2020 Bentley Flying Spur – 333 km/h super-luxury sports sedan

The all-new third-generation Bentley Flying Spur is coming to Malaysia in the second half of 2020, so here’s Danny Tan with Brett Boydell, Head of Interior Design, giving you a brief on what the 333 km/h, 635 PS/900 Nm, 6.0 litre twin-turbo W12 super-luxury sports sedan is all about.

Hi i’m danny from putin oh and we are here in monaco which has to be the perfect backdrop for bentley’s latest model all new flying spur now this is the third generation of the sedan sister to the continental gt but this time around bentley is promising something different this is a car that a sports sedan meets noxubee anymore according to them and this is a

Car to be driven in and also to drive in bentley has maintained its dna with the new flying spur but also infuse it with contemporary design to win new customers the performance and hardware under this hood is very impressive there’s a 6-litre w12 engine producing 635 ps of power and 900 newton meters of torque fed to a new 8-speed dual-clutch transmission this

Thing is good for 0-200 in 3.8 seconds just imagine a car this big with so much content everything you need in the world 3.8 seconds what more do you need there’s also plenty of new hardware to improve dynamics which is important because then leases this sports done right there’s this new rear bias or wheel drive system this four-wheel steering and also does

Bend nice dynamic right active anti row system but the biggest news here for me is how the new flying spur looks it’s immediately benleah but at the same time a lot more modern and a lot more dynamic and the detailing on this thing is just quite has to be seen to believe this car is a lot of design features and we’re fortunate enough to have with us here red

Border is the head of interior design at bentley and brad will take us to the design highlights both in and out so danny let me explain a little bit about the outside of the car and the changes that have come with a new flying spur so first of all the first thing you see is this imposing grille with the vertical veins which have come from our history they have a

Combination with our matrix also which gives this real blend and signature of the performance and luxury side that this vehicle really offers it’s 200 millimeters wider than the previous car so it really is an imposing grille with our signature double headlights and of course the stance of the car is very upright very proud and really very muscular at the same

Time what we’ve done on this flying spur is to introduce a real contemporary edge so the way that the design comes across so let’s like work walk around the car a little bit but of course what we should start with is the new flying v exactly for the first time we have an electrically deploying flying bee that’s been redesigned completely from scratch it also has

Glass wings which are luminate at night something that really does lead the way for the driving experience and of course the flying spur has this beautiful duality between the beauty of the driving experience and of course the ability to also be driven and we’ll come to that a little bit more when we go into the interior but if we walk around you’ll see that the

Detailing that we’ve paid attention to on the headlights we have this cut crystal concept within the design language which really has this beautiful detailing combined of course with the latest technology in xenon headlights but something that even when the headlights are off is very very beautiful to behold and show the level of detailing that we’re willing to

Go to within bentley to just get that extra level of luxury and that works its way right throughout the entire car as well so if we come around a little bit and we start to look at the overview and the side of the car you’ll notice we still retain the big power line and the relaunch which are really synonymous with bentley something you see on the continental

Something that you have always carried through into the flying spur as well this is an all new car from scratch and the wheelbase has increased nearly 150 millimeters so it gives us this beautiful prestige mass as we say in the design world which has shifted the front wheel that further forward from where the ip and the interior fascia is and i think that’s what

Really makes this car have this real presence and stance the overall length of the car is not actually grown incredibly but it looks much bigger and much more imposing but of course you can see that the the super forming that we have on the exterior of the car where we take the aluminium panels and heat them so that we can get incredible detailing and surface

Definition so it’s a it’s a process that we use within bentley it’s much more expensive than normal cold pressing but it gives us a design edge that means we can create phenomenal sculptural form on the outside of the car and my exterior colleagues really are proud of what they’ve been able to achieve with the real feel of this modernity with the surface language

And with something that really carries the flying spur into the future generation and that’s really because of the dedication within bentley to pay their money that’s required to be able to get this super forming right through the entire aluminium shell of the car and of course the chassis and the dynamics of the drive is something that you’ve experienced but

The entire car has really moved on to the next level really really showing the way forward for performance luxury and i think as an overview of the car we had this very sleek silhouette it’s quite shallow glass window which gives the car this real strength and and makes it some car that you really would want to drive but then when we go into the interior we

Extend the experience with something that’s both performance oriented which really tells you about the the abilities of the car in the front and then actually the luxurious nature of the the back of the car absolutely right and the flying spur really is our car that can do both scenarios and fulfill both roles and really does a wonderful job and i think the

Exterior design really has moved the game on a little bit as far as carrying the design ethos and the design language that has been implemented on the continental range now into the flying spur and really actually modernized and made the whole thing much more contemporary so these are 22 inch wheels there are an optional 21 inch wheel also and all of the chrome

That you see on the outside of the car also has the ability to be black and so we can have a black cap so our customers have the ability to make this car either very luxurious or actually quite sporty and i think the reality is our customers need to be able to have that choice and because this car can be used for different usages i think they also have the ability

To reflect their personality as they specify the car with the colors and the finishes whether that be with the kind of bright polished wheels with a two-tone wheel with the black pack and it really changes the attitude and the feeling of the car immensely so danny i think we’ve covered the exterior but maybe let’s now go look into the interior is the best which

Is certainly my favorite part yeah okay so let’s have a look so danny what we really wanted to do on the interior was from the driver’s seat to create this beautiful sporty interior but with its own personality we have control points and touch points with the steering wheel and their technical inputs which are shared with the continental so we have this family

Of components but beyond that everything is brand new and individual for the flying spur so that it really creates its own design language and of course everything in the front of the car starts with these two wings which is synonymous for meals that the bentley’s wings and i think that’s really an important start point and that’s kind of a dna for our design

But then beyond that everything is about attention to detail beautiful detailing which for the first time we’ve moved away from the bull’s eyes which we still have on there the end of the ip but we created this beautiful centerpiece which really is at the heart of the car and really explains the design and flows through the rest of the car also of course from a

Technology perspective we have certain aspects which are like the rotating display here so when the car is off it has a state and then when the car comes alive the technology is displayed through the screen here and then if you want to we can have what we call a digital detox you can also have a third screen as it rotates so that you can connect with the kind

Of analog side and the beauty of driving in this car and so you can almost configure your own interior as the customer so that you surround yourself with the correct environment that you choose and really that speaks the language of the craftsmanship that we have within bentley so danny here we are in the back of the car gran seats it absolutely and really

The design language here is all about connecting the front of the car into the rear of the car with these really dynamic lines that come through the doors and of course it’s about this cosseting luxury environment something that you can relax something that you can be driven and something that it makes you feel as the customer just as important as if you were

Driving in the front as well i think that was really the important thing we wanted to do was make sure that the the owner felt like the king of the car whether he was in the front driving or being driven in the back and the beauty of the craftsmanship the beauty with the materials and even the integration of technology like this new touchscreen remote where we

Can take all of the controls and control all of the car from the backseat and the kind of level of detail that we went to even integrating our facet knurling on the back of this even though it sits perfectly in the back really shows the kind of level of detail that we wanted to go to in the car to just create this pure luxury environment and something that makes

The bentley flying spur that extra bit special even works exactly like how the system works in front is like a duplicate of absolutely absolutely which puts you as the customer in complete control there was a thing i do about the 3d led that’s right well what we wanted to do is we wanted to take our traditional quilting and we have this beautiful quilting on the

Seats here which is a combination of stitching and embroidery and actually take something into the doors which is that next step that kind of more contemporary move and so we created this 3d quilting here which actually was showcased a few years ago on a concept car and for the first time has been on the flying spur in its production version and this is available

Both in leather and in solid block wood and so we’re really pushing the contemporary edge of the way that this luxury performance car can move forward so there you have it a brief exterior interior walk-around of the all-new flying spur by ben lee’s head of interior design dredd border this is danny from both under oh thanks for watching

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2020 Bentley Flying Spur – 333 km/h super-luxury sports sedan By Paul Tan’s Automotive News