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Julian is driving solo for today’s car review of the new #Volvo #S60 T4 R-Design. Arguably the most understated in its class, the Volvo S60 T4 R-Design makes up for what it lacks through sheer good looks and power to match. Can Volvo persuade the discerning Singaporean buyer away from its German rivals?

This is the all-new volvo s60 p4 our design now is one of three various that volvo has this is right smack in the middle you have the t4 momentum you have the t for our design that you see here today and of course there’s always the top-of-the-line t5 are designed it comes with all the bells and whistles now you might be wondering why aren’t you doing the t5

Are designed then well an sg combat we like to have a balance of performance and price and the key for our design today fits exactly the bill the volvo s60 with three variants is priced from one hundred and seventy two thousand two hundred and ninety eight thousand dollars this t4 2-liter turbocharged engine produces 187 brake horsepower and 300 newton meters

Of torque the 8-speed automatic transmission brings the car from zero to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds for more details on the s60 or any other car head on to sg karma comm to help you make the smart choice on your next car now for looks the wing mirror now comes in black as with the door edges it’s slightly different from previous generation our design but it was

Actually silver now speaking of silver the larger-than-life badge right here is now brushed aluminum previously it was actually glossy silver now it might be a very small change but it sort of gives the brand a little bit of understated feel more humble if you me even though the grille has changed to become more aggressive now all these together with what volvo

Calls the thor’s hammer’s headlamps makes the car look really really fashionable in fact i think it’s one of the best-looking cars in the segment right now now round the back you get dual integrated tailpipes that wrap up the entire spotty hunkered package off the volvo s60 in my opinion it actually looks a lot better than a t4 momentum which is actually just

A round tail pipe now on to the boot while the 392 liters of space year isn’t class-leading it has actually grown from previous generation which means it will fit a check-in luggage and a market trolley with ease i mean james will be able to fit inside here but again before i digress take a look at the back seat in the cabin of the back seat the first thing

That i really notice is how much link there is for me and i’m not saying that because i’m vertically limited i’m saying it because it’s really true i could even slouch like this right and i still have so much leg room to play around with in fact according to volvo the wheelbase has increased by a hundred millimeters which cerner translates to some two hundred

And forty percent more knee clearance now all i can’t confirm is you know that’s true because i’m not a mathematician and neither am i an engineer i can tell you that it feels really spacious right here hit room is more than adequate for me and i suspect someone who’s as tall as james wouldn’t have much problems fitting inside here elsewhere you get a lot of

Cubby holes right here i could put my phone here or even here there is one thing that’s really cool space for phone more space for more stuff and get this cup holders you get expensive to the touch soft plush leather seats feels really good feels really comfortable but i do have one small quibble the transmission tunnel right here is a tad too high even for

A friend wheel driven car so i suspect the s60 might be best left for two at the back but you know what let’s get three people in to see if the back seat can fit them hey guys in this our design very and equipment levels are high now volvo is set to make one of the best seats in the business and i suspect that could well be true i like the contoured seats is

Definitely comfortable to be on facing me is a multifunctional steering wheel with white stitches around it it sort of makes it different because there’s a contrast in a sea of black and this white stitching really stands out beyond that i can see a twelve point three inch adaptive driver display then pretty much shows me everything that i need to know there’s

A time phil consumption i even see the title of the song that i’m playing right now and of course our design badges and the pedal shifters right here to remind you that this is an upper-class variant that you’re driving the dashboard is simple very straightforward no unnecessary curves for the sake of design points below it is a 9 inch infotainment touchscreen

Display now it is quite intuitive very straightforward and it doesn’t lag however all the features that you need and one they are all here including air conditioning system which sort of makes it a little bit frustrating if you are to live with it live with the car everyday because you kind of need to go in several times to adjust the air conditioning but that

Of course just means that the cabin is clear of buttons making this s60 have been quite comfortable clean and concise which is really really good you know what’s also really good the sunroof yep onetouch opens up another there you go now to find out how comfortable the s60 really is this volvo s60 t4 variant has a 2-liter powerplant underneath his bonnet that

Pumps out 187 horsepower and 300 newton meters of torque now driven lightly it’s very comfortable and entirely usable with all the good law n° power and torque this channel to the front wheels in a very very smooth manner get hot on the trottle however and you wish that there is more refinement it has largely to do with the fact that it doesn’t sound good when

You extend the throttle and that’s nitpicking really because what the s60 legs in aural drama it more than makes up for it with these big lungs it just feels like there’s so much puff left on tap that there’s just not enough roads left me to go the s60 is right with this lowered suspension is soft but it’s not soft to the extent whereby it feels bumpy or floaty

As a matter of fact is comfortable enough to soak up bumps and ruts with ease the steering is very well with that although alexa sort of feedback that you like in that sense really i have very little to complain about the s60 but if i had to complain about something it’s probably the fact that it doesn’t come with ventilated seats and that’s really important to

Me at least especially when singapore’s weather is that temperamental well so here’s the big question is this volvo s60 the most dynamic car the brand has ever produced i can’t conclusively prove that claim but i gotta tell you it sure does feel like it it handles very tightly it’s very assuring the chassis is very taut and composed around corners and it just

Drives really really well as a matter of fact on the move the s60 is never lifeless so here’s another big question right we’ll buy won’t buy or go try for me it’s a go try why because the s60 here isn’t as dynamically sound as the bmw 3-series it’s not as porsche as the audi a4 and it doesn’t have the luxurious badge like how the mercedes c-class has it sort

Of right smack in between the t for our design variant that we have to be strikes a perfect balance between luxury and comfort driving performance so what do you look for in a car what are your preferences do you prioritize sporty driving over comfort or the other way around for me i prefer my car sporty hey guys don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to our

Channel and also hit the bell button up there wherever it is just so that you’ll be notified whenever we upload a new car review video also tell us in the comment box whether or not you will buy won’t buy or go try the all-new volvo s60 t for our design until next time

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