2019 RAM 3500 Diesel Crew Cab 4×4 Long Box Review

2019 RAM 3500 Diesel Crew Cab 4×4 Long Box Review

Hi boys and girls right our warehouse let’s push the magic button open the door go in and see what we’re driving today looks like we’ve got ourselves a 2019 ram 3500 heavy duty dually maya that’s a long one 22 feet long over 8 feet wide having four wheels and tires in the rear might have something to do with that what the heck is there somebody in this vehicle

Hey yo i know you’re not on my truck and take that booze with you come on oh oh look at all the liquor bottles that bum left in my vehicle what’s this a full bottle of kazoo 100 that’s like 80 bucks a bottle hey come back come on anymore this yeah you okay let’s take this start test facility and take a closer look there are three engines available in the heavy

Duty ram series first step is a 6.4 liter gasoline coming out 410 horsepower 429 pound-feet of torque next step is a diesel 370 horsepower 851 pound-feet of torque and it’s heavy duty 6.7 monster 400 horsepower one thousand pound feet of torque up to a heavy-duty 6-speed automatic transmission there are two questions people want to know off their back and that

Is what is the fuel economy and the epa doesn’t rate these heavy-duty trucks most road testers won’t tell you because well they just don’t want to it will tell you that’s why you’re watching my video this has been in the fleet for around 9,000 miles some towing some city driving 11.5 mpg hmm don’t worry we’re gonna reset this do some freeway driving and see if

We can bump up these figures the next question people are curious about how much does this rig cost the advertisements say the heavy-duty ram surrey starts around 33,000 bucks there are all kinds of options packages that you can play around that figure with but like i said this is loaded up with everything the laramie the long horn and the big engine so we’re

Starting out with a 3500 laramie longhorn crew cab 4×4 long box at that price loaded up with all the goodies we get this price well we’re certainly getting a good worn cheap in case you’re wondering that heavy-duty diesel engine adds eleven thousand seven hundred and ninety-five bucks to the price tag according to the spec sheet with the gasoline engine you can

Get around eighteen thousand pounds of towing but with this engine and this extra gooseneck we’re talking thirty-five thousand pounds so what are we getting for our almost 90 grand i’m not going to cover all the gadgets in here the video will be way too long i’m just going to show you some of the top points and the first is the cabin quality many years ago the

Interior chrysler products were just the bottom of the line junk the ram people spend a lot a lot of money redesigning these cabins and it pays off especially the subgrade one which has leather everywhere more leather than any truck on the planet nice quality to leather on the storage box leather all over the dash steering wheel if you like leather this is the

Truck to get i’m not sure if this is real wood but does look at and you have your choice between a 5-inch infotainment screen an eight-inch or this monster 12 inch which is a lot easier to use than you might think so he gives you a wide navigation you simple push buttons for the four-wheel drive system little dusty in here and as we do in all my videos we’re going

To take these headlights out and see how they perform in the dark please look pretty nice it’s dark enough let’s check out these big headlights and see what they do he read the headlights on the building 100 feet away low beams pretty bright high beams right enough here we have the bright sunny building 300 feet away good spread good height go to low beam almost

Reaches out but definitely bright and wide great for city driving here’s what the rear view camera looks like plus the 360 degree camera on the left pretty bright i’ve noticed these lights do turn with the steering wheel left-right good for taking corners the stash lights up pretty good in the dark – you know what’s the same eight point nine miles to the gallon

Oh my where take us out in the freeway see what these figures up which we will do later on in the video this concludes the first tip intel in our video second half are going to take it out and do some driving and show you some things you do not want to do on the road or offroad if you’re driving a dually very important pay attention and this is what i’m talking

About you have a lot of width on this vehicle sticking out that normally wouldn’t be on other vehicles you have to be very careful of what you’re doing and it requires new driving procedures i’m a very experienced driver but i was a bit complacent in the first couple hours i had this vehicle almost account offence in a mailbox so if you’re not paying attention you

Could do worse so let’s get on the road and see how this works okay rule number one if you’re taking corners in a parking lot look out for those curbs if you don’t that tire wheel will hit the curb that’s why you want to get used to keeping one of your eyeballs and one of these big outside mirrors that’s what they’re there for that’s especially true when you’re

Pulling away from the gas pump you certainly don’t want to hit one of those rule number two if you’re thinking about fast food don’t take this through the drive-through lane it’s probably not going to fit they’ll probably end up taking out the menu box and speakers with it just go inside the stand in line like everybody else rule number three if you’re driving

In a city that has very rough pavement and lots of potholes you might want to slow down the front end is very forgiving the rear end if you have lots of weight in the bed you’ll be okay on an empty bed but these stiff springs does not like impacts at all i’ll demonstrate by taking the speed bump at the recommended 15 miles per hour for an in will be fine we’re in

Oh that was a pretty rough rule number four if you’re thinking about running this through an automatic car wash check with the manager first to make sure it fits getting in easy backing out not so easy and next if you’re in the habit of cutting in and out of traffic because you’re in a hurry might be okay in a small car not with this titanic not worth the effort

Eventually you’re going to hit something not worth it to stay in the lane stay patient and carry on last but not least there’s the matter of indoor parking garages with a rig like this i tend to avoid them but if you are going inside make sure you check the ground clearance we have seven feet and zero inches if you can see through the glare oops just about clearing

It whatever you do don’t park this giant truck nose first in a parking space if you’re in a garage if a big rig gets in back of you you might have a very hard time backing out it’s no fun instead you want to back it in so you can drive right out will save you a lot of hassle doing this or do what i do just drive up to the roof where there’s plenty of room it’s a

Long walk down but we all need the exercise okay is this capable of off-roading well with four-wheel drive good ground clearance and powerful engine it certainly is but then there’s a suspension you have to deal with on an empty bed on the empty bed deer in likes to jump around a lot on a rougher road will lock the filling inside of your teeth so off-road i might

Have to be limited unless you’re carrying a heavy load we reset the mileage computer miss some city driving only got 9 miles per gallon around town so i reset the mod to peter again into a freeway trip and see if the vehicle can redeem itself with a better figure you think monster truck this size which generated a lot of wind noise and it probably does but you

Don’t hear it actually this is a very quiet vehicle even though that stiffer in on an empty bed likes to bounce around a lot as you see the way the camera is bouncing around this is still a comfortable vehicle to drive at least on smooth pavement the great highway cruiser there are a lot of people out there who don’t like chrysler products and i can understand

That there are a few vehicles they make that i certainly would want to own when it comes to the ram the companies put a lot of research and develop money into the whole line and shows this is a very nice truck i have driven a lot of rams over the years especially lately and frankly i just couldn’t find so much to complain about i would say that’s a good sign

While here the results 127 freeway miles fourteen point nine mpg lot better than the 911 we were getting in the city that’s what they did bad of course more interactive some more freeway miles we’ll pull over and see if the mileage is improved or gone down oh i tacked on about another 150 freeway miles and it’s holding steady at fourteen point nine mpg so i guess

15 miles per gallon on the average is gonna be your official highway mileage on an empty bed in that toy we did a couple hundred more miles of freeway driving still locked in at fourteen point nine mpg that’s cruising at seventy-five miles per hour no towing no loads in the bed i’d say that’s a respectable figure so after a week of driving what’s my take on this

Gigantic rig well frankly for day-to-day commuting and chores like going to the grocery store picking up kids i can’t think of anything more impractical kind of like taking a battleship out to go trout fishing but this trick wasn’t made for daily chores they have smaller ram trucks for that this is made for hauling and towing and for that this is about the ultimate

Rig you’re going to find very impressive if you can’t afford the price and the fuel go for it there’s some video links to other gigantic expensive trucks we’ve driven lately just click and watch you

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2019 RAM 3500 Diesel Crew Cab 4×4 Long Box Review By chad haire