2019 Nissan Frontier SL Truck Crew Cab – gulf auto direct

Hey this is james at golf auto direct in waveland just wanted to step out here to sing you a quick walk around video of our 2019 nissan frontier this frontier is a sl um it’s gray in color with the gray leather interior very clean and i just want to give you a quick walk around of the truck just to help you see it a little closer the mileage on it is right over

20 000. now start from the top up here you can see it does have the sunroof everything looks good on the windshield no kind of uh cracks or anything very clean it is running right now and i wanted to get up close to you just so you can see it’s no kind of uh major chips or any dents or anything like that here it does have the bug guard right across the front right

Here and looking down the driver’s side of the truck you can see it has no kind of a big dent or scratches or anything like that and just taking a look in the rear does have the uh sliding uh rear glass back there also it does have a bed liner in here and i’ll pop open the tailgate so that we can kind of get a good look at that um has a bed liner and it has the

Plastic liner right here we’ll come down here we see the tailgate looks good the bumper and everything looks good and we also have our parking sensors right down there as well passenger side of the truck just as clean as the driver’s side over here no kind of uh big dents or uh scuffs or anything uh right here on the edge of the bed of the truck i did notice a

Couple like a little couple little very small nicks right there that looks like they have been uh maybe touched up very light right there but like i said don’t really stand out you don’t really notice them just wanted to kind of be a bit thorough with the truck all right let’s take a quick look inside we can see it does have the gray leather interior interior of

This vehicle very clean you got perforated leather right there um you do have power windows and locks in here and then taking a look inside the front seats of course you see your sunroof right up there everything very clean on that passenger side and then we’ll come right down here you can see it does have the power uh driver’s seat with no kind of a crazy wear

And tear or anything right there as we get up close to the seat you’ll see this little spot right here just a little where nothing is all ripped or torn or anything like that and then we’ll just come out right here we can see our power windows and lock buttons right here all right now inside the truck we can see the exact mileage is twenty thousand two hundred

And sixty nine we’ll come right over here we see our radio right here cd players got bluetooth um backup camera as well i’ll put this in reverse and we can see that backup camera pop up right there um does have let’s put it back in park you see that it does have navigation right here hit that map so we can kind of see it pop up um you’re going to have your dual

Zone climate control right here and it also has heated seats for the two uh drivers driver seats up here and it also has you may have not noticed but it has the rockford fosgate sound system so the sound system in here uh sounds really good um i’ll show you that dash one more time everything looks good on the dash i’ll give it a little rev engine sounds great and

I also just wanted to point out that this is the 4.0 v6 engine all right just wanted to send you a quick video of the tacoma if you have any questions just let me know we can start everything all over the phone

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2019 Nissan Frontier SL Truck Crew Cab – gulf auto direct By Jimmy K