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Hello everybody and welcome to another episode of ram promaster dot us with your favorite host m3 aka mr. hollywood today we’re going to talk about the 2019 ram promaster 136 inch wheelbase 1500 2019 because that’s the year we’re in yeah so the new fashio that’s the probably the biggest thing the highlight that you will see right away the difference from in 2018

You see the new ram logo now displayed proudly on the front with a nice little comb around it as well as this is in the chrome this does come in another color as well not the chrome if you if you don’t like it that way the bumper remains true to its efficient ability which means you can replace each piece separately about 60 bucks a pop and these are very flexible

To me as we get into small fender bender more than likely you won’t have to do a lot of fixing the lights again are back and the bumper still protruding forward to prevent you from expensive you get into a small fender bender the likelihood of damaging lights is very very small front wheel drive because all of these are the reason their front wheel drive is the

Engines on top so is the cabin with the driver which means you have a lot of traction on the front wheels regardless of how much stuff you have in the back you see the band seems like it’s leaning kind of forward it’s designed that way to make sure that the front axle has the weight to ensure that you always have good traction that way what are you climbing or not

You’re in good hands 3.6 liter v6 engine reliable and powerful right you can hold about 4,000 pounds of payload in this puppy but we’re going to the dimensions you have a side door here you can have them on both sides if you like you can unlock the cargo doors and the driver and passenger separately this one comes with the led lights as well as the cargo floor is

A very nice looking cargo floor too does not have wall paneling you can get it equipped with those if you like we could also do a lot of aftermarket stuff bulkhead separators the shelves or whatnot those are technically considered aftermarket but they do not void your warranty keep that in mind there’s a lot of operators that actually work with chrysler directly

And we can roll it into your payment’s if you’d like that should let us know when you give us a call the trunk trunk the cargo space huge opened the rear door for you 260 degrees on both sides of the door which means they flex nicely you’ll see that in a minute here huge huge space tow hitch this one is standard from the factory you can tow up to 50 100 pounds so

A lot of power standing room this is the low roof denomination so you only have about 67 inches in their standing room so if you’re above five eight five nine it’s gonna be hard for you to stand in there you have to slouch a little bit probably about this much or so it’s not uncomfortable but if you want a full height and be able to stand in it you want to go for

The high roof length from the doors to the other side to the little line over there here about 10 feet this is the 136 foot right between the wheel wells you have 55 point 75 inches the door opening is fifty eight point six and the side to side walls is seventy three point four inches all right so a lot of room a lot of space cargo load floor height is 21 inches

And this bumper is load-bearing so that you can see so for reference also i’m about six feet tall so i can’t stand in here fully but i’m only slouching a little bit right not too bad i can probably get around this stuff and grab my things in here however i want so lots of room lots of features and a lot of power in this cargo van let’s go inside and show you some

Other features oh and welcome to the roomy and spacious interior of the ram promaster 1500 136 inch wheelbase we’re gonna go quickly some of the features here you have your mountain controls on the steering wheel you have your power folding mirrors and power windows your power locks and fog lights are recipes here as well just ability to control you gotta live a

Clip board up there to gloveboxes top and bottom with a space a little shelf in the middle three cupholders in the center one in each door for a total of five you can have a lot of stuff a lot of slurpees in this if you’d like um coca-cola’s coffees whatever floats your boat you also have two huge bins on each door they’re very very big and you can right now take

Check besides i also got purse it’s like a black void you can throw stuff in there and might not never find it again unless you’re organized which i’m not so i can’t do that the tft touchscreen in the middle is very useful very easy-to-use radio media compass phone and more you can simply press whatever you like go to media for example you have usb bluetooth now

Usb and aux blog for the radio is right here the usb power and power plugs are right here a little change slot right there compass in the center phone connectivity very easy to set up once you hit yes it will just take you through a bunch of steps more you have your rear camera your clock and your trip that’s pretty much it if you have any questions feel free to

Comment or send us a message gladly answer we do have a ram promaster home delivery program so ph.d program promaster home delivery get your phd from cibao you gotta see jack just give him a call and the numbers in the description below once you do that you can go over the size you want you can go over all the pricing and paperwork or whatever updates you want and

We can have a delivered to your door all right all 50 states doesn’t matter if you’re in ohio new york california honolulu hawaii he will deliver it to your door and we’ll take care of everything else in paperwork beforehand where you can easily sign it in the comfort and security of your home and you can acquire a new business vehicle or ever having to leave your

House or office um thank you so much for watching follow us on facebook instagram and twitter like this video and subscribe to this channel for more thank you so much

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2019 RAM PROMASTER 1500 LOW ROOF 136" WB By Mr. Hollywood Ram Promaster