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Welcome back to truck central i’m mr justin wheeler and this is the 2019 ram 1500 limited high mileage edition now i don’t typically record a video before i shoot the intro like i’m doing now but the situation just presented itself where i had a little bit of trouble on the road and i kind of wanted to catch it in real time and kind of let you guys know how i

Worked through this issue and problem and ultimately what is were okay i made it back to town but it was something that i hadn’t expected and it’s apparently pretty common i guess i’ve gotten lucky that in the last 10 plus years of ram ownership i’ve never ran into this issue before now i don’t know a whole lot about it maybe it’s specific trim levels maybe it’s

Just 1500s and not 2500s where i have a majority of my windshield time let me know if you know the specifics around it but uh i was a little nervous there for a minute but we made it home thank goodness so enjoy now i don’t typically record and drive like this but i just wanted to show you something the truck is not shifting i got these weird lights on my dash

So what happened was is my truck the battery was dead so i jump started it i’ve never had to jump start this truck before in the two years i’ve been driving it jump started it and now all these weird lights are on collision alert lights traction control lights on even though my traction control i haven’t touched the button and now it’s not shifting i’ll keep you

Posted so i just power cycled the truck just shut it off and turned it back on see if it’ll shift now shift pig you can see it’s still in first gear if you look next to the gear selector indicator wow this is not good so i did a quick google search and they say that when you have these stability control uh check engine lights apparently what happens if you

Run your battery dead and you don’t charge it all the way it’s not uncommon for the transmission to stay in first gear until you charge the battery to 100 or get a new battery and then also clear the check engine codes uh well i’m on the side of the road here and uh don’t really have a way to uh charge the battery all the way so let’s look at the diagnostics

Here and see if this tuner can help us out of a jam see if we’ve got any codes here i might have to shut the truck off no trouble codes available let me turn it off let’s try again no trouble codes trouble codes have now been cleared service electronic stability control surface trailer brake brake system oh my god this is a huge problem like i’m not stranded

600 miles from home thank god but if i was man i’d be pissed i’m still pissed i got a birthday party to get to all right let’s see if i can figure this out well this is kind of a humbling experience i guess i’ve been driving ram trucks for well 11 years consecutively let me slow down i need to stay in first gear um and i’ve never had this problem happen before

And anything and i i did a quick uh google search like i said i got on the forums and i guess this has been a thing for a long time you let your battery discharge too low and you don’t come out of first gear and it’s i guess it’s a pretty well-known thing that has just completely evaded me all this time i guess i’ve been up to snuff on uh doing frequent battery

Changes i don’t know but uh so now i’m driving back to the house to get a backup vehicle and i guess i’m gonna go grab a battery and put it in and i hope that fixes the problem because well i gotta work tomorrow thank god i’m on my day off today but uh yeah the i got a bunch of check engine lights and i’m sitting here rolling at three grand on the tack 20

Miles an hour going up a hill so i’m gonna limp this baby back to the house we’ll get a new battery and i’m gonna guess cross my fingers hope that fixes it so i limped this thing back to the house after i had power cycled it three four times tried to check the engine codes it sucked it was trans was getting hot engine was getting hot it didn’t like it fine got

Back pulled the brazer out you know got it fired up aired up all the tires because i don’t drive it often topped off the fluids because i don’t drive it often that i had some my mirror fell off had to fix the mirror this thing’s getting neglected but anyway i was gonna take it and before i pulled the battery out i thought let me put my volt meter on this thing

And sure enough it was at 13 plus volts and i thought man what’s going on with this right so i said i’m going to start this one more time and see what happens all my alarms went away all my check engine lights that whatever was the problem keeping me from shifting is fine now and i guess i’m gonna try to take it down the road look at that i am wrecking that air

Cleaner intake i think it’s probably time to clean that element what do you think it’s doing a good job though all right i’m gonna try to get back on the road see if we still have the same problem i i’ve done nothing other than drive back let the truck sit and i started it again well would you look at that she’s shifting hey oh i don’t know what in the world i

Mean i don’t agree with it but i get it if the battery is low and needs to be addressed for all the accessories to work that’s fine but what i don’t get is the irrational method of it working and then not working just doesn’t make sense i suppose maybe the drive back those high rpms charged the battery just enough to tell the truck that it was ready for duty

I don’t know but here’s what i do know i don’t like it that old blazer back there i start that thing once every six months and guess what every time i turn the key it takes me down the road whether i hell i could take the battery out of it and take me down the road so not uh not upset with a truck more upset with the situation i don’t even know why the battery

Got low to begin with but shows here we got 13.8 volts as we’re driving of course and then there’s a little over 13 with the with the alternator and the truck turned off i’m gonna go ahead and replace the battery anyway i can’t afford to risk uh being stranded somewhere in first gear we’ll go through that i’ll i’ll do a uh a load test on the battery that’s in it

Now and we’ll see maybe there’s some damaged cells in there or something to be continued so i get it it’s a it’s a safety thing right uh the truck doesn’t want you to go fast if it doesn’t feel like all the safety features and sensors are powered up enough to do their job so basically the truck is in limp mode i don’t know if this truck actually has a limp mode

Uh but it lets you be mobile without letting you get on the highway without all of your electronic stability controls and all those other crash detection sensor things um so i get it i don’t necessarily agree with it i think that there should be a way to manually override that in the situation where you’ve got low battery voltage i just don’t get it because my

Battery voltage wasn’t that low it seemed like a weird deal i don’t even think i left like a light on my my truck has never not started when i push the button and this time it did and then as soon as i jump started it i had these problems so hopefully it’s not a not an ongoing issue maybe i did leave a light on and the battery was just drained and it just took a

While to get those rpms up and get that get that juice boosted back up enough to start so what i am going to do go get a new battery just to be on the safe side and i’m also probably gonna go ahead and go get one of those boost packs i carried one years ago uh but i just haven’t had a need for one in a while and i think they make good ones now small real powerful

Units the one i used to have was the size of a bowling ball and it weighed about the same anyway get the battery swapped get back on the road dusty dodge is back in service thanks for watching

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