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Today we’re taking a look at our 2019 ram 1500 classic this ram 5800 classic is in the war lock trim you do have that 5.7 liter v8 hemi let’s go take a look inside this awesome white and black ram 1500 classic now take a look at the driver door panel you have your power windows locks and mirrors as well as your automatic one touch driver and passenger with your

Power folding mirrors there as well with a cup holder in the door panel with a lot of extra storage you do have the power driver seat with your lumbar support you could have the nice black leather up leather through the rest of the ram did you get the tilting and sliding remove top now that we’re inside the ram here you do have the automatic headlights on the

Left hand side of the steering column you do the light control there with the push for the fog lights as well as the dimmer switch down below as well as we turn on the ram on the left hand side of the steering wheel you’re going to find a directional pad to control the screen above here on the right hand side you have your cruise control settings with your gear

Selector also you do have the volume rocker and seek and tune control on the back of the left and the right hand side of the steering wheel now on the left-hand side of the tachometer screen you’re going to find your rpm gauge your oil temperature your battery as well as your your gas on the right hand side with the speedometer there in the middle here you do have

The digital speedometer and the four corners is all adjustable at the top is going to show you what uh you are currently listening to so right now it’s 104.9 but as we scroll down here you can see the different vehicle info from the tire pressure to the transmission temperature the oil temperature the oil life the gauge summary as well as the engine hours there

So you can go through that and then moving down you can see the fuel economy the trip a and trip b your trailer tow and trailer braking so nothing is connect no trailers connected right now but you do have the trailer braking it’s all digital through the screen which is really cool and then you can scroll down and see the audio and what you’re currently listening

To which is very nice and then the stored messages if there is alerts or anything and then you can set up the screen to pick whatever you want on the on whatever corner so you can go to any any of these gauges around on on any corner so if you wanted to put um there are no phones connected connect a phone cancelled if you want to put a anything down at the bottom

You can so you can go up on upper right here and change from outside temp to the time so whatever you like the best which is awesome that you can have that customizability through the screen now taking a look at the infotainment here you do have that awesome you connect screen that is very very fast and nice and easy to use so now at the media section here you

Can see the radio you can set your favorites up top up till 12 favorites that you can have preset as well as you can have your tune control here we can type in what you want to listen to you can browse the different radio stations as well as you can go through your usb 2 usb 1 your sirius xm radio you can actually go into here and select the source between am fm

Bluetooth auxiliary there as well you also do get your apple carplay and android auto through the projection and now to the climate control you can turn on the climate control change the dual zone climate control you can have it all set up have it sunk have it synced and then you can have the auto air there as well uh change what direction the fan is blowing as

Well as turn your ac on your auto climate front and rear window defrosters all super fast to go through the screen um and then your fan speed down here that you can do that as well you’re gonna find your heated seats and heated steering with the driver and passenger in the controls section you also do have the mirror dimmer that you turn on or off and the backup

Camera that you can quickly view anytime when you’re driving you also have the control hotbar down below here but as we go into the apps you can put any of these apps down at the bottom bar here’s seats passenger seats wi-fi hotspot assist go services all that stuff through the down to the bottom which is very very nice it’s a phone you can connect your phone

Through bluetooth make phone calls send text messages off the voice recognition into the settings here you can see the different settings for your driving and safety settings so you do have your back your rear parking sensors or your sensor assist there as well as you’re going to find different seats comfort all the phones set up here as well support smartphone

Projection manager you can have the smartphone projection on or off and then you do have the assist there as well so a bunch of different options there as you put the vehicle into reverse you do have your backup camera there with your guidance lines and you do have that rear parking sensors that is giving you that audible alert as well down below you do have your

Four wheel drive lock foil drive low end two wheel drive and you have that awesome shifter there as well moving over here you’re gonna find your volume rocker your two control screen off and on the back button as well as the physical buttons for the climate control and then down below that is where you find your trailer braking here with your uh heated seats and

Heated steering with the driver and passenger the rear parking aid the tow haul button as well as the traction control lots of room down here you can put your phone down there with the cord going through two cup holders in the center console with more storage and you have that two layer center console the top one is where your usb and auxiliary is and then and

Have a deeper console there you have that auto dimming rear view mirror up top of the assistant sos buttons the three universal garage door openers the rear side window as well as the tilting and sliding moon roof controls up on the roof there let’s go take a look at the awesome outside of this ram at the front grille here you have that all black ram grille you do

Have those bright headlights and fog lights the decals up top here with those lines there they look very very good the different hood design up top you also do have that oem remote starter on the key here so it starts up nice and easy you can see those daytime rain lights light up everywhere way down to the rim here you have that all black ram alloy on your a t

Churro tires here look at that black okay you have the black hemi 5.7 logo with the ram 500 classic badging along the side there’s rough way to the back here you can see that warlock badging there as well very cool uh local design for that warlock in the back here you’re gonna find your rear parking sensors you can hear that that hemi as well as you do have that

Locking your tailgate so as we unlock the tailgate does unlock here and you have a spray in box liner that is in very very good condition you also do have those rear lights in the back here let’s go take a look at the rear seating now on the rear door apparently you have your power window controls and tons of storage in the door panel you have lots of lightroom

In the back here fit uh three people in the rear very comfortably very comfortable leather seating in the back you also do have that center armrest with your two cup holders and the seats do fold up giving you extra cargo space this does fold out give you a nice flat surface to put your cargo on as well as you can lift this up and give you extra cargo down below

Here with your two cup holders you have a 12 volt in the back here with your rear vents as well thank you for watching this quick overview of the 2019 ram 1500 classic warlock if you have questions about this warlock ram 1500 classic please visit parkmaster.ca at that time you can find out all the information about this ram as well as book this vehicle for a test

Drive with a qualified test drive you get 25 visa gift card we hope to see you guys soon and have a great rest of your day

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