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2019 Subaru Crosstrek Limited Eyesight

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Hey everyone test remote from super at princeton this is our 2019 subaru crosstrek limited with eyesight so an absolutely full load cross track it’s not missing an option at the back with the eyesight you get the backup sensors in the bumper of course they’ll be but you weren’t getting close to things in reverse but it will actually apply the brakes if it think you’re

Gonna hit something between 1 and 15 kilometers an hour in reverse pretty cool feature save me a couple times in the back privacy cover hides everything from the top of the seat down keep things out of sight out of mind and there’s a ton of room in there you get the hockey bags luggage sports gear pretty much everything you need in the back of the crosstrack lots

Of room fit three people comfortably across awesome chrome handles highlight especially on the orange on the inside power windows locks and mirrors we get a power driver’s seat it’s the black leather with your orange stitching it really highlights the inside and of course it matches the exterior of the vehicle who doesn’t like that we do also have a harman kardon

Audio system so it’s an amazing audio system it sounds phenomenal with the eyesight we got push-button start the keys in my pocket my foots on the brake fire it up you can see the lorentz light there and there that’s just the blind spot warning showing that as active so whenever someone’s in your blind spot on your left side that orange light will illuminate same

Thing on the passenger’s side very very cool warning doesn’t replace shoulder checking of course but it is a nice aid bluetooth and audio controls on the left hand side of the steering wheel cruise control on the right we also have a heated steering wheel amazing in the liner give us 30 seconds your hands are toasty the cruise is intelligence that when i turn it

On you can see the three lines there now four that’s the distance behind the vehicle ahead of you you will follow if you catch up to them it’s great on those longer highway trips we also have lane sway assist or lane keep assist so if you start drifting and there’s visible lines it’ll give you gentle steering and put either way to try to put you back to the middle

Of your lane very very cool feature a little bit to get used to up here we have dual climate control ranges from 32 on the high side all the way down to 18 so from freezing to toppled about hang depending how you and your pastors like it i personally like it on the cooler side i know some people who like it like a sauna giant 8 inch display screen are am/fm/cd

Satellite radio with all four navigation as well as our backup camera put it reverse it shows you the top of your bumpers we have something relate to our a b rear assist braking and that through the sensors and it shows you that your sensors are on right there and of course our usb and auxiliary outlets or inputs rather in the center console plus for you to run

Your cords out of there without crushing them when it’s closed this is where you control your climate from we have heated seats high and low for both driver and passenger x motors an off-road driving mode and then of course a tilt and slide sunroof so that’s a brief overview of the 2019 subaru crosstrek limited with eyesight i’m tess from from subaru prince george talk to you soon

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2019 Subaru Crosstrek Limited Eyesight By Tyson Remmelg