2020 BMW M4 vs Mercedes-AMG C63 S // Battle Of Brutes

James and Thomas compare the NEW 2020 BMW M4 Cabriolet with the refreshed and updated 2019 Mercedes-AMG C63 S. Both cars are rear-wheel drive performance cars that seat 4 people and pack an engine with a punch. The boys explore how fun the cars are, and if the new updates to the C63 S push it ahead of the curve, and if the yet to be refreshed M4 still holds up. Watch to find out!

Hey everyone i know at this point in the video we normally do a funny silly sketch and james is probably wearing a wig but we’ve been working together on twaddle hoods almost a year and we just wanted to take this chance to say thank you yeah it is a lot of work but it is our dream job and we have our subscribers and the people that watch us regularly to thank

For that also anyone watching this on the toilet right now respect so we’ve got lots of road tests and track tests coming your way but in this one there’s no time travel there’s explosions or special effects or anything like that sorry alright is it safe to go out now i don’t know actually doesn’t really look that safe you’re watching final house i’m thomas and

I’m james this is a bmw m4 and this is a mercedes amg c63s the m4 is not new in fact we’re expecting a new one next year but it would be a mistake to throw the current m4 to the wayside especially if you take into consideration the competition package which gives this one crazy big 20-inch wheels revised adaptive suspension and a bump to 444 horsepower from the

Same three litre inline-six twin-turbo s55 we are going to tell you exactly what that performance is like but i can tell you now that this m4 is hardened and tuned enough that on long journeys on a rough highway road noise and vibrations do battle to try and be your favorite annoyance now many of you that follow throttle hose are probably waiting for our german

Trio round three including the rs5 but we decided to wait until the new m4 comes out and then we’re going to make that one a track test but for now let’s put these two through the ringer so if you have one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars canadian you can get this m4 here in cabriolet form which is arguably one of the best all-around sports cars available

Today or you can have a 2019 c63 s see here in obsidian bank the word demo gorgon means lord of all that swims in darkness this isn’t that i just thought that was really cool however the c63s isn’t far from it it is a rear-wheel drive powerhouse that provides demonic acceleration in a lustrous and comfortable package refreshed for this year there are a few new

Things going on that we’ll cover in a minute for now in north america at least the c63 s can be had in three ways you can lock the top off you can get a coupe a or for the more passenger focused variety there’s a sedan all of which get a muscular 503 horsepower to play with also unlike that m4 this has a fully fledged amg v8 engine handcrafted and even signed by

The person who put it together so i just want to say a huge thank you to chris be it chris beaker carrom carrom ellen caramel elements yeah and also a special thank you to mercedes-benz of oakville for allowing us to use this vehicle for our review if you’re new to throttle house we do car reviews track tests and quite a lot of messing around so subscribe and hit

The bell all right bmw m4 select my m2 button that puts everything in the most aggressive setting i’m going to manually shift you get to listen to this exhaust this is at amg c63s this is a car that means business and unlike the inline six thomas is in right now this is a five hundred of three horsepower four liter biturbo v8 which means you can drink from the

Goblet of power all night long so this has a bit of wm engine and i know that there’s going to be a new version of this in the new m4 when it comes out but the one that’s still here with us right now is utterly brilliant it has a significant amount of low-end torque and it revs really hard all the way to the top it is turbocharged and there isn’t anything what you

Would call lag but it certainly feels like it tapers off right near the redline but there’s still something about the nature of the way that it revs that i still want to wring it right out with the help of those two turbos this car puts the 516 pound-feet of torque to those rear wheels so smoothly and it does so through the nine speed transmission it was a seven

Speed before this year their changes are lightning fast we’re in 63s zone now so we wanted to be visible we wanted to be raw and as capable as this car is and as glorious as a v8 soundtrack can be it doesn’t feel that raw it feels comfortable this can be a gentleman cruiser easily the steering is incredibly tight incredibly easy it’s a little bit lighter than i

Thought it was going to be even in race mode it doesn’t get my skin tingling not in the way that thomas has been saying that the m4 has for him and then there’s the exhaust this is the titanium m exhaust hood it is one of the loudest exhausts i have ever heard on a stock car it just it sounds like a bear is losing a fight to a wolverine it barks and it howls and

It wails and all her goals and it’s lungs it’s just so charismatic it might not be a muscle deviate but it is a very proud inline six there’s something about the va you know and they say there’s no replacement for displacement and it’s an annoying rhyme because it makes sense it’s just a glory to go through these games there is a downside though and this is a topic

Of controversy there is now for 2019 a particle filter in the exhaust as a result of emissions and we’ve lost a lot of that theater around the exhaust it used to crackle and bang and pop a lot more than it currently does much more indicative of an amg and whilst thomas tells me that from the outside this sounds like an absolute liar which i could believe considering

It sounds pretty good on the inside it’s definitely missing what it was it’s definitely missing that theater that drama so this is a dct and you can get this in manual unlike the c63 that james is in however this is a kind of an old version of one in it’s a little bit like stuttery at low speeds however i can select how aggressive i want the gear changes to be

All the way from smooth all the way up to a full neck-snapping stevens to go yeah if you want to you can light up those rear wheels exactly in the amg fashion we’ve come to expect now most of the changes in here are interior changes and we’ll talk about them with thomas in a little bit for now though let me dote on the ones that i love but don’t just involve

Interior changes for one thing we now have nine levels of traction control to choose from so you can customize your sliding pleasure as you want it new for this car we have slippery mode great for canada but on top of that this year we get amg dynamics which is a software that reads a bunch of sensors to predict what the car is able to do and then helps the driver

By using stability control and brake based torque vectoring essentially you get to choose how much the car helps you by pairing a driving mode with an amg dynamics mode from which you get to choose basic advanced pro and master so because i’m feeling quite aggressive right now and i don’t want my hand held too much i’m gonna put it into the race setting for driving

And then i’m going to put the dynamic mode into master and that way so now that puts me in master master race engine and transmission aside though while i’m sure that the bmw engineers are over there putting a lot of effort into making the new version of this eva’s better this is still a very connected car in the rear end of most cars there’s a thing called a

Subframe the subframe holds on to suspension components in the differential and it bolts to the underside of the car often using rubber bushings those rubber bushings flex and bend and they make the rear of the car feel a little bit sloppy actually on my bmw race car i actually replace those rubber bushings with solid mouths which made the rear end tighter this m4

Actually has a subframe that is directly bolted to the chassis of the car which means that the rear end is incredibly sharp and that means that the rear end of this car is so connected to me it’s telepathic the way that the rear wheels break away and that coupled with the m differential in this car means that you just have oversteer anytime you want it and it is

So progressive and actually many of you have probably seen me drift around the m2 competition this car while i haven’t had it on a track it really cooks and tires with it it is a little old aggressive car at the limit in the m2 the m2 is a lot more sharp and the front end grip is really really good but i find it the steering wellgood off-center it’s a little bit

Numb in the middle of the corner people complain about the ride in the c43 in the c63 i don’t i don’t have that complain i live in the city i found this to be absolutely fine its supple yet communicative but it’s just not crazy it doesn’t i don’t feel like i’m one with the chassis i just feel like i’m i’m driving a very competent car and so for that reason i’m

Really looking forward to trying that m4 well you have to wait in situ drivers okay yes so like the coupie this convertible has the wide fender flairs wide body is everything it looks at excellent it also has the matte black cross spoke wheels yes and it has new leds this year we’ve got one big two small instead of two big wow and the new amg grille which looks

Really a graphics fantastic yeah anything that you can block out on this car you can black out except for this chrome strip except for the chrome strip which mixed the convertible top look like a hat yeah this is obsidian black metallic okay how’s the lip spoiler on the back and it has the new diffuser and exhaust tips which are fake which are fake but as a result

They stay clean but they’re still fake oh mine does not have fake exhaust if i have the titanium exhaust with carbon fiber tips they look fantastic and they sound fantastic i look mean so my m4 this has the mind of what wow maybe i’ll buy all of this cos there’s so much okay this is the ultimate package yes which is a package we can only get in canada that has

Everything that you can conceivably get on it that sounds expensive no and i looked up actually $26,000 $26,000 civic by you could have the other you get the old comes with lots of cool stuff though it has these wingers on our carbon fiber we’ve got competition stuff these wheels which are called style six six six that’s very good also a look amazing they

Do affirmation and i have this a blacked out kidney grille anyway overall this being a convertible it looks really good the port is amazing i wish mercedes made a hot dog i agree yes this looks fantastic also all the windows come down so it’s just this open gap which is really cool you can do it – i guess yeah interiors yes alright known for this is nice yes

Actually this has a silver stand white leather package silverson a very posh it’s really realistic slightly old looking to me there it is i was like james 2014 you know this has little years this in 2020 2020 this is an analog gauge cluster which is rare nowadays yes but i’m not that i particularly love this one i would just prefer this over what bmw in new gauge

Cluster they’ve reinterpreted this in things on the m5 and the yeah and it looks lovely really i wanna i want a digital version of that exact thing that is that that one is yeah but therefore all of the bo w this one should all be old i drive old m steering wheel i’m not calling it all because it still feels lovely and new but compared to the new steering wheel that

They’re using in every car yeah this one feels these seats are comfortable as well i like they’re a little hard on long journeys the bottom is a bit hard yeah yeah yeah institution i guess i do i have a neck heaters though it makes me feel better and this carbon fiber is amazing honestly if you were to buy this car today you would maybe feel a little bit dated in

Some aspects of it he’s gonna have like an audi digital gauge cluster whatever but it is still lovely and you wouldn’t regret it you know what has a really nice new interior i’m guessing it’s the amg beside me yeah let’s go – alright c63 s interior it doesn’t look that new that’s because you’ve been spoiled we’ve been in 2019 c classes yes right we did the c300

We did the c-4 i guess i mean like now we’ve progressed this is the new amg wheel though this isn’t your amg will so we have the we can adjust our drive modes with this spinny wheel like a porsche and we have the ability to adjust things here as well that exhaust come on that’s awesome yeah that’s really cool and then this screen is epic yeah have you because

It was analog and 2018 and below this yeah lock screen and now you can super yeah i have the full suite of digital things so this also has the track pay stuff so what if it has those tracks downloaded on the system it will show you them on the screen and you can set lap times and record not to 60s but if you have the head-up display it even shows you stuff like

Braking zones and corners for the track interesting that’s a bit ball i mean like what if the braking zone changes cuz your brakes are fading a little bit okay that scares me a little bit it’s very cool yeah not sure that i would use that on the track alright and this is different as well yes this is wider and lois is the new market tech yes but doesn’t have the

Inbox and they still they’ve kept it fancy in here right well they certainly have because there’s an iwc schaffhausen watch clock thing in there but i’ll pretend i know that that’s a really expensive watch company is that better than casio yes okay yeah this is a $1500 option wow it’s a lot of money but there’s a lot of carlotta but you know what in every c-class

We’ve been in it creates it creaks like crazy isn’t bad at all so it does a little bit but like compared to the wood and the silver you know what i prefer the look of the wood but then we get the brushed silver that’s very nice very very nice and the thermostats always a good excellent my harman kardon is ok in the m4 well because this is the upgraded right okay

Anyway these seats are very comfortable yeah you can get performance seats in these which look fill and bolster you amazingly well and now they got ventilated on the performances so i would i would pay even though we’re comfortable yeah okay this is 63 yeah that’s fair okay it is very nice can i drive it yes all right in the amg the steering wheel is nice okay

First thing it’s a v8 i love bmws inline sixes but that sounds really good like the induction noise of a v8 it’s just good but this yeah james wasn’t lying it doesn’t nearly have as much drama on the exhaust sounds good and i know what it sounds like from the outside now this has less power but it’s just as fast so really it’s a case of how does it drive how does

It make me feel more boisterous it’s easier to find the edge of this because you hit it so quickly oh power deliveries so smooth such a beautiful engine these amg’s that we love the c43 but this does feel a little bit next-level to it steering is still quite light but there’s a decent amount of feedback actually in the front end is really really direct however

There isn’t as much of a connection to the road in this as i got in the m4 this is a lot more of a cruiser than a sports car feel there’s something old in the way it drives and i know when this car first came out people said that it was the number one it wasn’t so exciting but if you drive a bmw that was made this year this starts to look very raw the chassis is

Communicating with me i can feel vibrations through the will it sounds brilliant the down shifts of bloody quick also i know we haven’t really mentioned the convertible nurse of these cars in this review and it didn’t occur to me to talk about it till now but there is a little bit more cow shake in this car than there wasn’t the c63 s so take that for what it’s

Worth now i’m often accused of being a bmw fanboy and i get that but there’s something about that m4 that actually gets my heart rate going i’m the first one to say if a bmw is not good like that m3 40 missed the mark but the m4 does not and it has a level of connection and insanity to it that this doesn’t feel like it has until you really drive it flat out so all

The time the m4 is more fun so it’s my choice in fact the whole of the c63 s feels more refined than this and turning on the c63 s feels sharper than this well then they’re both very willing to oversteer i would just want to find a way to get some more sound i have that c63 s because right now as it stands this takes it and i don’t i don’t want to live in a world

Where an m4 beats the sound of a c63 s okay to conclude it’s not as easy as i thought it was going to be to one of two things needs to happen this needs to get refreshed or the c63 s has to find a way to get back to its noisy brash exhaust sounds and until that happens this is the more visceral raw experience and when it comes to the top-end engines of these models

That’s what i want i want visceral i want raw otherwise why not just set up for a c43 or an m3 40 and in that case it’s the inline six for me you

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2020 BMW M4 vs Mercedes-AMG C63 S // Battle Of Brutes By Throttle House