Year – 2021

Welcome back to the channel and today i wanted to show you what you can expect from the 2020 bmw x2 uh this is a vehicle that i rented from national rental car at jfk international airport um this is the first time i’ve driven an x2 i mean essentially it’s it’s a really small suv i know the bmw makes the x1 also but the bmx2 bmw x2 is a uh a really compact suv

Now as far as drive wise yeah i didn’t i mean yeah i didn’t get the ultimate driving machine feel from this and they probably don’t put as much of that into the uh entry level or lower lower end bmw models honestly but um it’s not a bad vehicle you can see here the trunk space uh decent trunk space and these seats can fold down if you need more space but it’s got

Two rows so i would say it seats comfortably four really uh i think five would be a stretch i guess depending how small the fifth person was but um as far as the package goes a pretty decent package on this one um you’re not gonna get the fancy wheels package but yeah i did like the accents the in the lighter leather with the dark tones in the car did make

For a uh for a nice nice aesthetics for sure there in the back seat you can see the space that you’ve got there and you do have two usbc outlets in the back as well uh no real climate controls i mean you can control the vents there and in the back of the armrest but yeah no separate climate controls and i guess yeah i wouldn’t expect that either in the uh in

This inch kind of entry level suv here for bmw so um it’s got pretty standard features for bmw i mean you do have the car play no wireless charging in this um vehicle you’ve got the ambient lights which yeah i really won’t show you in this video because they really to see them well you need to see it at night time to get the gist but they did uh i will show

You a little bit in the panel as far as the options go here in a little bit as i’m turning here so it’s a pretty basic dash as well i mean you’ve just got the speedometer dials yeah no um no like in-dash navigation like as you might see on some of the higher models or or even this model with that option i’m not sure if that this option is available but this

This is a 2020 not a 2021 which i’ve been seeing more of in car rentals is and with the rental car crunch and everything it’s made for a lot of i get older in rental car terms vehicles but yeah you do have navigation option as well but you do have apple carplay as well just some things about the vehicle here in my vehicle you’ve got vehicle settings got the

Idrive settings driver profile vehicle status technology and action driving information owners manual regulatory notes which you’re probably not interested in neither was i pretty standard bmw control panel when it comes to climate and so forth that’s pretty something i see all the time you got the usb c port up front there cup holders control the different drive

Modes here to the left of the uh transmission stick and then and the traditional bmw dial here that you can control the uh screen there up front with as well so i found the seats to be pretty comfortable not bad there and here is the armrest and that is the bmw x2 so thank you for watching click the like button subscribe to the channel and i will see you next time

Transcribed from video
2020 BMW X2 By Brandon Johnson