2019 Subaru Ascent Limited Tagalog Walkaround for Pinoy Car Buyers in Canada


What’s up guys so this facebook live video is for my client nasia thierry ah let’s call her attiris lisa so other is a message me on facebook um she and her family are looking to replace for eight years so they’re looking for a much safer better vehicle by moving forward uh compared to van name so facebook so what i did was as you guys know and i pre-approved

Actually so i got them pre-approved for uh enough for a brand new na honda pilot fully loaded you know um family vehicles something that my options now you think would be a good uh value for us as a family moving forward right as much as they liked young brand new and the honda pilots we want to keep to a certain budget um so we’re going to make the most of that

So i’m problematic let me see what i can find for you uh and this unit here was actually surprisingly i was actually surprised myself nakaka trade in um this is a fresh trade and i’m actually surprised in the sense the columbus trinidad in sha because i’m looking at it i looked at the carfax malini’s and honestly i think maybe the previous owner was just bored or

I’m thinking i know not switching domestic brand but the unit is now available and i think uh i think this would be uh a great vehicle for them moving forward so guys what you’re looking at right now is the 2019 subaru ascent in the limited trim level now you guys have seen me sell the subaru ascent before you’ve seen me recommend the subaru ascent before i stand

Behind it i recommend it a hundred percent right para hindi lagging pilot in the lagging highlander indiana pathfinder this is a great alternative it’s a great option family vehicle no and you know i’ve done videos on the premier trim i’ve done videos on the convenience trim the touring trim and i believe i did the limited as well because i limited before so this

Would be a second one that i’m going to do and again this is where at least now the main thing with this one here is this is a pre-owned model so 2019 right but i like the fact that this not only fits the pre-approval name but it’s also significantly less expensive compared to the brand you know honda pilot touring initially and there’s some extra goodies from

The previous owner then which of course gets transferred to to her and her family so let’s do a quick walk around guys so the subaru ascent is the seven or eight seater family suv in subaru as you guys know subaru is one of the brands that i actively sell inventory right so i’m not sure um so this one here the subaru ascent was only in the market i believe 2018.

So it’s only been in the market for a short time it’s really popular right it often sells a lot um and even right now a brand new ascent available because it’s it’s it’s all out completely all out so this one here say it’s there and they get traded in so so what we’re looking at here is the limited in the eight seater configuration so the premier case seven seater

And then the touring seater the main difference comparison and the toyota highlander is this one runs a 2.4 liter turbocharged engine right so in the v6 and it’s also got a bit more features especially for the price point so first and foremost let’s do a quick walk around here so you can see the chrome trim you see it’s got the fog lamps it’s got the these are led

Daytime running lights get the subaru safety sense which now subaru is technology adaptive cruise control right lane departure warning engine sha got turn signal lights then you got 20 inch alloy wheels with all season tires so right off the bat i noticed in the meronshang roof racks and crossbars so these normally don’t come with the vehicle so that is in the

Previous owner so again benefiting so spacewise is actually not bad so this is a limited trim it has the backup camera here and it has your backup sensors then so yeah two three four not only that you know since it’s a family vehicle it has the power liftgate as well now what i like about this one here is it has yoong not sure if you guys notice it right now

Beige the leather interior so i like the beige leather interior i think it makes a vehicle look more classy right opinion personal opinion so i want to show you guys in space oh also one thing i noticed here this is oh a tow hitch so in previous so that tells me that this unit has a total package installed now oh so if they want to put a tow package they can do

That it has a tow hitch so but space wise yeah so really good space in detail for car going so of course it’s not going to be the biggest space right platinum and eight seats so when you open this up there’s extra storage there and tonight over there so guys of course as you guys know like so this is going to get detailed so the condo covers there extra space in

The tunnel as you can see so three seats here’s the third row that lorenza so what i’m gonna do is going to do gerald can you take and take that off baby so far nato slides over one thing i’m going to point out as well previous owner young all weather mats so that’s the next three hundred dollars indicated so as you can see so gerald come over here i want

You to go in the back approval then you know you always have to look at the options upon immediately available i have her approved for the brand new honda pilot touring pero sinclair this is a great option the next best thing but when it comes to features when it comes to price point where it comes as a unit being available so yeah so i’m going to slide this back

On and then the other one goes down as well so on the limited trim i am surreal in heated seats for the second row okay can you unbuckle your seatbelt baby thank you so much no just keep sitting down sit down it’s a lever slide and i adjust is obviously on third row see it just falls down so again right so aside from that i just want to point out as well it

Has these um window blinds here really great paracetamol it has the the leather so the leather here on the limited bow as you can see that’s perforated leather no so normally it’s a manga bang trim for you to get perforated leather you have to was a pin at the top of the line trim level sodito and of course i do want to point out the other popular feature filipino

Sunroof this one has the beautiful panoramic nissan sunroof perfect for stargazing i don’t know i really like you engage in the leather like i sold the amazon tree before it’s a victoria anime beige white male leather quran now the one thing american subaru ascent limited and you premiere is your sound system so this one here as you can see it does have the harman

Kardon sound system so 14 speakers harman kardon is one of those great brands when it comes to music sound systems no level on quality and on the driver’s side of the man so again with the beige leather you got the power seat adjustments for the driver okay harman kardon sound system you get the nice beige leather armrest here beige leather trim then all across

The vehicle now and melon shang navigation so i built a navigation is on right parking sensors are on so you and cha armrest get nah so a typical arm rest now that’s not that big it’s again for 2019 this is really good mileage this is 35 34 303 kilometers as of today so clean carfax leather wrapped steering wheel heated steering wheel two usb ports here heated

Seats for the front passengers subaru x mode auto vehicle hold engine then so other extra safety features but i see the glove box all the manuals are still here for in the glove box now engine nominee so i’m pretty sure indeed whenever the initial engine it also has some programmable drivers so you know one set of key can be driver number one second set of keys

Can be driver number two you can program your settings about one for each driver let’s pop your hood let’s see engine bay but i also wanna check for something else what am i checking for guys i’m checking for a black heater because normally these uh subaru this is a black heater it’s the optional equipment so i’m checking it out so that’s probably going to be

Something that me and my client can discuss you know it’s a black heater chakayan battery warmer i also noticed waladinsha but otherwise really really solid the vehicle so at all i’m not sure if you’re watching but i hope you do get a chance to watch this with your husband later um you know we found the vehicle now oh oh there it is ha black heater because i’m

An island one thing i’m going to point out is a unit nato then that i noticed i’m trying to look for the key is so subaru say well i’m built in the remote starter you can use in subaru starlink an app but the previous owner for this unit had a aftermarket starter installed block heater check all weather mats check roof racks cross bars check clean carfax check

Supply approval check fashion family check right and since 2019 manufacturer balance of warranty so there’s extra peace of mind and of course it’s a subaru it’s a japanese brand it’s a subaru brand right it’s reliable so i know she is deciding between this ascent here uh a white one the base model convenience stream right and of course your own pre-approval

Brand you know honda pilot but i say so this would be at the max but you know even if it is at the maximum bi-weekly at the same time eight years one will last you for much longer given safety features right very comfortable vehicle as you’ve seen on the inside very nice features and it doesn’t break young budget satellite in this day and age you know um and you

Guys know right even people are happy with these vehicles i have several clients who are driving subaru ascents right now happy citizen they found it was great value for the vehicle right and i’m pretty sure at erica you’re going to be happy with this one too if you do decide na you’re going to go with this unit so as of right now guys i am saving this vehicle

For arteriza but if she changes her mind this unit will become available so if there’s anybody watching for your next family vehicle let me know okay thanks guys

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2019 Subaru Ascent Limited Tagalog Walkaround for Pinoy Car Buyers in Canada By Pinoy Car Talk