2020 BMW X3 M Competition: Start Up, Exhaust, Test Drive and Review

This is the all new X3 M Competition! A true M Car?? In todays video we check out and drive the all new 2020 BMW X3 M Competition! This is a legit M car from BMW sitting below the X5 M! This isn’t just an M Sport Package.

What’s up everybody and welcome back to the channel in today’s video we’re going to take a look at the all-new 2020 bmw x 3m competition huge thank you to hendrick bmw northlake they’re providing this suv for today’s video i’ll have to link to their website down in the description below definitely check them out they have a huge selection of all the brand new

Bmws and a ton of these damn cars so anyways let’s check it out and the model that we’re looking at today is finished off and donington metallic gray and has an msrp of $82,000 underneath the hood this features a 3 liter inline 6-cylinder twin turbocharged engine it produces 503 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque the engine is paired to an 8-speed steptronic

Automatic transmission sends the power to all four wheels and with a kerb weight around 4,600 pounds you can expect to get zero to 60 in four seconds flat this new x3m is a true m car with a top speed at 155 miles an hour limited with an unlimited top speed at 177 the overall length is a hundred and eighty six point two inches with a width of 74 point 7 at a height

Of 65 point seven inches and running off a 17 point two down fuel tank you can expect to get 14 miles per gallon in the city and 19 out on the highway the front end has an aggressive design to it with gloss black trim around the kidney shape grills the lower grills as well as the side vents we get a forward-facing camera as well as four parking sensors up front

Massive openings up front with a very aggressive mesh design down low there’s plenty of areas for air to pass through the front bumper to help cool the radiators as well as the intercooler we get an aggressive lower chin spoiler as well as more aggressive lines around the front bumper this has bmws adaptive led headlights with daytime running lights as well and

Then moving our way to the hood there’s more clean lines that help flow the front bumper to the hood and moving our way to the side profile of the car we get another set of parking sensors within the front bumper body color on the fender trim a set of 21 inch wheels with a two-tone design finished off in gloss black and polished silver this features ventilated and

Drilled rotors on all four corners with massive brake calipers finished off in bmws blue we get a trim piece behind the front wheels with the x 3m badge gloss black sideview mirrors with a really cool cutout just like all the other m cars these do feature led turn signals in them as well as a built in camera there’s more gloss black trim coming the windows and then

A sharp body line from the tail a going through the door handles and going all the way to the front fenders very clean lines on the overall side profile of the car and being a smaller suv it has a stubbier appearance which gives it a super proportional and sporty look and working our way to the rear end of the car this also has a panoramic sunroof we have gloss

Black roof rails as well with your shark fin antenna a roof mounted spoiler to help give this car more aggressive appearance and then moving our way to the rear end of the car there’s six more parking sensors within the rear bumper led tail lights and then your x 3m competition badge gloss black trim for the lower rear diffuser and then quad tip dual exhaust all

Finished off in gloss black so there’s a good look at the exterior as well as some of the performance specifications for the x 3m competition what do guys think of this car for me personally i’ve always been a really big fan of these smaller suvs and with this one even just sitting in it for like 10 seconds before actually checking out the pull inside i’m really

Liking what it has to offer it looks really good just the proportions of it being a smaller suv everything is laid out very nicely to help give it an aggressive design so now we have the key with the m colors on it we’re going to take a look at the interior go ahead and lock in the car by tapping the bmw logo then just going up to the door handle placing my hand

On it automatically unlocks and we can get a great look at the interior this car has a full two-tone leather interior making our way to the door panel we have a black in this tannish color all the tan stitching on it as well beautiful weather very soft feeling we have all the window controls mirror controls and then your power liftgate a nice grab handle finished

Off with more leather and the stitching we have a carbon fiber design along the top with some more blocks leather and stitching also some ambient lighting we have an aluminum grab handle to open up the door lock unlock your memory seats and then even a nice x badge on it we get a speaker in the front portion of it as well as some storage down below moving our way

Inside we have x 3m competition along the door so we have the power adjusting seats all of your controls are over on the side we even have a bolstering support the front of the seat does have a leg rest that can extend to give yourself a little bit more comfort the seats have a really nice design we have a solid black leather along the sides with the tan stitching

Some alcantara along the insides of each bolster and then more tan stitching finds its way all around the edges of the seat we get the m badge up top this beautiful design with the tan leather in the center all perforated leather in the center’s with this cool hexagonal stitching design to it very very nice-looking seeds aggressive bolsters so they’re really

Comfortable to sit in and also are going to give you great performance out on the roads and then now inside the car were greeted by a black leather steering wheel we have the m color stitching on it as well as the m logo and then keeping my foot on the brake you’re gonna do red engine start/stop button we can go ahead and start it up well on the sander the

Steering wheel we have some leather as well some stitching to it to give it a really premium look to it your heated steering wheel button controller is in the center here we have all your cruise control settings over on the left side and then bluetooth the audio controls on the right side this does feature steering wheel mouth and paddle shifters you have a really

Nice solid feel to them and then over on the left and the right side of the steering wheel in these red toggle switches these are your m buttons to configure different custom settings just tap in the one you can already hear the belts open up tapping the two it goes to a different mode but i really like how the new m cars have these toggle switches up here rather

Than just a basic button just gives a more sporty appearance and then on the left side of the steering wheel you have all of the headlight controls some silver and black accents around one of the air vents and then we did the harman kardon audio system and then there’s some more stitching along the dash this car also features a heads-up display system you can see

It there in the center with your speed as well as the speed limit and then moving our way to the center of the dash we have the full touchscreen display system it’s going over to your navigation you can get a great view of how the map looks very easy to use and it does have pinch-to-zoom and it’s just like using it on your smartphone you can also use the entire

Screen with the panel down here this has a rotary dial very easy to use you know so target left right up and down and then right on the top here you have shortcut keys all the way around this to make a little bit easier to navigate hitting the menu button goes to the main menu screen you can go through many different settings you can check out the vehicle a lot of

The different settings and parameters of the car and then hitting the button down here this comes up with your intelligent safety you can configure how you’d like that to be on you can turn everything off or just do a few things then we’ll go ahead and put the vehicle into reverse just to show you the camera system so it has a top down view over on the left side

You can even see my camera equipment down there very good graphics on it just tapping the screen once it’ll change the camera over on the right to the different views really nice how everything works if you’ve seen other bmw videos they all have this very similar design to it and just tapping each little button on the left here we can take a look at the 360 camera

It’s actually very impressive how you can see all my camera gear over on the side so i really like how bmws done this and even when i turn the steering wheel you can see how everything changes everything is so easy to use and then going into drive now you can see how easy it is just to get myself right back into the spot now in park it will even show you where

Your doors are going to be open you can adjust different things by turning your guide line on and off parking sensors on and off and then you can get a look if you are entering this car into an automatic car wash but i really like the overall screen and the display system for the cameras very good to have in a car like this so then below that we have more of the

Carbon fiber trim as well as some silver accents and some gloss black down below the hazard switch two more air vents the engine start/stop feature as well as the start button we have the climate controls down below very easy to use they get their own screen down here you can easily adjust the ventilated seats your heated seats the temperature for the passenger and

Driver different zones come up and they all display on the screen as well and then we have more of the climate controls over on the right side there’s a little bit of storage down below with a wireless charging pad as well as two cupholders you can pull this back to reveal a clean look to it we have piano black along this entire bottom center section and then just

Like with all the m cars this is a side to side motion for drive when i film the break going over to the right we’re now in drive we can toggle between drive and manual pulling it over to the left for a neutral and then left and forward is reverse and then like the m cars we have the button to toggle between how quickly you’d like the transmission to shift when

You are using it in the manual mode we have the park button on the back side the shifter is finished off with some leather and aluminum trim we even have some red color accents to it we have your traction control on and off and then this right here is for your different driving modes happening the button on the top it changes the different driving modes between the

Efficient sport and sport plus that’s also we’re going to get a different exhaust tone within the valves hitting the comfort button we have the same three settings and in the steering we have the same buttons as well down below that we can toggle the active exhaust on and off your parking sensors on and off and then tapping the button in the center the camera will

Come up as well electronic parking brake as well as a brake hole we have the controller over here with more of the carbon fiber design all black leather and tan stitching for the armrests just grabbing this up reveals a pretty good amount of space in here we do have a usb port outlet but closing that up now we can take a look at the glovebox we have a silver grab

Handle actually a pretty good amount of space in here it can definitely fit some items in there but i get a great view out the interior now i really like how the two-tone design looks especially these seeds and just sitting in it right now these are really comfortable very sporty looking i love the accents with the leathers the perforated leather the alcantara all

The stitching definitely a really good looking interior and i’m moving our way up top we have led lights for the dome lights just tapping that button the whole thing lights up we have your panoramic sunroof controls right here just pulling this back the sunshade will open up then we can open up the front part of the glass and now to take a look at the rear seats of

The car going ahead and open up the door we have a very similar design for all the seats with the two-tone design with the tan and black leather we have a combination of perforated and solid leather even get some tan stitching over on the center’s and the outside the door panel is finished off very similarly with the two-tone design and carbon fiber design these do

Have manual sun shades easily open them up and then hop in the car to get a look at how comfortable the rear seats are and how much space we have closing out the door now you actually have quite a lot of room in here my knees have about three or four inches i do have the driver’s seat set to my height which is five foot eleven my feet are fitting nicely under the

Seeds good armrest right here and pretty comfortable seat it’s lean back just enough to be comfortable there’s actually kind of headroom i have like five or six inches up here and then going towards the center we can pull this down have a good armas right here and pressing this we have two cupholders as well closing this back up if we pull this little lever this

Entire center seat will come right down so you do have a pretty good access through to the rear end of the car one thing also cool these headrests fold up for better visibility for the driver and better comfort for the rear passengers but sitting in here it’s pretty comfortable you do have a lot of glass around you so it’s not tight feeling at all it’s very very open

In here for being a smaller suv this is one bmw smallest suv’s offered there is no shortage of space back here you do even get some creature comforts we have all your air vents here heated receive and then climate control for the rear passengers these are also reclining seats just pulling the lever right here you can recline them a few more inches for added comfort

Now moving our way to the rear end and the storage space there’s a button beneath the bmw logo you can also use the button on the key fob or on the interior to take a look at the rear end this does have a power lift gate we even have a cover in here if you have anything valuable but a really good space in here overall we just have some floor mats in here and then

Just pulling the latch on each side we can unlock the front seats to have them fold down so you have even more space now and they even fold down without having to grab them pretty much folding flat so you can definitely get a great look at how much space we have and then to close everything up you can either hit the lock button which will close and lock the vehicle

Or just tap the one button power liftgate will automatically close so we are now setting off in the x3m like i said i’m a really big fan of these smaller suvs just because driving them around town they feel like little sports cars are not these jumbo family suvs that are just harder to handle they’re easy to maneuver you can point them in the direction you’d like

But so far now just cruising in some traffic right now getting up to speed and everything it is a comfortable normal quarter drive it’s very smooth feeling visibility is really good all around and then picking up to about 45 miles an hour just getting comfortable in the seats i have ventilated seats on which is an amazing touch to it air conditioning blowing

But it’s comfortable it’s easy to see out of it’s very smooth just driving in the basic automatic settings where any fishing comfort and comfort for all the different drive modes well step up a little bit just to get some of the performance to it but even just taking a sharp turn in the basic settings there’s no body roll or anything like that i really like the

Materials you’re getting in this car the premium feeling leather or the colors to it and everything and then with all the bmws that you guys have seen us film it’s very easy to get used to how everything works with the infotainment all the different drive mode buttons but with that said we’re going to go ahead and pop it over into manual mode and then toggle a

Few of the different drive modes will go into support plus and that suspension will do support plus and steering will bump that up as well you can also do different presets and using these thumb toggles you can customize them which is a really cool feature and then of course all those settings put the active exhaust on but just doing a few down shifts as a really

Good sound of it you get a nice little pop on the upshift who wins some nice girls on the gouges i’ll do a little bit of an acceleration now just to get a feel for it it breaks to a really good job that’s got some big breaks and it’s not that big of a car but it’s getting up a little bit and that’s late half problem how do we go to over 4000 rpm that picks up

Really quickly the competition versus the normal x 3m does have a little bit more power but just the driving dynamics how they take you some terms to it give it a little bit of gas hitting the brakes a little bit it feels like a sports car which is what this is supposed to be this is a true an m car it’s not just an m sport x3 it’s actually an m car which is really

Cool i have this brought to the lineup oh the exhaust she can get a little bit of the noises and hitting the brakes again this thing really comes to a stop and getting back up to some speeds that transmission is lightning quick you don’t really feel any of the gear change there just enough drama to make you even have a little bit bigger smile on your face but the

Acceleration that is really quick and then now just cruising up to some speeds will turn it down a little bit bump us back into the automatic mode and just toggle us down and to be efficient everything steering wheel is lighter everything just toned down the whole car just pretty much changed back into just your normal car forget or suv which is one thing i really

Like about this being an m car it can be a fun sports car you can take this on some mountain roads and backroads and actually have a fun time playing with the car using the performance aspects but then at the same time you can tone it all the way down it can be your daily driver you just go to woking back go grocery shopping pick up the kids there is room in the

Back it’s actually quite roomy for being a smaller suv easily you can sit in the backseat and there is a lot of storage space as well but just getting my feel for this car i definitely like it i like the small suvs a lot i obviously don’t need any type of jumbo suv with all sorts of space or anything but for me a good daily driver would be something just like this

Plenty of space for all the items i would put in the back you can fit a few extra people but it still has that fun to drive aspect that i like in sports cars and that it’s practical and roomy and normal that should be at the same time and then just back in some slow speed settings this is an all wheel drive vehicle which is great for inclement weather and some

Performance driving but now taking a tight turn in this cul-de-sac turning radius is really tight that is awesome so a car like this and another reason why i like these smaller suvs maneuvering in tight spaces and parking lots pulling yourself into your driveway or something or your garage it’s really easy to just navigate the car you have all the cameras in it

Front rear side view the 360 camera which is amazing so just navigating this car for the day-to-day aspects is something easy to do and then moving back on to the interior the fit and finish the creature comforts stuff like that it’s a bmw so it’s of course very nicely appointed i like the new generation bmw so everything is laid out it’s easy to use it has

Good use of materials the leather everywhere is really soft feeling and especially being this car the two-tone seats this tan color and the black and all the stitching this has an amazing look to it the panoramic roof really helps give this car hope and feel well i think that’s kind everything to talk about with the x3m as far as performance goes it’s got some

Acceleration and this is barely giving it any gas so since it’s still a brand new car well it’s got the performance to it it’s got the usability to it it really has a ton of things to offer suspension absorbs everything well in the comfort settings and then it’s really stiff for the performance settings as well well i think that is gonna wrap up the test-drive i’m

Really impressed with the car this is my kind of suv and all honestly i’m not just saying that once again huge thank you to hendrick bmw north lake for providing this car for today’s video they have a really really big selection of all the m cars so definitely check them out we’ll have the link to their website down in the description below that is it guys hope

You enjoyed the video give it a huge thumbs up smash that subscribe button and see you all next video

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