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2020/2021 Hyundai Sonata HYBRID Ultimate Feature Review

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Good day folks welcome back to merton hyundai and ed’s garage today i’m very excited to bring to you the 2020 hyundai sonata ultimate hybrid yes that is correct we finally have the hybrid on the lot and what a beautiful vehicle it is so i’m gonna go over all the cool features with this vehicle now this is my first real look at it so there may be a few things that

I miss and if that’s the case i apologize but it is a very feature-rich vehicle so it’s gonna be real easy to talk about this beautiful car so first off we’re gonna start at the front you may notice that there is a forward-facing camera this vehicle is equipped with a 360 camera system so i’ll show you that in a little bit when we get inside the vehicle you also

See there is a parking sensor on the front so this vehicle not only has backup sensors it also has forward parking sensors we have the new design headlights these are an led headlights so they’re pretty cool now coming around the side here we’ve got 17 inch aluminum alloy wheels now these are p0 all season so low rolling resistance tyres from pirelli some awesome

Tires beautiful rims actually these are a really nice for a hybrid i’ll bet you haven’t seen as nice of a rim on a hybrid before we’ve got marker lights on the mirrors of course and there’s our camera for the 360 camera system push button entry of course very sleek design coming around to the back this one is equipped with the smart trunk it’s currently disabled

Though i apologize otherwise i’d show you that but essentially smart trunk allows you to stand patiently behind the vehicle for a few seconds and the trunk pops open on its own back here we do have of course the backup sensors as i mentioned for sensors sonata written on the back and it does have the little button in here as well so if you want to open up the

Trunk as long as you have the key with you you can open it up and it actually opens up all the way which is a nice thing to see as well 60/40 split rear bench even though this is hybrid you can see we’ve got a ton of space in here you’re really not losing much at all if anything because it’s a hybrid here i don’t think you’re losing anything really check this out

Even more storage under the floor so they’ve done a great job at concealing the the battery under the rear seat it’s not impacting the storage level alright now with this vehicle you do of course get blue link but it also has remote start on the key fob now so we’re gonna tap the power or the lock button here and then hold the bottom button until the rear lights

Flash there we go so now the car is running yeah you don’t hear it of course because it’s a hybrid so the the internal system is on the engine might come on momentarily here but for now we’re gonna look at the new solar powered roof check that out so right now we are collecting free energy from the sun this is all happening on its own there’s no settings to change

There’s nothing to do there it just happens on its own it’s super cool i’m gonna get to that in a little bit because there’s a pretty cool graphic that i’ll show you on the inside of the vehicle for now let’s open it up and have a seat in the back first there we go the engine just came on alright so now remember if you’ve seen my videos before i am 6 foot 2 i have

A nice flat floor to stick my feet i have lots of headroom i have a center cup holder armrest that’s nice and cushy i’ve got fence back here and a usb port and in the winter we’ve got heated seats as well so the car just recognized that the key is in the vehicle and it has now started and ready to drive i don’t know if you notice but the seat actually just moved

Up to the last position i’ve even gotten more room now nice seat back it’s a hard seat back so no knees in your back when you’re in the driver’s position or in the passenger position there’s a seat back pocket on the passenger seat as well so a nice formed headliner for good headroom in the front as well okay so because i remote started the vehicle earlier it is

Still running and it’s it’s detected that the key is in the car so i don’t actually need to press anything normally you have to like press the start button all that sort of thing but i don’t actually even have to do that it’s already recognized that the key is here and that’s one thing that’s really cool about the sonata and the palisade and even the hyundai venue

Is that they will actually recognize when the key is in the vehicle and they’ll turn them on and and let you just put it into drive and go so you don’t have to press this third button again all right so yeah let’s go over some of the cool features in this vehicle so first off i’ll start on the left hand side we do have the memory seating and mirrors and dashboard

Illumination etc that’s pretty cool so two positions there of course you do have all of your typical power windows locks mirrors it is auto up and down on both of the front windows so you know you don’t have to hold the button down on the driver seat we do have power adjustable height tilt and of course the lower back sports and then looking at the dashboard here

You can see we’ve got the dashboard illumination lights that trunk button the power ebrake lane keep assist and this one’s really cool this is now the second vehicle sold by hyundai that does not have a 12-volt accessory battery so if your 12-volt battery dies to jumpstart you all you need to do is press this button and it resets the 12-volt system using the main

Hybrid battery so no jump-starting no need four cables no need for another vehicle you can just do it yourself it’s pretty cool of course this one does have the bose audio system so that’s pretty new for hyundai we haven’t really used bose before on the steering wheel we have the controls for your audio system as well as your phone it does have voice recognition the

Voice recognition 99.3 fm voice recognition works exceptionally well in the vehicle and of course there is also the built-in navigation system which you can use the voice recognition on as well we also have paddle shifters on the back of the steering wheel so even though this is hybrid vehicle they give you a little bit of a sport option with the paddle shifters on

The beautiful 12.3 inch screen up here you can see we’ve got the blind view monitor and on this side right now it’s pretty neat you can see the battery information screen so it’s it’s showing us that our solar panel is receiving full sun and it’s actually charging a battery along with the engine right now so that’s pretty cool on this side here you can see we’ve

Got the cruise control system adaptive cruise control and highway follow assist so not only does it have autonomous emergency braking and lane keep assist it also has highway fall assist and adaptive cruise hyundai has done a great job in redesigning their turn signal stock so it’s kind of cool a really nice sort of pattern on the edge here so no boring old turn

Signal stock and windshield wiper stock this is auto wipers as well so as a sensor in the windshield that detects the level of water using infrared lights as i mentioned earlier if we have different drive modes so it’s a simple matter of moving this button here and i’ll show you what it does on the screen so there’s our eco mode if i drop it down one puts it in a

Smart mode as a cool little graphic on the screen and then if i put it up into sport mode boom explosions of awesome sportiness and then we also have the custom mode where we can go into the system and change some of the custom features for the vehicle in the center console big storage nothing actually in there but just a lot of space two cupholders of course with a

Little phone holder there’s your rocker button for the dry mode auto hold so if you put the vehicle into drive but you don’t want it to move forward you can hit the auto hold button you can take your feet off the brake and not move or a completely stationary until i press the gas then we’ll start to move so that’s kind of neat we have the forward and reverse parking

Sensors and the view button for the 360 ott 360 camera so if i put it into drive here you can see we’ve got the top-down 360 camera with dynamic steering lines and the forward facing cameras currently on but if i put it into reverse we now have a backup camera there we go pretty neat and another cool thing is you can actually change the view to a top-down view if

You’re trying to line up a trailer and obviously you’re not going to be pulling anything with this vehicle but if you’re trying to get close to the vehicle that’s behind you maybe you’re parallel parking sometimes that would be a good screen to use another good one for parallel parking is the side views it’s kind of cool as well or just a regular and again dynamics

During wise i might i say this is an incredibly high resolution screen i don’t know if you guys can see that on the video here it’s it’s actually a lot clearer than it looks at you keep in mind it’s just a little fuzzy because i’m getting too close to the screen but it is a very very high resolution screen in camera of course we have the push button transmission

System i love this system you can quickly go from reverse to drive to reverse in a very very quick movement you have a wireless charging pad for your phone and they’ve actually put little little vent holes in the in the pad which is kind of nice because your phone does get pretty warm when wireless charging so that’s kind of cool usb port to charge your passenger

Phone and a usb port for the apple carplay android auto and for your own phone there’s the indicator for the wireless charging and a 12 volt power outlet up in the climate control system you can see we do have dual zone climate control and heated and ventilated seats so currently i have the seat ventilation on there’s your heated steering wheel button and of course

Being a hybrid you can press the driver only button and completely shut off all of the fan error and everything going to the passenger-side on the big beautiful 10 inch screen here we have of course the map very very responsive system very good system as well free updates for five years okay if i go to the home screen you can see we’ve got the three widgets just

Like our other vehicles as well these are customizable you can actually change what’s coming up on those screens now keep in mind you’re not going to get twelve point six liter surrounder case because i’ve been sitting here with the engine on and enough for the last oh half hour or so the fuel economy you’ll get on this vehicle is gonna be closer to five liters

400k we swipe over to the left you see all the different options we have on the on the system a few more there as well of course it does come with blue link for free for three years now blue link is our telematics system so you can remote start the car unlock and lock the doors find a car on a google map all for free on your cell phone from anywhere in the world

As long as you have the internet we do have hd radio as well but i want to show you the hybrid screen systems probably the most fun so on the hybrid screen again ignored the average leaders 400k because it’s way off right now but it shows you exactly where power is coming from and going to so if i put the vehicle into drive and turn off the view there we go now

If i start to move forwards there we go so now it’s showing you exactly where power is going as i’m moving forwards and come to a stop and it no longer is moving that little blue line there pretty cool all right another nice feature when your vehicle is in drive and you take your seatbelt off and open up the driver’s door it quickly puts it into park for you so

You don’t have to necessarily do it yourself yeah you should but you don’t have to the car will figure it out for you sorry i just wanted to quickly touch on that we also have the widget screen on the right hand side here you can scroll through the different various screens there honestly guys there’s a ton of stuff to know about this particular screen i don’t

Want to get too far into it otherwise we’re gonna be here all day they do include a volume knob so you don’t have to use a stupid touch sensitive buttons for that touch sensitive buttons honestly they work great for everything that only requires a single press okay but if you have a touch sensitive button that you need to like press a million times to increase or

Decrease something those are aggravating so honey is done a real good job of implementing the touch sensitive system we have a customizable button which you can choose to do whatever you like we always set it up the phone projection so apple carplay android auto and i want you to note that this screen is also very easily seen through this camera because it’s a non

Polarized screen so if you’re wearing wearing polarized sunglasses you’ll still be able to see the screen to see the difference this one is if i remember correctly is polarized oh maybe not so that’s also non polarized yeah otherwise if i had turned my camera they would actually go dark we have a auto dimming rear view mirror with homelink so there’s the home link

Buttons underneath and of course the blue link buttons here so call for roadside assistance call for google navigation assistance and call for emergency assistance the sun visors are both pull-out sun visors with a mirror and a little light okay so extremely extremely feature-rich vehicle i love this car the seat is super comfortable the leather is plush we’ve got

Contrasting color and the stitching beautiful materials all over everything i love the doors and i love how they’ve incorporated the armrest into the door handle so you can grab it in different spots you wouldn’t believe how much of a difference that makes in just comfort and ease of use nice soft touch materials a lot of surfaces it’s a very very well appointed

Well-designed comfortable spacious luxurious hybrid vehicle and honestly in its class i can’t see anything touching this vehicle right now thank you so much for watching guys if you have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to leave them in the comment section below and if you like i can also give you more information by phone you can reach me at six

Zero four seven nine five zero eight three six if you are in the lower mainland area of british columbia thank you so much for watching don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and i’ll see you next time

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2020/2021 Hyundai Sonata HYBRID Ultimate Feature Review By Ed’s Garage