2019 Nissan Titan XD SV Crew Cab

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Hello troy mark alderman from alderman chevrolet buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re best known for awesome deals and fabulous service troy thanks for inquiring about this new arrival it’s a 2019 nissan titan xd with the sv package this is a one owner with a clean carfax recently traded in lots of service records with this vehicle now with the xd

Sv package you get all sorts of additional features underneath the hoods a 5.6 liter v8 puts out 390 horsepower and 394 foot-pounds of torque you also get those rugged looking 20 inch wheels nice side steps coming around the front you’ve got lower fog lights high intensity halogen headlamps that bold nissan blacked out grill finished off in a nice gray metallic

Take a close look at the wheels and tires here got a matched set of falcon uh wild peak at tires looks like they’ve got a lot of life left on them take take a closer look at this aluminum wheel here and we’ll take a look down the driver’s side of the body all looks nice and sharp and here’s the rear wheel that looks good lots of tread left on the rear tires as

Well now we’ve got a sliding rear window deep tinted rear glass and it’s also got an integrated rear winded defogger and you’ve got i’m sure that this seat folds up underneath you’ve got some different storage solutions locking storage underneath i’m not sure what that is if you know what that is let me know underneath there’s the storage that you’ve got there

So this flips up in a 60 40 uh split and then here you’ve also got center armrest with cup holders and we’ve got rear vents and uh you’ve got usb ports as well as a 120 volt conventional uh 400 watt power outlet here my gloves off got that up front you’ve got a nice combination of some different finishes featuring those brushed brushed aluminum accents this has

Navigation traction control integrated trailering nice thick four spoked uh leather wrapped steering wheel with steering wheel controls for the information center um and it looks like the cruise control is also on there um dual bucket front seats a nice wide console take a closer look at the front portion of the cabin here you’ve got a passive door lock system

Here so as long as you’ve got the key fob in your pocket you can control it with that button i’d like to take a closer look at the driver’s entry point for condition and you can see that these all other than getting covered in snow all are in beautiful condition the driver’s sew plate looks perfect and then you’ve got factory all-weather floor mats all integrated

Cut to fit power driver seat with lumbar support or lumbar control i should say drop my gloves there and then this part of the upholstery takes the most amount of wear and tear of anywhere on a vehicle and you can see that looks pristine and perfect you’ve got some nice french stitching throughout and then you’ve got this waffle type material on the touch points

Of the fabric so that makes for a more comfortable driving experience and you can see those brushed aluminum accents throughout the vehicle go ahead and hop inside push button start let the heat come right up turn that fan down there’s your navigation also a rear camera guide bars on there our integrated trailering is here heated seats nice combination heated

And cloth seats lots of times you only have heated leather seats which tend to be a little bit warm in the summer so usb ports up here as well um this also comes with a soft tonneau cover i say something that is a soft tonneau cover here’s your rear camera it’s a locking lift gate and it’s spring loaded so it comes down nice and easy there and drop that down

Interior of that box looks to be in really good shape you can see the support bars there for the tonneau cover coming down the passenger side of the vehicle take a close look at these wheels as well that wheel looks to be in great shape continuing down this side everything looks perfect with the body on this side there’s that front passenger side wheel so troy

That’s a 2019 nissan xd sv crew cab 5.6 liter v8 four-wheel drive pickup truck one owner with a clean carfax if you’d like to learn more just click the learn more button below or if you’re on youtube there’s a link in the comment section or come see it for yourself at alderman chevrolet buick gmc route 7 south in rutland

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2019 Nissan Titan XD SV Crew Cab By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC