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Is a 5th Gen Ram 1500 reliable? Let’s find out…

This next high mileage ram episode brought to you by realtruck if you don’t mind stick around to the end of the video i’ve got some more information i want to share with you welcome back to truck central i am mr justin wheeler and this is my 2019 ram 1500 limited high mileage edition now while we’re on the topic of the 150 000 mile kind of benchmark that we’re

Currently at i thought it would be a good time to kind of circle back and make a comprehensive guide or a comprehensive report on all the problems everything that’s broken on this truck from day one until now now some of these problems are what i would consider manufacturer defects or manufacturer issues that would be covered under warranty some of these things

Are either something that wouldn’t be covered under warranties things that have that have broken um and then there are some things that haven’t broken on this truck but have broken for other um 5th gen ram users and then i just haven’t experienced that yet but i’ll cover that too so kind of be a a three-part video what i’m hoping to achieve here is to be kind

Of a a reference for current and future ram truck owner so that they know what they might be able to expect if they’re to go out and buy a either a new ram a lightly used ram or a high mileage ram now admittedly there’s not going to be very many uh high mileage rams on the used market today you might see a couple of 100 000 miles but you’re not going to see

Any really with over 150 but a year or two from now this might be a good um like i said reference to come back to to kind of see what can you expect to fail uh what has failed for me and i’ve and i abused this thing and what what has failed for others we’ll go over what has happened to me specifically and then we’ll we’ll talk about a couple of the other oddball

Things so the first thing the first problem that i really dealt with happened to me about the 15 000 mile mark tree branches if you remember the 50k review video and actually it was the first video on this channel i talked about the steering nut and the steering nut my goodness i was at oh that was back in february of 2020 so it’s been a while but it was the

First thing that happened what the problem was when i would turn at usually more at lower speeds but it it kind of it kind of shifted sometimes as fast sometimes it was slow anyway i would steer and there’d be a popping or grinding sound out of my steering and i couldn’t really place it took it to the dealership multiple times the first two times i dropped it

Off at the dealer they said that they could not replicate the problem and there was nothing wrong boy that’s frustrating the third time i took it in they said oh wow there is something wrong we fixed it awesome thank you two thousand miles later the issue came back now this this whole drop-off pickup drop-off pickup four times over this went from around 15 000

Miles all the way up to about 45 000 miles and i know that sounds like i really let that problem extend out longer than i should have but uh that that was only over the course of a few months and it’s really hard for me to get into the dealer and drop this thing off especially if it’s not like a critical problem it’s a weird popping sound so anyway got it in the

Fourth time was the charm they fixed it they called it a steering gear one time one time they called it a steering nut not really sure but i do know that after looking at the comments you guys left and seeing some mentions of it on the forum it is not that uncommon of a problem so that happened around that same time and actually concurrent to one of those trips

To the dealer for the steering nut problem was what did we call it oh it was the the climate-controlled seat so i i think the third time i dropped it off of the steering nut i noticed it started to get hot outside it was it was coming spring early summer and i noticed that the the seat was not blowing nearly as hard uh the fan mic wasn’t blowing as well as in

The passenger seat and i knew it definitely wasn’t blowing as well as it did in my fourth gen laramie so drop that off and they said that it was and here’s my stack of dealer warranty work receipts on that specific occasion they said that there was a loose connector um that had to be reconnected now i don’t know if they mean electrical connector i i seem to i

Bet they mean some sort of uh hvac plumbing type um airflow connector wasn’t tight not sure i don’t know how that comes loose but just remember that if you get one of these trucks and it doesn’t feel like it’s blowing right there may be something loose under the seat so after that problem we went months without any issues in fact we got up into the 90 000 mile

Range really close to the end of the extended warranty and luckily enough it had started to get cold and that’s when i noticed you know the the real common problem that you guys are probably already thinking of and that is the the exhaust manifolds were cracked and it’s much easier to to uh observe that when it’s cold outside so we took that in we got both

Exhaust manifolds replaced that was a twelve hundred dollar twelve hundred dollar repair that wasn’t a big deal you know we kind of expected it my fourth chin had the exhaust manifold studs that were broken and it’s just one of those things that uh you know you kind of expect wasn’t a big deal i got it covered under warranty if you have the extended warranty

That is covered and i would expect it if you have to have both replaced it’s going to be at least 1200 i actually thought i got a decent deal on that so the exhaust manifold problem wasn’t a real big deal to me obviously it was free it didn’t really hurt anything it just sounds terrible they replaced it but you know they put on the same oem parts and you wonder how

Long is this really going to last not really sure but anyway it was a free repair so awesome right not long after the exhaust manifold fix we had another problem i guess this was about the 99 000 mile mark like i had barely any time left or any miles left on my extended warranty that was it was pretty lucky that it that this problem happened when it did and

The connector on the top of the fuel pump broke and what that means is essentially i just dumping fuel on the ground underneath the truck right off the top side of the fuel tank and and of course that’s only when it’s running when the pump is is energized it’s just blowing fuel out of that crack that was fixed i think that was a that was a little bit cheaper

Of a repair that was 160 175 dollars for the part uh 300 for the work so it’s about a 500 repair i still don’t know i feel like that was kind of more of a fluke deal or maybe just a result of how i beat on this old girl um because i don’t i don’t think anybody else has said that they’ve had to have the fuel pump replaced but you never know so if you have seen

Or heard or have had that happen it’d be nice to know that that maybe it wasn’t just me maybe this is a more common problem and that is truly the extent of the work that had to be done at the dealer so i mean i had eight appointments for and one of those appointments was for two separate items but really you know a lot of it was the steering nut that wasn’t

Critical or i don’t want to say it wasn’t critical but it wasn’t like uh you know a leave you stranded type of problem uh the exhaust manifold same thing the fuel the fuel leak was probably in my opinion the most serious problem that i’ve had with this truck so far it was a relatively inexpensive fix and it was fixed within a couple hours i dropped it off

Without an appointment at the dealership and they had me turned around uh all in all i think the extended warranty probably saved me it saved me a little bit of money i’ve i paid i paid a little less than two thousand dollars for the extended warranty when i bought it new and i definitely had more than two thousand dollars worth of work done plus the peace of

Mind it gave so that was that was nice now let’s talk about the stuff that is not covered under warranty you know the stuff that has happened either after or that just didn’t get done i’ve had a couple little plastic clips on the center console broke that was early early on not a major deal but you know it’s uh something to keep in mind the only other thing on

This truck that is broken that isn’t my fault because i you know sometimes i just break things but it’s not the fault of the truck and it’s really not even the fault of the truck is the windshield everybody gripes about how low quality the glass is on the windshield i have fixed probably close to 10 rock chips in this windshield and i am currently living with

A pretty nasty crack right through the top left side of the windshield right in front of my view and these are expensive to replace to get an oem factory windshield where i’m at is a thousand bucks and i’ve called around and that’s just the price and i will get it replaced but we are coming up on tornado season in central oklahoma and i’m not going to spend a

Thousand bucks on a windshield when i know we have tornadoes and hail and probably two by fours that are going to be rolling through this place at a moment’s notice so i’m going to get that replaced but it is kind of a bummer that the glass is so delicate it’s fragile and i know that seems like common sense but i’ve never had another truck and i put lots of miles

On lots of trucks and this one has had more glass damage than any other so keep that in mind and those are the only two things that have really broken on this truck that haven’t been covered under warranty i will mention real quick and it wasn’t a failure there was a video we did a uh earlier last year where the air ride quit working because it got so cold it got

To negative 10 degrees outside and yes the air ride suspension it didn’t it didn’t break but it went into a safety protection mode to keep the compressor from overheating so it did what it was designed to do but we did hit its operational range and it was just too cold the compressor was overheating but it shut down it cooled off then it worked fine literally

The only day that it’s ever ever done that was the coldest day in recorded oklahoma history so i’m not i’m not faulting the ram for that but it is nice to know or it is good to know that there is a limit to where you can use that at some point the compressor is gonna it’s gonna meet its match i guess so that’s pretty much it other than the ac not working well

I guess you could cut i guess you could classify that as as broken because it clearly doesn’t work well i’ve tried to take it to the dealer more than once others have taken their trucks into some dealers and gotten their problem fixed i have not had the same luck and you know all dealers are different some of them are going to take care of you and some of them

Are going to fight you and that’s just the way it is but it does work it just doesn’t work as good as it should so i’m not going to say it’s broken but it could be better and there definitely have been um some public releases about uh defects with the system and dealers should fix them and and i’m gonna talk to my dealer this summer i’m not covered under warranty

Anymore so i don’t know how motivated i’m gonna be to try track that down but if you are still under your existing warranty or your extended warranty and you have uh a dealer that will work with you take it in because if your ac sucks like this one does you should be able to get that fixed all right so that really wraps up all my gripes and i i feel like a real

Negative nancy right now um because usually all i do is talk about all the good things but every once in a while you know you got to kind of let it out and that’s what we’re doing in this video so the things that have happened to others that haven’t happened to me uh i think one of the biggest problems or one of the most common problems is the leaking sunroof

We’ve had i don’t know lots i i was going to say hundreds it probably hasn’t been hundreds but on almost every video where i talk about how it’s holding up how when i talk about the sunroof multiple people always chime in and say hey my sunroof’s leaking is your sunroof leaking we’ve taken it to the dealer it’s a very very very common problem i have not had that

Issue but keep in mind if you go look at a used ram um take it through the car wash and make sure the sunroof doesn’t leak and if it does get him to fix it before you buy it another thing is the back glass the trim that goes around they crack a lot and mine is fine but you can tell that it’s stressed like it’s it’s discolored where a lot of them have cracked

I don’t know how mine is hung on but just barely i’m looking at it close now is that thing cracked you better not be correct i’m gonna get back there in a minute but that’s another thing um the back glass trim cracks and i think that leads to leaks for some people no leaks on the inside of this thing luckily and really those are the biggest problems exhaust

Manifolds sunroof leaking back trim cracked i’ve got the the fuel pump issue the steering nothing is a pretty common occurrence and i know that there are others who have some glitching screen problems my display the touchscreen the infotainment whatever you want to call it has been really really good and i try to keep very good records for you guys um it’s a lot

Easier when you have this built-in file cabinet and uh we’ll keep you posted luckily the last 50 000 miles over 50 000 close to 60 000 miles have been completely worry free so that’s pretty much it guys that’s the that’s as bad as it gets for the most part this is a rock solid platform it’s got a few weak links a few achilles heels if you will but it’s nothing

Major overall great truck if there’s something i forgot to mention or something that i just haven’t heard about please leave a comment down below you know i look forward to talking to you one final thank you again to realtruck.com for sponsoring this video as well as all the parts we have installed you can find the links to those videos in the playlist as always thanks for watching

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