2020 Buick Envision Premium II Comparison

Hey guys tony here with north gate gm today we’re going to take a look at a couple of envisions these are both brand new 2020s premium two so they are very very well equipped there are some slight differences between them but both of them are beautiful vehicles and like i said very very well equipped let’s go ahead and take a look at the white one here first

Beautiful color very nice rims and these envisions are just uh fantastic very nice styling a lot of good space on the inside and they’re not huge vehicles either so they really use the space very well very efficient lots of power in these they have the two liter turbo engine but you would be surprised at how much power that two liter puts out and the nice thing

Is it’s very good on fuel as well get the nice dual exhaust park assist sensors as well both have jet black interior and i do like the fact that you no longer have to take your keys out to get in the vehicle just push that little button on the door handle and it will open up for you so this vehicle is very smart it will actually sense when you are next to the

Vehicle and allow you to gain access and you can also set it up so as you walk away from the vehicle it will lock on its own as well let’s go ahead and take a look at the interior options nice jet black leather throat power seating very comfortable very quiet that’s definitely one thing the buicks are known for is having a fantastic suspension and they do have

Their extra insulation that they put in the cab as well memory seating of course power windows and locks stereo sound system power liftgate as well has the nice floor liners in here this one also has heads up display let’s go ahead and start the vehicle so you might be able to see the heads-up display it’s probably flickering on the camera but to the naked eye

It does not flicker at all just because i’m using the video camera here but connected you can get different information right at your fingertips which is pretty cool that’s the blue on star button you can have it all there on your heads-up display very nice dash cluster here of course beautiful touchscreen apple carplay android auto also has full navigation nice

Heated in vented seats backup camera i’m just going to put it in reverse for a sec so you’ll notice you’ve got a nice big backup camera there so this one doesn’t have the 360 surround camera so that is one of the differences between the two but it’s also at a better price point so all depending on i guess if you uh are really keen on that feature and you want

It or if it’s something that you can live without and save a couple bucks so we have the best of both worlds here whichever one you’re looking for beautiful moon roof here lots of space and let’s just go ahead and take a look at the back seat really quick just so you get a better feel for how much leg room you do have in here because it’s very comfortable for your

Passengers in the back and they are heated seats in the back here all your climate controls there as well too very easily you can push these back as well too if you do need a little bit more cargo space so they do fold forward got the 60 40 split just in case you’re heading off to the hardware store picking up a few bigger items but very very easy to do and you

Can actually tilt the seats as well so you can get very very comfortable just going to shut this one off really quick here and let’s go ahead and take the look at the blue one here so once again with this blue one very nice same trim level it’s a premium two so once again you do get a lot of the same options i’ll just do a quick walk around just so you got a

Better feel for the color of it very nice blue definitely on the darker side which i do like and i’ll try to get both of them in the screen shot here for you but uh yeah both very nice suvs no question about it and when it comes to color i like both the white and the blue but everybody has their own opinion some people will love the white hate the white some

People love the blue hate the blue so it’s very subjective but to have both beautiful vehicles no question about it try to get both of them in for this opposite angle here the blue is very nice almost like a black to a certain extent from certain angles definitely at night it could be mistaken as a black but uh in the sun you definitely get more of the blues

Coming out for sure but both very nice colors let’s go ahead and take a look at the inside of this one and you’ll see a lot of the same finishes it’s virtually the same interior so very very nice same options they’ll have the heads up display just gonna hop in and with this one you will have the adaptive cruise control and you’ll also have the 360 camera and

I’ll pull it up here just in a second so you can see you do get the 360 camera view right up over here and also the rear view camera so depending on what you’re looking for right some people really like the uh the 360 camera other people could care less so it really all depends and a lot of people don’t realize with these enclaves this one in particular you do

Have the automatic parking as well which is pretty cool feature to see so you can park parallel parking or perpendicular parking and just set it and i’m actually just going to head over to this white one just to make sure it has the same and yes it does so this one also does have the automatic parking so just as i suspected from the beginning the biggest difference

Is going to be the adaptive cruise control and the 360 camera but once again both fantastic vehicles so whether you go with the white or whether you go with the blue we are blowing these ones out for the month so if you do have any questions feel free to get in touch with us my name is tony you can reach us here at 780-476-3371 thanks for watching

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2020 Buick Envision Premium II Comparison By Tony D