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2019 Ram 1500 Classic SLT 19JP97 Review | Video Walkaround | WowWoodys in Chillicothe, Missouri

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If you are looking for a truck that has a bedliner a hemi engine and a media center then check out this 2019 ram 1500 classic i’m alana here at woody’s automotive group in chillicothe missouri the highest rated dealership in middle america and dealer raiders dealer of the year for the past three years and you can find out why by going to over 10,000

So it comes in this black exterior you have your chrome grille with that ram badge and the metal halogen headlamps to the sides and this has a 5.7 liter v8 hemi engine so nice and powerful you have your 17 inch alloy wheels and that five spoke to sign down below and then you have your hemi it 5.7 liter and your ram 1500 classic so this is a 19 ram but it has that

Look of the previous body style so if you look for that classic look then this is it for you your side mirrors are black out and then you have power adjustable and heated settings for it and you have keyless entry making your way inside these great cloth seats you have that pattern going down the middle a nice and comfortable seat yeah your steering really have

Your cluster controls voice command buttons and your cruise controls on the front there your media center has your radio controls with your presets on the top and then you can also subscribe to sirius xm or you if you choose to you can always connect your own media device we using a usb port or aux port you also have your phone settings so you can connect your

Phone with bluetooth to make phone calls through your media center you have a compass right here all of your different settings and then your temperature and your clock and when this is on and in my purse you have a camera so you can see what’s behind your vehicle the guidelines really help you gauge distance and the direction that your wheels are headed down

Below you have your climate controls in the near toho and your traction control buttons then you have a four wheel drive transfer case and a 12 all right here with a usb port on that side and the store pops out there as well you have three cupholders next to it your center console which has an aux port and two usb ports and then this fold i have so you can fit

A third person in this front seat so let’s go take a look at the back seat my guys looking in the back you’ve room for three passengers it is a bench seat so you can easily fold it up you have two cupholders on the floor and you have these storage compartments that are able to be removed clean off there’s some extra space that’s nice and tucked away then i care

Way to the back you have your led tail lights your forward four and your slt badging with that chrome bumper let’s take a look to the bed you have that nice drop in bedliner really protects everything in the back here and you have tie-down hooks on the sides as well so overall this truck is amazing really low mileage you have those awesome media center on the

Front you have a bed liner on the back that hemi engine and if you wanna see this ram 1500 or any of our other trucks visit our website at or come see our 15-acre megawatt i’m ilana until next time oh wow where you guys from from the kansas city area johnny montrose colorado claremore ban rules will be damn parkville missouri i’m from southern

California sure i would definitely tell you this is a great experience for anyone had a shot before i’ll be okay any kind of vehicle why would it is the place the people course okay well thank you for taking the time

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2019 Ram 1500 Classic SLT 19JP97 Review | Video Walkaround | WowWoodys in Chillicothe, Missouri By wowwoodys