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2020 BMW X6M Competition – 617HP/0-60 3.8sec

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Welcome to the driver’s seat we’re here with the third-generation all-new bmw x6m competition when bmw first introduced the x6 about 11 years ago they never imagined that the crossover would evolve into something like this essentially replacing two vehicles and your stable maybe in the past you needed a sports car and you need an suv or a station wagon this

Really combines the best of both worlds with over 600 horsepower 0 to 60 numbers of 3.8 seconds top speed 181 miles per hour there’s really no need for a sports car plus you could carry all your friends and cargo with it the competition variant of the x6 m add some performance elements which we’ll get into but i want to focus a little bit on the styling so much like

Rolls-royce did their black badge series the competition takes everything that was chrome and makes it black as you can see this grille is completely black and kind of gives it that stealth and it’s kind of tougher look not that the x6 m is not tough enough but this is just that much tougher just something to distinguish it from the other end models under the hood

You’ll find a familiar engine the 4.4 liter v8 twin power turbo charged engine it’s made it to a wonderful 8-speed automatic transmission co-developed wood bmw and zf and it’s so fast that they’ve gotten away from the dual clutch transmission so you have 600 horsepower on the base x6m i can’t believe i’m saying base but you get an extra 17 horsepower when you go to

The competition model this vehicle is 0.4 seconds faster than the outgoing model does give you an idea how much faster it is to get that 181 mile per hour top speed even in the competition you have to get the m driver package so $2,500 option but it takes the top speed from 156 to 181 other design cues for the competition variant of the x6 m include these unique

21 inch wheels which you won’t find on the regular x6 m and also you notice here they blacked out the the air dam and again this is to give it kind of that dark look which really works in this vehicle especially in this color if you happen to approach one of these x6m competition models you’ll notice that the badging is blacked out you also have the competition

Emblem just below it and down here here’s another telltale sign you if you see this diffuser and it’s black not color coded then you know it’s a competition and you know you got more power special thanks over here to the local sheriff department for locking off this road for us gives you an idea of how this vehicle can handle hill past x6m events have been on

A track but you know if you chose not to do that on this one as you can see this makes a great exhaust note you have these 2m buttons m1 m2 that you can pre-program and now for the first time you can actually change how the brake behaves how the brake pedal feel is and that’s something that we haven’t been able to do in past models but they started that with the

With the m8 competition and that’s continued this is a really good test for this vehicle because you not only have a very curvy road you also have a lot of elevation change so to take a vehicle that’s this big this heavy you need a lot of power to get it going but you also need a lot of brakes and bmw has really stepped it up in that department 670 horsepower in

A vehicle like this it’s it’s almost unimaginable but that’s what bmw gives you we’ll talk a little bit about the interior so another feature of the competition variant is that you can reverse out the colors of the seat as you can see we have here these beautiful ivory seats and there’s not only comfortable they’re very supportive but also you get massaging seats i

Mean are you kidding me this vehicle is super impressive to hear the massaging seats one of my favorite features now you’re not going to use those on the track but you know let’s face it people are gonna take these on long hauls and on those long hauls this is a great way to go it’s amazing how quickly you get used to 617 horsepower at first it sounds like so much

Power but you know you get used to it these tires super grippy just everything about this vehicle is it’s just impressive because you’ll feel like you’re driving in an m5 but you get that extra cargo space and extra headroom we know sedans are kind of getting phased out unfortunately but to be able to lower the center of gravity and keep this vehicle so planted on

The road it is a testament to bmw engineers and they are just some of the most passionate knowledgeable people every one of them is a capable driver that they understand how to really dial in the vehicle for the most extreme performance scenarios and that’s that’s just quite frankly what they do but you could this car just pulls and pulls and pulls it’s really

Hard to find any flaws in this vehicle you know you got a head-up display you’ve got you know the ability to program it just see how it handles those dips just constantly this thing is just thinking and working and adjusting to take average drivers make them into good drivers good drivers and making them into great drivers that’s that’s what this does and you know

Because you have this form factor this this crossover this sports activity vehicle that they call it so you could do so much more with it tons of headroom just tons of space this is such a fun vehicle to drive whether it’s on your daily commute or you get twisties like this paddle shifters are very responsive very nice very nicely done bmw impressed i

Wish the price tag was a little lower but i think when you factor in what you’re getting i mean you would spend this much for an m5 competition but to have all this all this additional space and they just did just dial it and they had they have nailed it we got handles both the curves and the change in elevation just like that extremely impressive i think bmws

Definitely got a homerun on their hands and i don’t know what else to say you want one you better go buy one i’m rondure and thanks for watching see you next time on the driver’s seat

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2020 BMW X6M Competition – 617HP/0-60 3.8sec!! By thedriversseat