2019 Nissan Frontier King Cab 4×4 SV

Hey ronald this is levi down at northside nissan again uh i know last time you were here you were dead set on a certain kind of frontier um i i just got this in my lot like it’s not even on the site yet it is it’s brand new and it’s in in perfect condition so i wanted to go over it with you before it gets put up on site and before people start coming out to see

It firsthand because this is this is gonna sell quick and i’m gonna go over the inside and outside and you’ll understand why so let’s get right into it okay so here it is 2019 nissan frontier sv premium you’ve got your halogen headlights with the shatter resistant glass your nissan badging with the honeycomb grille and your signature chrome v motion it does have

A bug and rock rock ship deflector up front which is nice to protect the hood i’m sure you know that it does have fog lights on it which will come in handy every now and again 16 inch aluminum alloy wheels in great condition it does have a step bar on the bottom and it has your mud deflectors on the front wheels and on the back as well coming over here the side

Mirrors just like all the nissans it has two-way breakaway mirrors so if you’re parked in a parking lot and somebody nicks the mirror all it’s going to do is fold instead of break off it does have the sun guard here and the rain deflector sorry right along up there it is a king cab so the back doors are smaller there’s a little less room but people can still

Sit back there uh we will go inside and look over the features there all right so coming in here as you can see you have your power windows right where they should be nothing new nothing fancy there you have your power mirrors right here in your bottom left with your hill start assist and your cargo lamp uh dash just like normal with every other frontier that

You’ll see you have your bluetooth and call and volume on the left of your steering wheel and your cruise control on the right coming over here you’ve got a nice compartment up there for any little knick-knacks you have coming with you as well as your seven-inch touch screen display with all your buttons on the left uh daytime nighttime button always helpful

If you’re driving at night just one click of the button and all of a sudden you’re not blinded coming down here you can see it has heated seats and it does have a rear parking sensor which will have an audible signal if something is in the way or if you’re getting too close that’s nice especially if you’re distracted that beeping will let you know some more

Compartments here again for some more knickknacks you have your cup holder here and they do come out that way you can clean them dump them out your middle console nice and deep because it is a little shorter and it does have slots in here as well as you can see and your 12-volt plug-in coming up top here you have your interior lights there and you have your

Sunglasses holder with some clip-on sunglasses in it for you look at that we will head to the back doors there and go over the room that’s back there so as i’m sure you know with the king cab front door has got to be open lever right there will get you in the back seat uh twist that knob there and that uh middle piece will pop open that’s where your jack is

There is a seat anchor there as well you do have cup holders back here still that’s nice it just flips inside piece of cake flips out it’s all set up for you two seats both of these seats flip up and there’s a part a compartment under each everything else is pretty self-explanatory we will head to the box and have a look there so at the back here as you can see

Everything’s in very very good condition you do have a trailer tow hitch you have the black steps there on top of the chrome it’s a very nice look to it this is nice this here is actually a little switch you turn it and your box opens up nice and easy saves you having a stress of opening it up i know i had to do that with my old trucks and it was a pain we’ll have

A look here as you can see there is this is actually a rubber mat covering the bottom here but it is still covered with bed liner underneath uh the mat is really really nice that’s going to protect everything whether it be the cargo or the box itself there you have it my friend 2019 nissan frontier sv premium king cab 4×4 that’s a mouthful very very well kept

Vehicle it has under i believe 1600 kilometers it is barely touched beautiful condition definitely going to get a bang for your buck with this guy i hope i captured enough of the key features here to pique your interest it is a beautiful vehicle and it’s definitely going to sell fast so i wanted to get this video over and done with and out to you that way if you

Wanted first dibs you’re more than welcome and you know i’ll walk you through the whole process and make sure you’re taken care of properly again ronald thank you for choosing northside nissan my name is levi i look forward to seeing you again

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2019 Nissan Frontier King Cab 4×4 SV By Levi Gray