2019 Ram 1500 Tradesman 5.7-Liter V8 Review


There’s a belief that automakers are in the business of making vehicles kind of what they’re really about is making money pickups do that they’re very profitable the folks at ram are clearly looking to increase market share and revenue with the new 2019 1500 the look has changed so has the logo a few things you should know about the new 1500 its lost about

Two hundred and twenty five pounds the new frame is made of 98 percent high-strength steel it makes terrific waffles and the front brakes are the largest in segment fourteen point nine inches okay one of those is not a thing i’m outside of phoenix arizona for the press launch more than ever it’s important for ram to put its best toe hook forward against f-150

Sierra silverado titan and tundra with pickups that starts with bragging rights even if some never hold more than air 2300 pounds of payload and 12,000 750 pounds of trailer tow that’s really well into three-quarter-ton territory for this for this light duty truck so a 20% increase in both of those is a significant accomplishment from the engineering side for

Sure putting some distance between it and the dodge brand ram has ditched the crosshair grille design but that’s cosmetic it’s the guts that count we put over a 50 percent high-strength steel around the customer and the cab and in the in the box we put lightweight aluminum in the in the hood and a tailgate but we put high-strength steel where our customers told

Us it mattered the most there’s gonna be no holes in our box here’s that 98% high-strength steel frame i talked about more than the material there’s a unique twist to the structure as it were the front frame angles outward to increase frontal crash protect there’s played out at 23 degrees for front-end packed in for offset impact their octagonal in shape they

Vary in material thickness from two millimeters the three millimeters as they go over mandrel formed specifically engineered to take the energy coming into them prior to the wheel if it gets beyond that wheel then we have our tyre blockers once again those will keep that wheel out of the cabin of the the vehicle something else that’s new these that are offered

On v8 equipped trucks these are our 80 mm sr active tuned mass modules and they’re unique first in industry using on a frame what that does it allows us to expand our fuel saver mode and our fuel saver mode is when our hemi engine goes into 4-cylinder mode so we’ve pushed that calibration a little bit what happens is you get a little bit of vibration and you get

An audible this takes care of the vibration it picks up the sense on the frame and then it shakes 180 degrees internal out of phase so you get no vibration in the seat the steering wheel or the floor which is really really nice feature mentioned there’s an audible side to it as well that’s why we have anc active noise cancellation finally the 3.6 liter v6 with

305 horsepower and 269 pound feet of torque will come standard with a mild hybrid system dubbed eat ork it’s optional on the v8 so the e torque 48 volt mild hybrid technology has a number of benefits but primarily it’s about fuel economy we’ve replaced the traditional alternator with a heavy-duty motor generator unit and that coupled with a 48 volt power pack

Unit is what makes the system so in addition to the auto start for example we’re using the additional torque and power strategically so for example during shift transitions and then also to be able to extend what we call our deceleration fuel shutoff unfortunately there are no e torque engines to be driven on this events those impressions will have to wait for

Another day the only engine available to drive on this event is the 5.7 liter v8 and yes yes it’s a hemi with 395 horsepower and 410 pound-feet of torque the 8-speed transmission is of a new generation with more powerful computer processing there’s a new rear locking axle and the expected kit to help towing normally they put us in the fancy pants models this is

A base tradesman i purposely pick this because come on this is what people who get things done will buy alright this has the hemi so really power shouldn’t be a problem and it’s not people outside may hear some v8 growl but inside unless you put your work boot into it not so much when it comes to cabin quietness the ram 1500 has definitely been improved remember

This is the base model and it’s as quiet as a luxury car in here ram 1500 s get frequency response dampen shocks that open a valve to soften the dynamic on rough run roads and close it during cornering and heavy braking for better control plus there are those active mass dampers all of those things come together to provide a very smooth dynamic this would be a

Good road trip vehicle got a say even in curves it tracks very nicely no floats no bob nicely done most models come with an active chin spoiler that deploys at 35 miles an hour and retracts at 15 models with air suspension don’t get it because at speed the whole truck lowers to improve aerodynamics there are active grille shutters to their added benefits other

Than aero staying closed on frigid days helps the engine warm up faster the side of the bed has been raised up a skosh and the tailgate gets a more wind friendly treatment okay i’ve been behind the wheel for about 20-25 minutes and i can tell you it tracks down the road very nicely on center feel is great this is very good for a pickup truck epa fuel economy figures

Haven’t been announced at this writing the outgoing four-wheel drive 3.6 liter v6 had an average rating of 19 miles per gallon the 5.7 liter v8 managed 17 the 2019 truck is lighter more aerodynamic and has the e torque system so adding to mpgs to those figures isn’t a stretch ram is now available with one of those giant glass panoramic roofs in the fancier models

That would be very nice in a pickup truck advanced features include trailering blind spot detection that takes into consideration the length of the load that you’re lugging cameras helped line up trailer hitches there’s also automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and adaptive cruise control that works down to a full stop this is the most spartan

Interior of the bunch naturally the materials are basic but solid not half-bad the chairs are redesigned and covered with a durable fabric that breathes well this being the base tradesman the seats are manual i actually find that faster the user interface really it’s pretty much just a radio here ac and heat our manual and single-zone there are no shortage of

Usb ports though even the new generation this tradesman doesn’t have a fixed center console so when need be it’s a six passenger vehicle the ram folks brag the 1500 has nearly twice as much storage as some competitors and i’m pretty sure that’s true i suspect there are studio apartments that don’t have the kind of closet space this truck has it’s very impressive

Unlike the other models the tradesman does not get a dampened tailgate but it’s made out of aluminum and it’s pretty light the wheelbase has been lengthened by four inches and it was put into the cab since rams research showed that’s where owners wanted it the smaller quad cab comes with a long bed this crew cab has the choice of either long or this short bed

These days people are using pickups the same way they would use passenger cars if you’re looking for a rig with lots and lots of legroom the 1500 just might be your ride this is the crew cab the upgrade models if you want power ports in the back or pockets on the seats the ram bins have been made larger these are very handy especially for muddy things since the

Liners are removable and can be hosed out very clever there’s room for three strong construction workers back here or if you have big expensive things you don’t want to leave open to theft in the bed they’ll tuck in very nicely since the doors are quite wide since people use pickups to haul the family there are more luxurious models this is the interior of the

Laramie model and very few people will complain about the amenities here upgraded materials certainly improve the ambiance here’s the fixed console that can be set up as a mobile office with plenty of room for a 15 inch computer and ipad hanging file folders plus there’s a high-speed internet wi-fi hotspot to keep any contractor connected it’s bat seats get a

Lot more function and flexibility with the back to split and a center armrest with loads of room and cupholders there’s also power hate there’s the possibility to drag out the waffle iron after all there is something cool no pun intended thermal management system uses the engine coolant to warm up the transmission fluid and engine oil for better fuel economy

On 4×2 trucks it’s even sent to the back axle oh and the priority is to heat the cabin up first for you minnesotans out there for those into back ends and here’s the dampened tailgate it can be remotely dropped from the cabin or key fob and even on lots with the proximity key adjustable tie-downs are available too finally here’s the boss’s truck the long horn

It might not be the top rung that’s the limited but it has lots of chrome led lighting and an interior that looks inspired by the kind of dude ranch ceos spent thousands of dollars to visit i’ll point out the filigree on the metal trim and barn wood that has the logo literally branded into it apparently no two look the same and though i got almost no time with

It there’s a 12 inch user interface screen that can go into split mode like most rams it gets apple carplay and android auto dig the floor mats that handle mud or have the ability to add carpets if you’re going out for a nice dinner and the back seats if the top models can get both heat and venting everybody’s happy pricing well since pickups come in a billion

Different configurations all just say that the retail prices before any incentives that trucks are famous for range from about thirty three thousand three hundred dollars for the 4×2 quad cab tradesman to a lofty fifty nine thousand three hundred bucks for a limited 4×4 crew cab you’ll have to check out the ram site and build one yourself to figure out what your

Budget can handle but the big takeaway is this even in the lowest trim the ram 1500 is a very refined ride and for good people of this world that work hard they deserve this kind of pampering this rig should be a money-making machine for fc a true pickup owners tend to be very brand loyal but for shoppers who are on the fence ram has made it awfully tempting to

Move on over to the other side even if it doesn’t make waffles for breakfast to be honest there’s so much packed into this truck i couldn’t get to it all with just a single day to evaluate and shoot it i suggest looking at other reviews to check out other features and for those who say i didn’t complain or criticize anything about this pickup i’ll use time as

Part of my excuse but i’ll also say that i kept looking for flaws and really couldn’t find any in the short time that i had with it this is a very impressive truck from both a useful perspective and refinement okay one more feature for those who always forget their pressure gauge there’s a new feature that when adding air the horn chirps when the right pressure

Is reached which is a reminder go check your tires they’re probably low and in case you forget what kind of pickup truck you’ve bought ram makes it hard to do that mopar is happy to sell owners a blizzard of aftermarket accessories and even these racks get the branding treatment all right hope you got something out of my look at the 2019 ram 1500 a truck so new

The year hasn’t even happened yet that’s driven i’m tom volk

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2019 Ram 1500 Tradesman 5.7-Liter V8 Review By Driven Car Reviews With Tom Voelk