautiful third row vehicle in what

I’d like to call this midnight blue not sure what nissan actually calls it it’s a sharp looking ride we’re about to hop in and dig into all the features and equipment that are available for you on this nissan armada sv all right inside we’ve got this almost suede feeling microfiber that is in the entire interior we get some nice stitching here with some brown

Piping for contrast wood grain wrapping across the dash and the front doors here we’ve got power locks windows and mirrors the mirrors do power fold for you and all four windows are automatic for you as well get some nice storage in the doors here this vehicle features a power driver seat for you which is going to be one two three four five six seven eight nine

Ten way adjustable with the power lumbar there all right it’s a hot one out there but we’ve got our automatic tri-climate control system rolling for us right now so on the left-hand side of the dash here if i can get some focusing there we go we’ve got our power liftgate and not exactly sure what this does here nissan armada owners drop a comment down below if

You could let me actually get the camera down here so to our left here this is actually a headlight angle adjuster depending on if you’re towing anything or anything like that you can actually adjust the angle of the front headlights up or down looks like we’ve got our power door switch as well right here to keep those on all right so we’ve got a leather wrapped

Steering wheel right here for you and what i can see it is not heated on this model but leather feels nice to the touch it is power tilting and telescopic so we can move this up down in and out wherever we need that to be mounted on the steering wheel you can cycle through your audio sources this little up and down enter will actually cycle through your tracks

And presets as we can see it’s changing through our radio there you’ve got a back button which you can also use for i believe this front menu or this menu over here let’s go ahead and find out here let’s maybe go to street address and then hit the back button there yes so that’ll cycle you back through the menus almost hands-free without having to do too much

Over here if you’re having to drive volume control voice recognition bluetooth and on the right hand side you’re going to have your cruise control so this does have some adaptive cruise control features so you can set your cruising speed and then choose three different following distances for the armada to maintain for you on the highway and we’ve also got this

Little drive display right here which if i can figure out how to get through there okay so you’ve got these buttons right here you can press this to cycle through your fuel economy average speed time distance for your trips fuel range 116 miles based off of a quarter tank there outside temperature in all of your settings looks like you’ve got a maintenance log

And alerts that you can set and so the average of this will drastically increase once you actually get some highway time here and the vehicle isn’t idling like so where this data is still being measured based on the fuel consumption here left hand one features your automatic headlights as well as your fog light controls right there for you right hand one will be

For your front and rear wipers along with their respective sprayers we can see the vehicle is pushed to start up above here got this nice large visor this is going to be mirrored and lit for you and instead of extending or being telescopic it has this shade extender on here for you instead up here it’s a nice led lighting for you this sos button is an indicator

That this vehicle comes with some nissan connect services so you actually have an app on your phone where you can hook up to this vehicle most likely and have some connected services straight from your device some nice dome lighting controls for all three rows we can set the door light as well for when we crack that open there we go excellent we’ve got a

Sunglass holder here for you nice and felt lined auto dimming rear view mirror with your homelink garage controls right there you have a bose audio system on board so you’ve got some awesome sound quality in here and down below is going to be your entertainment center this is a touch screen but you have tons of analog controls available for you here too so

We’ve got options for adjusting the brightness of the screen navigation your audio other apps such as driving performance maintenance log clock compass quick guide for the armada go to the status area as well for a combination menu and hit info for all kinds of information about your vehicle you can also go back to the climate too this style is rotatable you

Can also move it up down left and right and use it to select so you can do all kinds of things with this okay and down here more analog controls for volume radio media your cd player seeking and tuning through tracks scanning on the radio random and repeats one two three four five six for presets the cd player itself tuning and then down here controls for your

Climate so this is a tri-climate vehicle so you’ve got one two and three the rear climate right now it’s all synced up to the driver at 70 degrees for myself right now we’ve also got heated seats up front here two-step 12-volt outlet as well as two usb ports here for some charging and data connection we’ve got storage here a couple cup holders as well you can

Also conceal all this if you’d like to for a cleaner look here’s a peek at your key fob there got locking and unlocking and your power liftgate feature and then putting the vehicle in reverse here it’s going to bring up your backup camera as well as front rear parking sensors right up here in the top left corner so here’s your bumper these left and right hand

Lines represent the size of the armada we have some horizontal lines for some distance judgment we also have projected pathing here so if i wanted to cut the wheel and start backing into this parking spot right here i would want to get this corner right inside this line right here so we can start backing up and since we’re here you know what let’s just go ahead

And put some proof in the pudding right here so we’re just going to keep that corner edge right there and this should guide me all the way into the parking spot here not bad so maybe some minor adjustment there but uh i’d say we actually did pretty good here folks at least in the rear we may need to straighten it out but it’ll guide you the rest of the way there

So as long as nothing’s getting too close to those two side lines right there uh you’re typically good to go but if you are getting close make sure you’re always checking your mirrors there’s no replacement for safe driving habits we’ve got some manual shifting capability over here if we just slide this to the left and then we’ve got your different driving modes

Here so you’ve got auto for the armada to decide you can also put in four high or four low this is a truck frame so you know it is rear-wheel drive typically you have a dedicated snow mode to reduce your torque output dedicated tow mode to adjust your shifting points traction control is also available here now we’ve got a little bit of extra storage right there

For you get a nice wide center console here just a big deep well for storage it looks like and looks like an upper tray area possibly i wonder hmm i wonder i wonder maybe that just gives you a little bit of extra room right there if you have something deep but it looks like this wants to slide out based on this channeling here but uh not too sure drop a comment

Down below if you happen to know it looks like there may be some sort of upper trade here somehow some way aha found it nice so you’ve got front and rear access to the center console right here depending on who needs to use it just by pressing this little button right here sometimes we learn things together you get a lockable glove box with your owner’s manuals

Inside here for you and that is going to be it for the front driving area so what we’re going to do is go ahead and turn this off for now i’m gonna check out our second row and our third row as well as the hatch area oh yeah all right so we’ve got some tweeters woofers in the doors some extra storage here as well we’ve got a bench in the second row nice cushy soft

Material i tell you what nissan has some of the most comfortable seating used to have a 2019 ultima a couple years ago so back here we’ve got rear climate controls for the rear passenger we’ve got a usb here as well as a usb here so we’ve got some rear charging capability tons of ventilation up above with some hooks handles and lighting for you as well and then

We’ve got this arm rest here with a little couple of bottle holders here for you a little bit of trash let me go ahead and take this out and do our detailed apartment a favor here all right stuff that in the old pocket all right so to get into the third row here we’re going to want to pull this lever here and just hold on to it which you can also use to adjust the

Back angle there and we have seating for three more people so this is an eight seater vehicle this is going to allow that rear passenger to just press a button to get out as well so i’ll do an example of that over there but again we’ve got some rear speakers ventilation back here nice large pieces of glass that have that heat relay in here to prevent any sort of

Fogging back here as well very nice okay let’s see will it do the thing no all right it’s always worth a shot right so i just saved you from looking silly no problem back here we’ve got a 12 volt outlet for charging we’ve got some rear lighting as well we’ll put this on the door mode here we can power fold this third row seating if we need to very slowly but

Surely will it fold come on baby give it to me oh yeah awesome so you’ve got your latch system back here on the third row as well for child seats as well as the second row and just to press this button right here oh no no okay so actually i was wrong and i’m okay with admitting that this actually adjusts the rear seating angle of this third row seat here so

We’ll go ahead and get these adjusted here we’ll see what the maximum is with this one being slightly ahead oh yeah you can lean that sucker way back there so you can really lean back get your snooze on and move that head rest up or you can sit a little bit more upright with this nice raised roof right here looks like someone got a little hungry but uh underneath

This cargo mat here you can lift this up you’ve got a smaller cargo tray of course you’re gonna have a full-size spare underneath the vehicle for this type of uh suv but uh nice little hatch area for sure we’ll go ahead and just get that adjusted there all right power liftgate button it’s right there and lastly we’re going to just confirm some passenger seat

Adjustability all right let’s see one two three four five six seven eight way adjustable for the passenger seat versus the 10 wave adjustability for the driver that’s going to wrap it up folks make sure you like and share this video with your friends and family for anybody interested in a 2019 nissan armada sv leave a comment if you have any compliments questions

Corrections or helpful information you’d like to share with everybody else watching this video with you right now most importantly don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell so that way you can stay up to date with all of the vehicles we’re uploading to this channel for your informational and shopping needs this big old nissan armada is available for

Sale and any other information that you might need such as the carfax pricing information your trade value and getting in contact with our team to start helping you with all of your vehicle needs head on over to kia of columbia.com this is matt croissant over at key of columbia and we hope you’re having a wonderful day

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