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The 2020 Cadillac XT6 is an excellent ride for the whole family. Join Sales and Leasing Consultant Michael O’Leary to see the spacious third row and the interior features at Willis Cadillac. The XT6 from Cadillac offers a luxurious space for the entire family to be comfortable and all the safety features you need. Checkout the Cadillac rearview camera mirror and state of the art HD Surround Camera system that enables you to see your vehicle in 360-degrees.

This vehicle is our fourth entrant in cadillacs suv lineup it’s fits perfectly between the catholic xt5 which has been our biggest seller to this date and a little bit smaller than the kalak escalade hello welcome to willis my name is michael o’leary and i’m here to show you the brand new 2020 callek xt6 i’m standing in front of this red premium luxury xp6 very

Excited to show you all the great features that makes this car extremely exceptional what i want to start with here is the brand new face of cadillac this brand new front grille headlights and waterfall leds these leds also serve as your turn signals this car has a third row capacity and i like to show you just how fast that third row is made functional for you

Come back here to the lift gate and you’ll see with the vehicle you have tremendous storage space on the inside if you have your third rows down both a touch of two buttons the third row folds up quite quickly and i am six foot and a half inches tall and i can be extremely comfortable in the back seat the great function of this seat is the front actually pivots when

You get into it so moves up and over creates us a nice large gap for anybody to get inside once you’re in pull the seat back got plenty of room back here this seat can also move be moved forward five inches so if you had smaller occupants in the middle row that would give me even more legroom space back here let’s take a look at the inside of this brand-new xt6

The interior of the xt six is truly exceptional if you take a look at all the natural wood surfaces each trim level have a different wood trim and you can just see the grains in the wood are just amazing stunning to the eye callek has kept its signature cue system built into the hold – so it looks like a very elegant well thought out design you still have the calla

Cube touch screen so you can swipe left and right and access all of your information as you all calix have but one of the brand new features that the xp 6 brings in is the the center controls the jog function where you have the center dial and allows you to with a touch of a button you can switch back and forth up and down to select different aspects of your cue

Street and then the rotary dial allows you to cycle through all your different options and then with a simple touch you can activate that screen it also comes with quick features your most favorite features around the rotary dial your navigation radio your phone and your return button calloc xp6 also has the drive modes at all cal except from tour to all-wheel drive

To sport to now a brand new off-road version the cadillac steering wheel has also been redesigned for the xt six you have your radio and center console functions your volume over here you have your heated steering wheel your emergency gap warning system and your cruise control all within thumbs reach the cadillac xt6 is an exceptional vehicle it’s been extremely

Well thought out one last thing most of these sixes are going to come with the enhanced visibility system which will give you a 360-degree camera system that plus your kalloch rear view camera mirror so with a touch of this lever i can turn on the rear view camera mirror which gives me uninterrupted view what’s behind me i have no more blind spots in this vehicle

This car drives amazingly the steering on this vehicle is so light compared to the size of the vehicle it is truly exceptional in addition to the steering this car is so smooth and so quiet is an absolute dream to drive the callek xt6 comes in two versions the premium luxury on my right and on my left you have this sport version the sport version comes with a full

Blacked out grille matching black roof rails and color matched door handles you also have clear tail lights that are goes back to the days of kalloch racing thank you very much for listening we look forward to seeing you here at willa’s cadillac so we can show you these two outstanding vehicles thank you

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