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2020 Buick EnvisionThe Vanlife Review

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I spent a little time in a 2020 Buick Envision… I did a little review on what I like and I don’t

There’s a front view of the car there’s the side view now it’s got the nice aluminum wheels on it it’s a not a bad looking car and there’s the rear of the car so it’s got the power lift gate i got some stuff in there but it’s a fair amount of room in here um it’s not small like this vehicle looks small but you know it has a fair amount of room for moving stuff the

Back seat area is nice and this one had leather seats but you have all the controls right there for your heat and your seats and your uh plugs for your power and all that sort of stuff right there it’s not been here led lighting i’m just showing and there is the front that’s the seat i don’t like it’s got a not bad backup camera you can see things look pretty

Easy to get at for the most part lots of lights bells and whistles this one looks like in the dark headlights aren’t too bad either that’s the low beams right there and they’re pretty decent actually now i’ll kick on the high beams so it brightens it up quite a bit so if if you’re a person that has a hard time seeing with the old style bulbs these ones are pretty

Bright i’ll give them that okay guys i spent a little time with the uh the buick and uh i’m gonna give you uh some ups and downs and in between things i like and don’t like about it okay so right now okay i’m getting onto a highway so i’m accelerating you can hear a little bit in the car it’s a little buzzy it’s a 2.5 four-cylinder but it’s fairly peppy i have

To admit fairly peppy i’m i’m kind of happy with it you know it seems to suit the car so a little bit of engine noise i don’t care about but that’s just me it might bother some people uh the ride is good but it’s firm okay it’s it’s a little suv it’s it’s firm now i’m a bigger guy i’m kind of tight in here a little bit uh but there’s one thing i will say i do

Not like the seat in this car um and my buddy said the same thing the seat the bottom of the seat where your butt goes on it’s not cushiony enough and like he weighs less than me and he said do you find the seat not that cushy and i said yes so i’m not a fan of that now the leather interior nice the dash looks nice it looks average whatever you know what i mean

But i don’t like the heat controls like for the seat and the temperature down on the bottom part there because it’s it’s a touch button thing there’s no actual button up or down and they’re not quick to respond they’re a little slow to respond and i found myself like trying to turn off the heat and i’m going i’m lowering the moving up and i keep missing it

Because i’m touching it and it’s not moving fast enough so i’m not a fan of those um stereo is good it’s it’s a comfortable car to drive i have good visibility out everything the mirrors it has a little light that turns on when the cars beside you and that sort of stuff uh headroom like lots of room where where i’m sitting like lots of room it doesn’t there’s

Nothing spectacular about this thing really like there’s nothing really spectacular about this it feels like a nice all-around now you hear that i don’t know if you can pick it up on this there is a little road noise it sounds like tires more than anything now like i’m just kidding i can just pick up a slight wind noise just slight so it could be cross breeze

Or something like that but it’s not bad it’s pretty quiet here to be honest with you um fuel mileage like right now the average fuel mileage was 9.6 per 100 kilometers and i’ll figure that out so i can show you what it is in miles per gallon but um not bad uh but you know when i think about mostly my mileage was on the highway so maybe it is a little maybe it

Is a little worse than i thought um i’ll have to crunch the numbers a little bit more and take a look i’ll i’ll see if i think it’s good bad or ugly uh in there but you know like i say for an everyday car that it’s just an everyday car it’s not there’s nothing i don’t find anything special i don’t find the styling special i don’t find the interior spectacular i

Don’t find anything stuff magical or anything it’s just an everyday car i don’t find anything spectacular about like the styling is okay um the features like this thing’s loaded of course it’s a rental it’s got all the power accessories power up power down window and power liftgate and heated seats leather and all that sort of stuff um i i like the point that

It’s a simple engine uh there’s no it doesn’t look too complex to work on it’s all-wheel drive this one so i was on ice and walked across it like nothing nothing it did didn’t even grunt going across it uh other than that like i say it’s a little cramped and i don’t like the there’s it’s lacking cushion in the bottom seat but that’s it so i guess you know if

You’re going to look at one of these new it’s not bad it’s it’s not bad um if you’re going to look at one of these used well if you’re a bigger sort of person i wouldn’t advise it and i would think that you might want to get a cushion for the seat if you’re doing any long distance driving like if i was if i was driving a long distance day after day after day

With this i would definitely be putting a cushion to sit on because there’s really not much there that’s the 2020 buick envision so if you’re going to get one i hope this helps you out with your decision and uh that’s about it you guys take care be safe on the road you

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2020 Buick Envision…The Vanlife Review By ghetto van adventures