2019+ Ram 1500 YitaMotor Side Step Install/Review

Hey everyone! Today we are installing and reviewing a set of side steps sent to me by YitaMotor. Enjoy!

What is going on guys today we are installing a set of side steps from yida motor uh they sent these to me for install and review just the disclaimer there i’m gonna unbox them quick now i’ve already unboxed these you see there’s some foam there and the steps themselves are in bubble wrap okay so there’s your general idea of what it looks like now i did notice

On mine and i think this may be just a packaging issue or maybe mine is a demo product but you can see mine it’s not a huge deal because it’s on the bottom but there is some scuffs in the black paint so i am going to let them know that they may want to tidy up the packaging just a little bit i think possibly it was caused by the brackets during shipping i’m sure

The box got tossed around and the brackets are just in this plastic you can see here it’s kind of sticking out so i’m sure this probably was scratching up against it but i’m sure they will correct that issue once i let them know about this so i’m going to finish unboxing here make sure we have all the hardware and get started the only tools that are required for

This are going to be a half inch socket or wrench with a ratchet and a 13mm socket or wrench with with a ratchet or a ratchet wrench i’m going to be using my milwaukee electric ratchet and i recommend using deep wells if you’re going to be using sockets because the studs are about an inch and a half long and a shallow socket would probably bottom out now these

Steps are going on a 2019 new dt body style ram 1500 crew cab they do also make them for the new body style quad cabs as well i will post both down in the video description if you want to purchase these online as you see these ones are kind of a textured matte black finish aluminum construction with rivets holding the grip bosses which that’s going to be nice

Especially in the winter time you’re going to get a lot of traction on that as opposed to some of the more smooth ones you may slip on so these are advertised as six inches wide and being rust resistant you can see it says either motor on the step itself they also feature aluminum alloy end caps and pre-installed these bolts come out but pre-installed sliding

Nut assembly so you don’t have to worry about losing any hardware there in the channel and just for those of you wondering the true measurement here is about an inch and three quarter in height just under two inches and they measure a full six and a quarter if you measure at the cap here it’s about six and a half so they are true six inch wide and they’re

Not ridiculously uh thick so you know keeps a nice aggressive look of the truck without lowering them too much but they’re still usable because they stick out and have the textured grips i know some of your bigger guys have been asking me on some of my previous side step install videos the weight ratings these ones are rated for 350 pounds so that should cover

The majority of you you should be happy with that they’re not supposed to bend and with the in-channel sliding nuts and the supplied brackets should be a pretty easy install here another nice thing is that all six mounting brackets are the same so you don’t have to mess around with what’s left side what’s right side so in addition to the six mounting brackets

And the two side steps themselves you should have this hardware bag with all the washes lock washers and flange nuts all right so hopefully you can see this clearly here this is very important step before you put the brackets on if you’ve never had side steps installed on your truck before i didn’t have problems but i know a lot of people have these studs

Underneath the truck there’s three groups of them this is the middle and then towards the front of the truck there’s another group of three for another bracket and towards the back there’s another group so one group of three for each bracket from the factory there’s a lot of paint on these uh threads and studs if you do not clean those up with like a wire wheel

Put a wire wheel on a drill and clean the paint off the threads or use at least a wire wheel by hand you will snap these studs if you try to force the nut on over the paint do not do that you’ll be in for a bad time so luckily for me i don’t have to do that part because i’ve had a couple sets of side steps on already therefore i’m good to go ahead and install

My brackets again they’re all the same so what i’m going to do is you see these are designed for a couple different kinds of trucks so i go off the bottom plate here and there’s only two holes so you line up the two holes here on this bottom piece with these two bottom studs and you can’t mess it up then it goes just like that and you see the top stud comes

Through up there now what we’re going to do is take and put a normal flat washer on followed by a lock washer and then a flange nut we’re just going to start these by hand we’re not going to fully tighten them down yet we’re just going to kind of leave everything loose in case we need to wiggle stuff around to get the steps on and i do like that on top of the

Flange nuts this kit came with lock washers and flat washers a lot of kits actually don’t come with flat washers and the flange nut is very close to the same diameter as the holes in the bracket and it just i feel much better about it having the washer on there so we’re gonna repeat all the same steps for the other brackets until you get all six of them hung

Just like this by hand and then we can go ahead and get our running boards into position so now we’re going to use our 12 millimeter to remove these uh bolts here for the side steps there’s gonna be a bolt and a washer don’t lose them now you don’t have to worry about your little square nuts in here and the channels falling out because the end caps will keep

Them from falling out what i’m going to do now is kind of use the bolts to move one group one set so one square nut per channel one here one here i’m gonna slide it all the way to one end because that’s gonna be for the back bracket then i’m gonna slide this pair to the middle and this set i’m going to kind of leave over this direction and we can eyeball it

For now and adjust them when we get it on the truck now you don’t want to tip this up on end because then your nuts that you just adjusted are going to slide so what you want to do is just flip it over like this and now you can take and install it also i forgot to mention if you did not get instructions with your side steps they are available on their website

And on their store on amazon i’ll try to link it down in the description too if i can uh and speaking of the directions it doesn’t necessarily state which way this should go on i’m gonna position it so that it says yida motor as you’re looking at the truck so just like this this is gonna be the driver’s side one it’s gonna go on right now now i recommend having

Somebody help you do this part just so you don’t accidentally scratch the paint on the truck it is a rather large piece even though it’s not that heavy and you can easily bump into something unfortunately i’m alone right now but i’ve done this enough times where i’m not too concerned so then go ahead and just kind of set it in place carefully and there we

Get kind of an idea how it’s going to go obviously per your preferences you can adjust the uh step forward and back as you see fit i kind of like it right about there what i would do is just measure probably like from your tire or your mud flap to the side step and make sure you set it at the same distance on both sides all right now for the bolts down here

That hold the step on they do come with a washer but you could put a little drop of loctite on there if you really wanted to since there’s no lock washer for these so i’m going to slide the nuts down the channel using the bolt you can use a screwdriver or something just anything that can get up in the channel and slide them over and you’re gonna get them lined

Up with the bracket if you have to you can also slide the running board front to back slowly and carefully uh obviously you don’t want to uh knock it off the brackets and have it fall on you when you’re underneath it just kind of get them started loosely like that alternatively the outer holes are notched on these brackets so you could in theory uh start the

Outermost bolts on the sliding nuts and then slide them onto the brackets but this way is working fairly well for me so there we go i actually have all of them installed now on the driver’s side step and as you can see they’re all loose enough to where i can still slide this so i’m going to adjust this you can set the depth how far they stick out or how far

They don’t stick out so i’m going to set that get it adjusted how i like it same with front to back and then we’re going to come underneath here and use our 12 millimeter and the instructions say to torque these to 15 foot pounds i think you could get away with a little bit more than that but i definitely wouldn’t go over probably 20 25 foot pounds same width

Up here those brackets are going to be the same torque 15 foot pounds you’re probably good up to 20 25. now the directions actually say to tighten the running board bolts before tightening the bracket bolt uh nuts but i’m actually going to do it opposite because in order for me to set how far out i want the running board to be i want the brackets to be bolted

Up how they’re going to sit otherwise you’re going to adjust how far your running boards stick out and then when you tighten these brackets the running board is going to swing up and it’s going to throw your adjustment off so i’m actually going to do these first just a matter of preference the bracket mounting nuts are going to be the 13 millimeter okay so

This is the running board shoved all the way in that is the most tucked in you can get it to the truck show you real quick here for those that are interested this is over the back door sill and the front and then that is the maximum you can have it stick out pretty far now i like them the farthest position outward they can go uh there’s only one problem

With that i have to go in just a tiny tiny bit as you can see here you could put them like this but this is just another preference thing as i mentioned earlier this slot right here is open on the end right there you can see it’s open and so i don’t want to have this bolt and washer hanging halfway off the bracket so what i’m going to do is just push it in

So that the edge of the washer for the bolt is flush with the edge of the bracket here i’m going to set the front middle and back one like that and then i’m going to torque these down to the 15 foot pounds and there we go that’s the first look we have of it completely installed they go the full cab length which i like get a shot from the back here i’ll do

A follow-up tomorrow morning uh when it’s light outside so you guys can get a better view of all this stuff and it’s lighter out but here’s a general idea i’ll come to the back of the truck and here’s a profile down the side as you can see it doesn’t really stick out much past the tires so you don’t have to worry about any sort of clearance or anything but

Again six inches wide so you’re gonna get a nice foothold and still plenty of ground clearance let’s give it the first test i’m about 210 pounds so i’m going to set this on the ground and we’ll see how much the steps move when i’m on it i’ll just stand on it and then i’ll also bounce on it i’ll try to get a more level position here so this is the back just

Standing on it a little bit of flex but i mean honestly you’re not gonna find a running board that doesn’t flex the body can only be so stout so even if the brackets and the running board themselves are made out of one inch solid steel the body is going to flex so keep that in mind and then here’s the front just standing on it and bouncing also keep in mind

That the truck is rocking so a lot of the movement you’re seeing is truck suspension roll and body roll it’s not all flex in the side step but as you can see it held up to the abuse of me bouncing on it and i’ll get more long-term results as i use these so now of course we’re going to repeat the same steps on the passenger side all right guys so here we are on

The passenger side and i kind of have the bottom 12 mil bolts just a little finger tight they’re not completely snugged up yet and i have the running board pulled outwards so that the shoulder of the washer is flush with the opening of the bracket slots just like on the driver’s side that means that the running board is fairly stiff but i can still move it

Around a bit so i measured the driver’s side how i ended up having that and from here to the surface of the drive tire in the back here is right around 19 inches on the driver’s side so i went ahead and i did the same here just going from my end cap and it’s right about 19 as it meets the tire so this is not provided in the directions this is just a preference

How i’m setting mine um they’re pretty long running boards so you get a couple inches of leeway front to back my main thing here is i just wanted to make sure that both of them were the same because i have ocd and it must be symmetrical and there we go both sides are complete all right guys here it is the side steps in the daylight fully installed as you see

They’re a little dirty because i use them to get in and out of the truck but there we have it so if this video helped you out make sure you hit that like button comment with any questions subscribe for more videos follow me on all my socials and as always thanks for watching have a great day you

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2019+ Ram 1500 YitaMotor Side Step Install/Review By Tony The Truck Guy