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2019 Volvo V90 Cross Country Review – Battle Wagon

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We go for a drive in the 2019 Volvo V90 Cross Country

I’m jakob hearing i’m gold for a drive 2019 volvo v90 cross country so this is an off-roading beast sort of it’s kind of like a battle wagon kind of yeah so you get the plastic cladding which means you can go off-road and it’s like two inches higher or something that’s right but what’s the thing that we noticed right away when we saw this huge rims so these

Are rims because they’re massive not we listen and these are an accessory option which i believe you have to get from the dealership so they are 21 21 21 inch wheels on a wagon it’s insane that this has these wheels has like a stock car from a luxury brand yeah and it’s a cross-country meant for offroad yeah and you really know that when you look really down

Low you can see how much clearance there is exactly now i will talk about ride quality first because of these wheels so because you get these wheels on the cross country ride quality is quite stiff to be honest as much as i love these wheels i would probably option smaller ones if i was actually buying this no joke i’d probably find bigger ones i like i love

The way this thing looks it’s so hilarious it’s hilarious let’s get into the horse power and torque before we go any further sounds good yuri we have the same old 2-liter four-cylinder in every single volvo but this one is supercharged and turbocharged do you like the supercharger and turbocharger i like it i don’t love it i honestly think the t5 is the better

Choice with just the turbo but you cannot get any other option on this one you have to get the t6 yeah so i mean you live with it it’s fine there’s nothing really wrong with it i just prefer the t5 drivetrain keep it in drive don’t bother shifting with the paddles they didn’t give you any anyways it’s an 8-speed transmission and like every other volvo shifts very

Smoothly as long as you don’t use the shifter yourself so you got sidetracked again there horsepower and torque sorry about that 316 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque and it pulls pretty hard there’s torque at very low rpm which is nice it’s definitely got a good amount of speed yeah exactly like you probably don’t really need more than this in most cars

Which is really nice to have just this amount of power now back to that suspension we do not have the optional air suspension so we just have regular old suspension and it’s quite good but like i said a little bit on the stiff side probably has something to do with the big wheels and we do have several different driving modes so we click this little button and

And we have eco comfort off-road dynamic and individual you cannot use off-road unless you’re below a certain speed which makes sense yeah dynamics the one you want to be in for anytime you go fast i feel like dynamic you want to be in in every volvo i don’t mind eco it does a lot more turning off the engine for the auto stop that is true but you know the auto

Start/stop is very very aggressive in volvo’s exactly so i don’t really like it but if you’re trying to save gas whatever i guess and eco mode does help for pilot assist i feel like it doesn’t get too aggressive when tailing up on to someone yeah and this does have pilot assist and i love it yuri doesn’t love it but he likes it we will do a pilot assist episode

In the future comparing every single kind of thing well the top three let’s be realistic here well whatever we can do there’s only two of us honestly like no looks hard we’re trying our best we are trying our best guys trying our medium no no i’m trying my best we could try harder probably probably ruin our relationships yeah burn our evers would go down like

These guys trying too hard take up a drug habit and yeah something like that geez now let’s talk about the looks i really like how this thing looks overall i like the raised ride height i prefer this to the v 90 i think this looks more battle wagon like you said i love battle wagons here i love the most what’s that that one that johnny lieberman reviewed the

Amg won yeah the mercedes rest in peace motor trend on youtube yeah that one was like i want that and that is even realized yeah yeah when you get that or an e63 amg oh man i’d do that for sure no doubt about it it’s basically a monster truck wagon but i really like the e63 amg that’s better man that’s better it’s way cooler give me the e63 has drivetrain in

That was it already knows andy i think was it 400 okay whatever out that yeah back to the battle wagon looks alright the headlights same old thor’s hammer on every other volvo pretty much same old volvo yeah taillights wagon style love it exactly nice leds we do have cross country written on the rear bumper just like the old cross country models did have that’s

Cool it’s nice little time throwback yeah and i notice that the front end does have a lot more cool like front bumpy stuff in the front bumper yeah it definitely does have a little bit there do you like the grille i do like the grille obviously but it did look like a bmw from far away at one point yeah it was weird we both saw it in a distance for like is that

A bm doh you know that’s our vault i think the sun was hitting it straight on and because that big emblem in the middle it looked like two separate front grilles and because bmw grilles are now getting bigger it kind of like pricked us do you like the look of the plastic cladding on the bumpers or would you prefer it be painted i think it would look way better

Painted but less battle wagon like i have a proposition for you what’s that wider fender flares but painted yeah that’s what i’m saying yeah but i’m saying wider than the cladded flares oh i would love that for sure then it’d be sick yeah yeah but then it would be like an audi thing like an rs model because they get like really wide arches and they do have an all

Road i also do like the plastic cladding that we have like slightly higher above the side skirts on the door i think that looks very rugged i have another looks thing to talk to you about what’s that that rear cage we have oh the interior looks you can see it when you look through the car from behind that counts as looks but this does have tinted windows it’s kind

Of hard to see it’s not hard to see at all every time i’ve seen a cage in the back i feel like it’s always been in a volvo wagon this is true should we do a rex test hit him with it cage box test even with the cage in there we’ll still manage to get 11 boxes where’d you get those boxes straight pipes visor tests no no it doesn’t pass we know it

Doesn’t know we’re doing i refuse yeah well we’re doing it three two one fail we’ll never know if the passenger one passes those it does fit a median i can’t believe you refused the visor test it does fit fail it does fit a medium cup of timmy’s coffee but a small cup is like right on the edge and i think that’s a fail that was like the first one where we noticed

Those a fail yeah so you can put it in this little section here and it passes merrily and spills exactly apple carplay android auto passes the line colors are wide satellite radio stations although i have noticed that this infotainment is a little bit laggy compared to the new generation of infotainment in the s60 yeah because of that new chip in the v60 exactly

So when this one gets refreshed it’ll probably get that and hopefully like we said in our xc 40 video which you’ve probably seen by now they need to add hard buttons do a hard button concept for the infotainment and i refuse to speak about the infotainment anymore except the climate control the climate control is automatic and we got out of some non automatics

And what do you have to say about that i’m getting more used to automatic climate control and i kind of like it yes but but in all seriousness watch our other verbal videos if you want to know about infotainment i’m actually sick of speaking about it because they’ve made it the same across the board which is fantastic but it’s the same things i don’t like in

Each one exactly and the gauges the gauges are cool but exactly the same as all the other involve base actually have one thing i haven’t talked about before what’s that so when we go to our settings and we change our looks in my car display display themes glass minimalistic performance and chrome rings it changes the way it looks here i don’t like the gradients

In chrome rings fair enough it does look kind of old it makes it look cheese i agree gradients for 2007-2008 dec 2008 all right i think it’s time for you to drive after that little rant there’s something about volvo’s that i haven’t mentioned before really i love the locking sound it sounds so rich car to me that it is a very fancy sound like probably the best i

Agree there’s nothing i hate more than locking a car and hearing a horn like a magic going home is like yeah like come on very annoying so concentrating back on the trunk now our cage does fold up which is pretty cool yeah it is nice but you need to take out the privacy cover to fold it up this is true and that cage is meant for when you have stuff in the back

If you get an accident it doesn’t fly forward and destroy everyone in the passenger compartment yes so they actually do have a separate dog cage that’s not the real dog cage the best part though is this does have the folding floor panel so you can’t hang your groceries up like you could in the xc 40 yeah it makes a separate little compartment there and it also

Has like five or six grocery bag hangers on the side no matter what yeah through yuri love’s grocery bag hangers this volvo also does have the piano black buttons on the steering wheel yeah it does and they do look premium i’m not gonna lie they look better than the xc forty buttons which are matte black but it is probably nicer to have matte black so you have

To muck it up exactly don’t have to clean it and there is some gloss black in here not substantial as other ones but it is around the shifter and stuff like that i’m kind of disappointed that this nice wood grain interior isn’t lighter has nice walnut look i just love light interiors yeah some of them are pretty nice i do like the dark ones this one’s a little

Bit too dark i think but just like every other volvo this interior is absolutely stunning all the materials very luxurious so top-notch but the funny thing is after getting out of the rolls-royce and getting into this even though this is top-notch for normal life this felt like it was open that like not that good compared to rolls royce which is insane to show

You how crazy rolls royces but compared to everything else this is amazing and just like all the other volvo’s we have the optional bowers & wilkins sound system and it is absolutely booming yeah they got that thing that makes it seem like it’s an opera house that’s right the best part about it is is when you turn off the volume or like change the channel

It stops and it sounds like a whole band just stopped playing you hear the echo still i notice that every time it’s cool and these seats are very comfortable pretty well bolstered the are sport seats we do not have a massaging but we do have heated seats yeah we do we don’t have a heated steering wheel on this one but we had one in the xc 40 and that heated

Steering wheel got so hot i had to turn it down from level 3 personally you can never make a heated steering wheel too hot really if i need my hands to be warm the hotter the better imagine if the range rover metal ring got hot i feel like that might be too hot for you maybe but speaking of cooled things this does have the premium package so we actually have

A cooled glove box so you can store your cold drinks on there oh that’s wild yeah not that we will today because it’s really cold out and just put them on the roof yeah yeah since this is the v 90 it is the longest wagon that exists for volvo the rear seat room is quite good and we can fold the headrests through the infotainment which we’re not gonna talk about

Anymore no oh this does have parking and stuff yeah it has all that’s cool 360 cameras pretty much the same stuff we’ve talked about every single volvo video very good resolution no complaints about that other than being able to display the 360 and the backup camera at the same time that kind of brings me to something i want to talk about now i think we need to

Winter drive rally and drift the cross-country to see what it’s really about i would love to do that yuri so volvo hook it up we want to rip this thing around a winter course see what your cars are really made of yeah that would be super fun test out that serious all-wheel drive system because this is all wheel drive so let’s get into the price and talk about

The other competitors in this very busy category would you like the price first or the competitors first competitors i think there’s pretty much only one and that is the audi allroad technically nothing subaru has technically competes with this right now does it no this is premium so it would have been like an outback back in the day when volvo wasn’t as premium

Yeah i’ve always always kind of premium but now it’s like definitely premium yeah they took like a huge step ahead yeah because volkswagen also has the all track which is kind of close but it’s again not premium so pretty much any lifted wagon with plastic cladding over the wheels yes that’s the only competitors we haven’t driven the audi allroad yet but we

Love to so eventually we will probably get to that so not to the price this starts at $62,500 canadian and the eyes tested price is 70 $1500 that kind of falls in line with where i expected it to sit yeah i thought it would be a little bit more expensive like the high 70s because the v9d our design was like 90,000 canadian right you have something around there

I think i honestly don’t remember so if you had to pick this or the v9 dr designer which one would you take i love that bursting blue on the v90 our design so i kind of want that paint color on this one with the wide-body color matched non cladding stuff so you want to mix them both yes i can’t pick between both of them i would take the cross country i think i

Love the battle wagon look more than i like the sleek fast wagon look because it’s not amg fast and if it’s not amg wagon fast i’m not interested that is kind of true but i just love how that our design looked that blue really sealed the deal for me yeah you’re sought you’ve been suckered i have been suckered so let us know if your wagon shopping if your battle

Wagon shopping which one you picked which one you looked at why you didn’t pick something else or if you looked at a crossover or an suv because some of them fit more boxes in this so don’t forget to subscribe hit the notification bell share this video check out our patreon page and join our membership on youtube i’m uri i’m jakob we’re going for a drive don’t

Forget my scry subscribe right now subscribe we didn’t even we didn’t do that

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