2020 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van P.O.V Review

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Hey guys welcome to car guy 1999 reviews as well as quirk auto dealers today we have the 2020 chevrolet express cargo van this one features the 6.0 liter vortec v8 and of course is the cargo van trim with a bug that just flew out not bad at all it’s 2500 summit white over medium pewter six-speed automatic 6.0 vortex so 35 830 and this one includes the communications

Package i’ll go ahead and i’ll pop the hood so we can check out that 6-0 never looked under the hood of one of these in all honesty and there’s not a lot to see your vortec intake pretty cool there’s all your oil checking methods and stuff like that but you really can’t see a lot this is how you open it yep so if you want to access the air box it’s all right

There on both sides and you just pull that open ow fit me i see what you did that’s so hot there we go it is warm under there all right we’re good do you have a backup camera pops up right there without further ado let’s go ahead go for a drive i’ll throw up the tachometer so and to uh turn on and off your traction control as well as stabilitrak that is all

With this button here you also have toe haul mode which again buttons right there it’s impressive there’s a good amount of power in these things i mean this thing i mean a lot of people will say it is dated it absolutely is i’m not gonna sit there and say it’s not but you know what you don’t have to fix what’s not broken look at this massive sun visor and

This thing is really nice i mean for the job that gets done you got leather wrapped steering wheel uh it actually is quite fun to drive tons of storage here i mean this thing is honestly all you’ll need i was like what is making that noise it’s kind of funny when there’s no weight in the back you can feel the rear want to rotate if you get onto the power too

Early or anything like that but there’s no weight back there you know once you start taking corners heavy braking you’ll feel the rear start to get a little light um but honestly that just makes a little bit more fun see i want to buy one of these and make it a track weapon you know put sticky tires and stuff put roll cage all the stuff you would need and then

Just you know full race car race van that’d be sick obviously it’s a big floaty van but it still holds its own it doesn’t get blown around too much even on some tighter corners it doesn’t really get too upset it’s pretty cool pretty fun and i mean you got the vortech v8 you got all the power you would ever need right here hands down i mean the chevy express

This thing is pretty impressive i mean for 35 grand the utility you get out of these things it’s a pretty good bargain especially when you start looking at your cutaway chassis and stuff like that it’s a pretty good bargain for the price up into reverse all right thank you guys so much for watching please like share and subscribe and i will see you all in the next one

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2020 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van P.O.V Review By Carguy1999 Reviews