2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 159 High-Roof Cargo Van For Sale | 29325T

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Of the specific unit or any other cargo van for example that we have won a lot please visit our website at sherry chrysler com that’s sh e or ry c h ry sle are.com today we’re showing you brand new arrivals a 2019 ram 2500 high rough cargo van 159 inch wheelbase just a really nice cargo van and it is bright red in color starting on the front we’re going to notice

We do have the black front bumper and this is a five piece front bumper so for example if someone would damage this this part right here this corner comes off and you replaced that corner instead of the whole bumper so which is a really nice feature definitely cost savings to the business that would be purchasing this van it does have the 16 inch steel like wheels

As you can see there with a really nice lt tire on there black bumper side bumpers located all the way down the side of the cargo van to prevent any damage to the cargo van and this is on both sides of the van and like i said guys this is a flame red and exterior color which definitely does pop when you’re going down the road this vehicle does have backup sensors

Located on the back bumper and it also has a backup camera located right in the center of the top of the two doors right there this vehicle has the 3.6 liter pentastar motor this is the front-wheel drive motor so definitely ease of driving especially in the winter months if you have weather to deal with with it being that 3.6 liter pentastar motor you’re going to

Get best-in-class fuel economy there’s no reason you should be not getting 25 miles per gallon on the highway with this thing it is a very economical cargo van and very large with plenty of interior room first thing you’re gonna notice when you have this cargo van is your large entry door this is a almost six foot tall interior door with a within an opens wide

Enough to fit a whole skid of whatever it may be directly in this side door so not only can you get the skid in the side but now you can get the skin in the back too so you’ll be have access to put multiple skins and skids in from different locations as you can see on the floor you do have your touch your hooks they get five hooks on each side which is nice when

Traveling down the road if you need to tie something down it’s five on the driver side and also five on the passenger side on this particular unit we opted to put a vinyl wall covering on the lower and upper walls on the passenger side along is with the driver side also another option that we put on this particular unit is the rear led cargo light very nice when

You’re getting into them dark areas maybe it’s earlier or late in the evening with the hell a tea light it definitely brings up the whole interior of the back of this cargo van and like i said guys the interior height on this is over six foot tall i’m a six-foot guy i’m standing straight up and i probably have three extra inches plus of headroom above that which

Is a very nice feature especially when you need to get in and out of this vehicle all day long nice little storage compartment located right behind the driver and passenger seat whatever it is you maybe need to store up there but a nice little area this particular vehicle does have power mirrors and power locks power windows also and either power folding mirrors as

You can see right there by a push of a button and simply fold right in this particular vehicle does have capability of bluetooth so you can program your phone directly into the radio and then you can simply answer each of your phone by pushing the buttons on the side of the steering wheel you have your conversations through the speaker system instead of grabbing for

That cell phone while driving down the road you could also adjust your volume and your stations from the steering wheel too this does have the upgraded cruise control that’s on it that is an option with ram so keep that in mind this particular vehicle has a touchscreen radio so this is the upgraded touchscreen radio from ram it does have a mk am and fm capabilities

You can also download media into this thing or it does have a cezzah compass built in there and like i said guys by hitting that phone button right there you can pair your phone directly into the radio your heat and a/c controls are all located right here and it does have usb access and 12 volt dc charging capabilities overall really nice van and you know one of

The biggest pluses with this front-wheel drive vehicle is that no driveshaft running to the rear wheels which which lets us put our van lower to the ground which makes ease of exiting and entering the entering the cargo van a lot easier and a lot less painful on the knees day in and day out and guys just seem to love it they don’t realize how much of a difference

That can make by lowering the vehicle down while they’re climbing in and out of them all day long but definitely a big big plus in the cargo van industry guys like i said this is a 2019 ram 2500 bright red in color upgraded radio wall paneling on the sides on the upper and lower the led lighting in the rear and much much more as far as capability front wheel drive

20 plus miles a gallon on the highway v6 motor that’s been tried and tested since 2011 it’s a great motor it with plenty of pulling and towing capability guys this vehicles located at sheri chrysler dodge jeep and ram make sure you hit that subscribe button so you can be assured you see all of our new arrivals just like this one here today as soon as it hits the

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2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 159" High-Roof Cargo Van For Sale | 29325T By Paul Sherry Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram