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2020 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD LT Review

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Today we checkout the 2020 Chevy Silverado 3500HD LT Dual Rear Wheel Duramax Diesel 4×4 Crewcab truck. Watch as our Sales Manager does a full features overview and walkthrough on this Summit White exterior on Jet Black Heated Leather interior Truck.

Hey folks it’s brad ledrick western gm in drumheller alberta canada and today we’re looking at our very first 2020 chevrolet silverado 3500 hd duramax diesel and you can see it it’s a truck with hips it’s a dual rear wheel it’s a dually whatever word you want to say it’s a work ready amazing truck tow and hall more easier it’s got the legendary duramax diesel

With the allison transmission in the old generation we had a six-speed allison the new ones we have a 10-speed allison and pretty straightforward here you want to get under the hood put your hand here slide to the right and here’s the engine compartment so the 6.6 liter duramax diesel there’s over 1 million of these in north america on the road it’s a fantastic

Engine 445 horsepower 910 foot-pounds of torque a couple years ago we changed the intake system so if you notice the air comes in through here comes down swirls here goes across here into your air box in our old generation like some of our competitors we were sucking the air up right in under here against sloppy dusty roads that’s not good so this is a much

Better design don’t be worried if you’re in the rain the water will just drip off here okay and if you park under a tree or anything like that easy to open up and clean out so again i’m doing this one-handed bear with me and we’re golden so i’ll talk about some of the changes with the hd in general but i really want to focus on in on this lt package this is a

Package that we sell quite a bit here in alberta you know your ranchers your cattlemen you know we’ve got lots of customers that are hauling horse trailers uh different shows and they want to have something that looks nice that’s got leather power seats inside they don’t want a basic work short work trucks sort of spec they want a good looking truck and that’s

What you’re getting but again the price point on this truck is what’s important so other than having just the leds for your daytime running lights you can see we’ve got the inexpensive halogen lights and bulbs for your fog lights and your regular high beams so inexpensive there inexpensive to replace you can see we’ve got the polished chrome wheel caps we’ve got

The six inch chrome gm running board and this is pretty sweet so this is new the mid-step in the front so again you can put one foot here hand up here put a foot there and it’s super easy to get into the back of your pickup truck i hope we can see this on the camera but gm has got this texturized coating for the new 2020s that is up a lot higher than it used to

Be so again this will help save your body as time goes by and you can see it all along the body here as well and even this leading line here is protected by this step so again that hood edge or that box edge is being protected which is nice again we got the chrome caps on this as well and new for 2020 is these fender liners so again something that’s or or wheel

Well um guards is that now you don’t have that leading edge as metal that’s getting chipped up and chewed up by the gravel so you can see that’s a nice little addition a nice little change that we never had before really like that the corner step is bigger than it ever was before and deeper so you can put two feet in here you got one hand and now you’re in the

Back of your pickup truck so pretty straightforward here moving to the back now we have our make sure here we go we’ve got our modern key system so we can just double tap and we’ve got the power up and down tailgate on this we can see that we’ve got the factory chevrolet spray and liner because of the logo in the front we’ve got your trailer connector wirings

Inside the box your factory fifth wheel gooseneck package your box light right 400 watt max plug-in in the back and again with this lt with technology package we get the cameras back here we get the high mount camera here and then we have the option for when we’re towing our horse trailer and whatnot of having a camera accessory inside the trailer and behind

The trailer and the truck will digitally stitch that all together which is pretty sweet now it’s a bit gravelly down here but i’m going to get down low this is one of the very most important things to talk about so when we talk about 910 foot-pounds of torque that’s real wheel rear uh real world numbers this ring gear in the back is a massive 12-inch ring gear

In all our 3 500 single rear wheels or dual rear wheels when you go to the 2500 it’s 11.5 inch our competitors one of them says they have more torque than us but they have a 10 and a half and 11 inch optional ring gears which means that you lose torque in those conversion in the ring gear whereas a massive 12 inch gear in this there’s no torque conversion so in

Our 3500s you get all that torque to the wheels another big thing is we have an auto locking heavy duty eaton’s g80 rear differential so the key word there is auto it’s automatic so when these wheels spin it locks both wheels both axles together and they spin in unison to give you the best possible attraction our competitors you can imagine you’re in a forestry

Road you’re in a job site and you’re bouncing around inside the cab and you’ve got to push a button to an age that enable that electronic locker ours again is automatic so another big feature in this lte diesel package moving on along another nice thing is your def tank is a filler tube is now here instead of being under the engine compartment which was a much

Needed change again we’ve got the modern push button start so we have the proximity sensors on the door touch once unlocks the store we can see we got the leather seats inside with a headrest in the middle of the of the well second row in the back we’ve got seat back storage here just catch over the seat anywhere just pull it straight up you can see your really

Flat floor in the back you got a little cargo organizer if you will two torx to remove that if you want even more flat storage in the back pull this down you can see we’ve got heat vents back here we’ve got some usbs and a power outlet as well quick overview inside so again you got some nice options big arm rest storage back here for the family you got the boards

And looking at this truck here we’ve got some nice stitching here we’ve got this piano faux wood in here that looks really nice with a little bit of a like textured design in it it’s got the chrome looks really nice power door locks mirrors right here we can see we’ve got a 10-way power driver seat and a power passenger seat as well and i mentioned before before i

Get into i’m just going to back up oh the wind’s blowing again but this is this lt package this is a great looking truck on the outside and then and then then again when we go inside the truck like we were mentioning before this truck is a 83 000 canadian truck and with the current incentives we have that’s like another seven seven eight grand off of this truck

Available right now so this is a really good value for what you’re getting it is six passenger capable which our customers love a lot of our rancher cattlemen they have a larger family so now six passenger capable little tether here just pull this go back down very quickly pop inside don’t want to take too long here but this is one of the most awesome things

You have auto 4×4 in the heavy duties now so in the past you could be in two wheel four high four low and that’s it so the auto track just like our half tons push your auto button you can see down low it’s an auto four by four right there push too high you’ll see it’ll start to do the switch but that’s important so if you’re on say gravel roads a little bit of

Snow it’s raining out be an auto 4×4 so it can transfer power to the front wheels and around as necessary if you want the best possible fuel economy you’re driving on asphalt bn2 will makes perfect sense if you’re on sloppy roads really bad snow conditions you’re hauling a big trailer with you as well in those conditions be in four high okay that’s what makes

The most sense then we’ve got this jog dial gm spent two million hours of testing on this and what this it does a lot of different things but really simply turn it to the left you can see the trailer mode turn it to the right we have normal on off road mode so in off road mode obviously it does a couple really neat things so it dampens the steering changes the

Throttle response change the shift points of the transmission so again your wheels don’t spin on that loose gravel and stuff when you’re all when you’re in your off-road conditions when you’re in your trailer mode it remembers that your trailer is connected remembers your trailer brake gain that you’ve got set and even if you turn off your truck for up to three

Hours it’ll remember those settings so quickly running into the gas station filling up grabbing a sandwich coming back out starting up your truck it’ll still remember that you have a trailer connected you’re in tow haul mode you’ve got your gain set at that such and such it’s a really awesome little thing okay and again we’ve got we’re in canada we’ve got to

Heat the steering wheel we’ve got again this lt package push button start we’ve got the heated seats with three levels of heat so for your back and bum or just your back again summertime i’m not going to have this on we’ve got your dual zone automatic climate control diesel exhaust brake your power down tailgate this power button enables this plug-in and the

One in the back box as well trailer brake controller here usbc for fast charging usb and we’ve got an old solid power adapter sd card as well if you want to throw in some tunes and stuff on an sd card really straightforward and then moving on up again not skipping on anything you got a really nice 8.4 inch touchscreen everybody loves this system it’s so quick

It’s so intuitive hit home what do we want to do home here or home here so with audio you saw that home let’s go and go to the climate control now it’s all digital home what do you want to see camera so there’s our backup camera again because it’s got the technology package on this lt we get the in the box camera okay so seeing your what’s going on with what’s

In your box or your fifth wheel you can see if i get down here a little closer like i showed you outside that’s the back behind your trailer or inside your trailer camera views and even when you’re driving you can click on this and see okay even the nice camera view straight down for when you’re backing up to your hitch pretty neat stuff all high definition as well

A good screen size and you can see how quick and how easy this is to use but what’s also nice is you’ve got apple carplay and android auto so again if you have a modern iphone or android phone you plug it in your waypoints your waze your google maps your audiobooks will all be here and it’ll look like your phone your android or your apple phone so pretty straight

Forward that way and there’s also some oh sorry it was on the screen trailing profiles you can set up as well so you can even be outside your vehicle and use your my chevrolet app and you can test your trailer brakes and lights and all that sort of stuff when you’re outside your trailer to make sure that everything’s connected and everything’s working the way it’s

It’s supposed to be working um so again you know all this stuff included in this in this truck and i mean we’re talking you know a 74 thousand dollar canadian sort of truck that’s about ten dollars u.s and uh just joking we got a power sliding rear window we’ve got your garage door opener with three different settings and of course we’ve got our onstar system as

Well you notice down here i didn’t even mention i went through it so quick 4g lte wi-fi in the vehicle outside temperature sensor and your time is all there as well so again we’ve got all the technology we’ve got a quiet comfortable truck we’ve got the legendary duramax diesel with the new 10-speed allison transmission and again this is a super affordable great

Looking package truck that we sell quite a few of if you’re in canada you might have noticed there hasn’t been a lot of dual rear wheel trucks this year we’re getting late in the year now what is at the end of july and it’s because in canada we’ve had constraints gm has been building the 2500 and 3500 single rear wheels all year because they’ve had so much demand

And they have to retool the factory to do the dual rear wheels so now that you’ll start seeing some of those land on dealer lots um i’m going to review a denali here shortly as well that we have a doer will on a duro 3500 hd as well but there you go folks and last thing last two things if you’re in canada this is where you plug in for your block heater and the

Very final best for last the piste delivers of resistance is this focusing camera it’s small riding gm has done it right for you the customer when you pick up any of our 2020 trucks you open up the door jamb you’ll see this truck as spec with whatever accessories came with it from the factory as specked the max tongue weight of this truck is 4 65 pounds the max

Gooseneck trailering of this truck is one 31 pounds max conventional towing is twenty thousand pounds with a ball so really straightforward gm’s taken all the guesswork of what your tongue weights are and all that sort of stuff your gross vehicle weight rating your gross combined weight rating all those numbers are right here at your fingertips so you know that

Your fifth wheel or your work trailer and what’s on it is going to be towed and be safe and you don’t have to worry about the d.o.t or the sheriff pulling you over and giving you a costly ticket and we all know that when you’re a professional downtime is important right downtime is super costly and this is a truck legendary duramax over a million of them on the

Road in north america a truck that won’t let you down i recommend you guys taking a look this lt with a technology package is a great great package that’s super affordable again canada 75 000 ish with current incentives is an amazing value for a lot of truck here but there you go folks it’s another one take shoot here from brad at western gm in drumheller alberta

Canada apologize it’s windy but i had to get this out we’re gonna some rain coming and uh i appreciate the subscriptions like comment all that sort of jazz um you know i do this for fun we don’t have any advertising on this you know um this is just something that i like to do for fun to let people know about some of the awesome things with our product and if

You notice i’m not talking about how our trucks are is vastly superior than this or that i don’t do that i want people to figure out for their own and i want to talk about the strengths that these vehicles have there’s other manufacturers that make good vehicles as well i just want to highlight what makes hours different and lastly i didn’t even mention on this

Video but you’ve got the independent front suspension in this truck so again gives you a quieter more comfortable ride in this truck and you’ve got an independent front suspension which our competitors don’t so there you go something else so many things i could talk about i just walk around them quick i got no script in front of me and just having fun and there

You go folks another one take shoot thank you so much for liking subscribing and commenting cheers

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