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Hey what’s going on everybody this is trent sauers from all things automotive i want to thank you for shopping thank you for clicking that play button today we’re going to look at a 2019 nissan rogue sport in a nice white looks like clean carfax with just one owner just over 25 000 miles we’ll start in the front here with the front grille here nice uh design from

Nissan obviously high intensity headlights no fog lights on this guy but that’s okay you’re going to get new tires like new tires all the way around you also notice you have turn signal indicators integrated into the mirror cap as well let’s take a peek inside here guys right off the bat on the door card you have a couple different elements here you got nice cloth

Here you got some leather and you got some brush chrome or a brushed dark gray accents there premium cloth seating all the way around with some offset stitching here throughout the entire interior of the vehicle pretty clean and modern looking let’s take a look i’m going to set that carfax there we’ll look at that later look at the exact mileage so this is a rogue

Sport slightly smaller than the standard rogue but it is all-wheel drive for them on certain times plenty of room in the back seat here you do have your flow through center console super clean interior here guys no rip stains tears or rotors this was a non-smoker car i can definitely tell take a look here now you will notice the uh koshke badge here so this is a

Canadian vehicle that is just their name for the nissan rogue let’s take a look at the back hatch nice privacy cover here seats fold flat 60 40 split and you have some storage underneath as well making our way around the vehicle we’re gonna go down the driver’s side give you a peek into the rear it’s still the same looks beautiful all right guys so we’re gonna take

A look inside the driver’s side here um as you can see power mirrors doors locks and everything like that you do have manual seat adjustment here and then let’s take a look at some of these options over here guys traction control off all wheel drive lock and you do have eco mode right here and then bottom left you’re going to have your fuel lid release and then

Your hood release right there and then your standard emergency brake right below and as always with all things automotive you do get two keys for your added convenience so a nice smaller crossover suv here guys a 2019 with low mileage great fuel mileage and all-wheel drive so you can’t beat it all right looks like 25 599 miles you’re gonna have hands-free on

The steering wheel here uh you’re gonna have the ability to connect your phone via bluetooth so you can be hands-free at all times and then over here you have your adapters adaptive cruise control and then your bluetooth right here and these are some of your audio features and let’s take a look at the infotainment center here as you can see you have a nice sized

Touch screen display here it is equipped with a nice size backup camera as well okay you have sirius xm bluetooth am fm looks like you even have a cd player that’s awesome okay and down to the climate control pretty straightforward you do have some storage in the middle with an auxiliary and usb looks like a 12-volt as well pretty standard shifter right here you

Can shift it to the left and you have your manual shift up or down great for uh rural terrain like in fulton county going down the mountain you can hold it back a little bit you will notice you do have heated seats you have a high or low option there followed up with two cup holders some storage and a nice deep uh storage well here looks like you do have usb and

12 volt in there as well take a look at the vanities here guys now you don’t have uh lights on the vanities but don’t worry you’re beautiful hello all right you have some storage for your sunglasses nice bright map lights here up top and then you do have a mirror on the other vanity as well okay one thing i always like to show is the headliner to show you it is

Free of any rips or stains or anything like that so beautiful interior here guys very clean vehicle next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to take a look under the hood this vehicle is equipped with a 2-liter four-cylinder engine very easy on gas it’s going to give you a break at the gas pumps guys and i know right now super important so i’m going to leave

The engine running just so you guys can hear the engine is a nice quiet and healthy sounding engine one thing i did want to mention about the nissans they have this protective plastic piece over the nissan emblem makes it nice keeps it from any stone chips or anything like that and it looks very classy as well bright led markers as you can see nice addition to

The front end there makes it pop all right guys two liter four-cylinder engine pretty straightforward there clean engine bay no evidence of exhaust or oil leaks or anything like that a couple things we do here upon uh putting these out on the lot not a couple we do many things we test the batteries you got a fresh oil change new cabin air filter these tires are

Like new all the way around new brake pads fresh rotors we like to do that so you don’t have to put the investment into this vehicle shortly after purchasing it so it’s ready to go it’s road ready all right guys i’m going to shut this off and we’re going to do our last portion of the video i did want to mention you are going to have some time left on the original

Manufacturer’s warranty but you can make this car brand new again in the ways of extended coverages so make sure you ask your sales consultant about that this car does qualify starting in the front here i’m going to get up on the front of the hood as you can see some stone chips there so some light blemishes on the hood lower bumper fascia is in good shape

The plastic or the uh yeah the hard plastic all the way around the hard vinyl good shape no discoloration we’re going our way down to the passenger side now no discoloration there i always like to show you guys the roof no scratches or anything like that nobody putting the christmas tree on top this season so you’re all good there i don’t see any curb rash

On the wheels or anything like that and like i said the inside is pretty pretty clean there’s no issues on the inside not a lot to go off here guys we like to be upfront and transparent here at all things automotive to show you the blemishes or imperfections maybe a little mark here by the all-wheel drive badge working our way down the driver’s side rear here

Pretty clean i did check this car out prior to filming this video a little blemish there on the driver door other than that pretty clean car 2019 nissan rogue sport just over 25 000 miles clean carfax with just one owner so if you have any questions give us a call here at all things automotive you can call two two 717-485-4224 hit option one for sales or you can

Go to all things automotive.com and shop online 24 7 get yourself pre-approved or come out to two one five one eight great cove road mccallsburg pennsylvania all right guys thank you for watching again my name is trent have a great day

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