2019 Toyota C-HR 1.8 HYBRID EXCEL Auto

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Foreign folks colin here again from salt marine used car center and uh today i’m showing you this uh 2019 toyota chr it’s the top of the range excel hybrid model and it’s finished and eclipse black uh one private owner from you with just 26 000 miles on it um and this car is exceptional uh it’s finished as i say an eclipse black and it’s the excel model so top

Of the range this one which gives you the heated leather sat nav privacy glass and it is probably the cleanest one of these we’ve had it is absolutely spotless you can see you have the the led lights and the front fog lamps there as well and then on the excel model it gives you the uh the nicer 18 inch multi-spoke diamond cut two-tone alloy wheels which are

Spotless i mean every wheel on this car is on mark um you can see it’s the hybrid eclipse black is the metallic you can see how well it looks with the privacy glass and the color the combination looks fantastic led lights on the rear of the car too and uh they have the sensors but also the reverse camera lots and lots of luggage space there in the boat look

How clean the car is even in the boat that’s spotless and um it’s a spoiler there paint work on the car is exceptional i’m gonna say the full heated leather there as well full service history as i say with this car with toyota with the record of their hasn’t missed anything and of course leaving the famous five year warranty intact on these as well but just from

Every angle not even a stone chip on the front of the car as you can see there it is absolutely exceptional big rise in popularity of course the hybrids that they they need to plug in she’ll charge herself you have all your electric windows and your electric heaters and power folding mirrors there as well it’s even got the park assist where the label your it’ll

Park the car itself for you so it’s automatic lights but also automatic dipping headlights as well proper automatic gearbox dual climate control but also we trick there’s the heated seats which is fantastic in the winter mornings as i said your climate control so these are the buttons for that and you can have one side one or one side as you wish to adjust it

There you can see you can do your own side and have them different your touchscreen information center which has got all of the features including your your digital radio there your satellite navigation your bluetooth firm there’s your satina a lot of these uh these models have the bottom but they don’t actually have the nerve which this actually does so that’s

Good bluetooth as well for your phone then you’ve all your car information you can just see the record of the fuel consumption that they’ve been getting which is 54.7 fantastic um and of course petrol is so much cheaper to buy now than diesel and you have the economy really of a diesel car with this but a lot more environmentally friendly as well and that’s the

Way it’s all going so then you have your screens for your uh your settings as well there so you’ve got your traffic sign information on the car as well so it’ll do all your uh radio controls and then this one does all your information on the screen which gives you your lane departure your driver fatigue warning system um your tire pressure monitoring system lynn

Departure blind spot awareness you have all of that on this car as well which is fantastic and then you have your cruise control as well so you have a nice ebony black gloss black there and chrome in the inside too which really sets the car off as well and uh let’s bring you back outside again as i say i’ve just put this on our website there last night and this

Is a video going on today so uh if you’re looking for a chr you’re looking for a really high spec one and you’re looking for a really really really good example you’ll not get a cleaner one than this guaranteed so you know where we are by now it’s colin here we’re just 20 minutes from sprucefield at junction 14 on the m1 motorway it’s uh we’re a mazda ford hyundai

And the used car center um this one is so so good it’s in the showroom here so i know you’ll be impressed and i’ll be delighted to show it to you and take you for a test drive and uh thanks very much for watching the video foreign

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2019 Toyota C-HR 1.8 HYBRID EXCEL Auto By Saltmarine