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If you are toyota, you will have two very important elements under your “umbrella” which helped the japanese manufacturer at the moment to secure the lead in the world championship for endurance racing you have a strong and important chassis model, rav4 to be more exact because, yes, you can have the rav4 equipped with all wheel drive basically this model was the one to

Start the craze for compact urban suvs the new rav4 borrows a bit from the design of its overseas cousin, the 4runner which means, yes, we finally do get a more aggressive front grille, the only downside being that it doesn’t borrow the off-road capabilities of the 4runnner. to be fair, there isn’t any need for this in its class with an approach angle of 17.5 degrees and

A departure angle of 20 degreess, you won’t be doing any major off-roading in this car even so, i believe this is the best generation of rav4 up to date, exterior design wise these black rims, are just one of the elements the japanese manufacturer adds another interesting element, hidden in the exterior of the vehicle makes this back quarter pannel look way more pretty

Than i would have expected. it might have just been a flat surface, but no, they chose to do something interesting with it still, i am just a bit disappointed that the back is not on par with the good looks of the front of the car it’s still the slowest opening tailgate in the world that means we can store, besides the items we already have here… we can even store an

Entire human being, and i’m going to show you just that as soon as you get inside the rav4 you notice the fact that and by all means, the old interior looked like 2010, and we are, in fact in 2019, so which have a bit of rubber around them, giving good amount of grip while using them a very small detail, but very interesting nonetheless the japanese manufacturer has added a

Digital cluster containing an decent sized lcd screen where we currently have the odometer and other such driving information and this entire system was radically evolved from the version it currently replaces it’s a system that responds way faster to user inputs until now the japanese manufacturer’s screens weren’t the best around this one seems to respond way better, and

I enjoy the presence of physical buttons often times, when the buttons are capacitive it’s hard to hit the right one while driving like this, you know exactly where the button is, and it takes you to the function you need other that that, we have the regular stuff, like for example a wireless charging pad basically everything you would expect and need from a modern vehicle

And because we have everything we need from a modern vehicle because the toyota rav4 is a family oriented car, the first thing it needs to do right is comfort and i’m not talking here just suspension, but it has to tick all the boxes especially in town where you already have the stressful traffic and you don’t need other stress factors the toyota rav4 seems to be one of the

Best in its class and other such issues aren’t as disturbing to the driver as you would normally expect in this car on the contrary i could even say that it is amazing when it comes to comfort and from 55 km/h as we currently are at, i’m going to go up to 100 km/h, ok? let’s go. i have drove the last generation of this car 3 years ago i don’t remember how the acceleration

Feeling was in that one but in the current one i feel like it is accelerating faster than oh, he pressed the gas pedal?! yes? let’s give power to the wheels now the electric propulsion, due to its instant torque delivery the car already moves along, and i will show you from 60 km/h i like a lot the fact that although it is a family oriented vehicle it’s unlikely that it’s

A normally a trait of such a vehicle and because we are talking about it’s generous size it’s a big car but it’s fairly lightweight, and lighter than the previous generation that it replaces the reduced mass would benefit the vehicle’s performance when you are in the corners and you try to push it a bit harder and you will feel that you shouldn’t do that, you feel the car

Is uncomfortable with the situation doing what you just did, pushing it into the corners but in a straight line, or highway cruising let’s say it knows that the engine outputs the optimum torque figures leaving this asside, you will accelerate in an efficient manner was improved, and i’m talking here about the fuel consumption even though we are talking here about a higher

Horsepower output from the engine unit compared to the previous engine, the fuel consumption did not see and increase. now i’m looking at the dash and 6.6 liters per 100 km and to be really honest with you, i did a long trip in this car to ploiesti, on the highway where the vehicle averaged a speed of 139 km/h tend to have higher fuel consumption at high speeds where they

Would normally use more of the electric propulsion reducing the use of the traditional fossil fuel engine which is the one that basically does the fuel consumption. on an open road (highway) where the fuel consumption will increase and because we are talking about an ergonomic vehicle, in the backseat there is a space that i would describe as cavernous there is this very

Small “hump” in the middle but even so… and because it is flat and wide you can rest your feet on it comfortably so that the middle rear passenger will not be seated with one leg in a position and the other in a totally different area of the car and from this point of view, this car is very well thought out we have collision assist, we have lane departure assist now,

Where does the price-point stand? because this is the real issue the model that we are driving right now, with the “exclusive” trim level be wary, we do have the 4 by 2 version (not the all wheel drive) the price will be higher because basically toyota will add another electric power unit to the running gear we don’t have that here, just the front wheel drive version but to

Be fair with you, most of you that will exploit this car with the occasional family trip to the mountainside i’m more than positive that geared up with a proper set of tires this car won’t havy any issues passing through let’s say snow so this is the price-point of our vehicle here, 36 000 euros my friends, this has been our video on the new toyota rav4 if you enjoyed it,

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