2020 Chevrolet Express Work Van Start up engine and full review

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Good afternoon folks here’s joe from js car reviews if you’re new to my channel make sure you like make sure you subscribe also make sure you have notifications turned on so that way you’ll know when i upload new video so for today’s in-depth review we’re going to take an in-depth look at the 2020 chevrolet express work fan and as you can see i’m back to using my

Phone because the gopro kept giving me too many problems so i’m gonna just use my phone again anyways this will be a full tour of the express work van i’m gonna start out i’m also gonna show the engine i’m also gonna show you guys the inside supposed to outside the van so here’s the key it’s gonna come on and get started that’s all i have right here i don’t

Have a key fob or anything like that the color mysterious white and it has gray vinyl interior it’s got made with driver seat adjustments very this nice is in demonstration mode skull drive steering wheel 4g connections press the blue onstar button to learn more it’s got a six-speed automatic transmission with a manual shift ability so you can shift via

The plus minus on the shifter i also have an integrated backup camera in the rearview mirror park burst located down there with the brake release all right let’s keep calling the lights and the hazards i’m gonna drive her some window and check out the exterior there’s a little tight back here because there’s a hole right in front of me just there we go so

There’s your exhaust oh camera’s gonna focus it’s a field door oh there it is you also have your backup camera all right let’s go pop the hood come up the hood you have chevrolet’s 3.6 liter v6 or excuse me 6.0 liter v8 my bad there’s your battery ah power door locks power windows power mirrors storage all right let’s give it a couple of revs ugh nice

Climb control your fan speed temperature different modes very simple easy to use you also have your rear default right there you have your front defrost right there you have your three cup holders right here you have your 12-volt power let your touch control off your airbag on and off you have your um your parking sensors your your onstar and your sls you have

A household pi outlet you have another total pilot check out radio this sounds okay so you got your six psi stations you have your uh this is to seek the stations you have your different sources and you have your toho right here so it’s pretty simple you have a storage tray you have your um your voice command you’re looking at your bluetooth telephone you have

Your cruise control testing wheels and wipers there’s high speed this little speed right there right there you got your speedometer your temperature or your oil your temperature your battery and your fuel gauge and right there secure selector we also have blind spot monitoring in the mirrors as well then you have your um you have your uh your your section right

Here where it shows all your information very simple you have your grip handle no mirror no nothing like that it’s got an automatic dimmer in the mirror or a manual demo of my bag you have your interior light so all right so i guess that’s pretty much it i’m going to put the window down we’ll check out the rest of the vehicle it won’t stay open okay you have

Plenty amount of room to put all your work stuff back here you basically put anything in here foreign power window power door locks storage there’s no glove box you don’t have mirror ears on this side either so pretty basic work van nothing special about it alrighty we’ll go ahead and shut everything down but before i do that i’m going to show you guys the

Front of the vehicle real quick okay well guys hope you enjoyed the tour on the all new 2020 chevrolet express wig van if you are interested in buying this car more chevrolet please contact them i’ll leave their link and the telephone number down in the description down below thanks a lot for watching and goodbye stay tuned for my next video

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2020 Chevrolet Express Work Van Start up engine and full review By J.R.’s Car Reviews