2020 Chevrolet Traverse LT Leather

Stk# 2000183A

Good afternoon scott joe wolf here alderman chevy buick gmc vermont’s favorite car dealership we’re famous for awesome deals and fabulous service want to personally thank you for inquiring this just arrived 2020 chevrolet traverse this is the with leather beautiful vehicle as you can see from that front plate this vehicle is certified pre-owned which means it’s

Undergone 172 point inspection also means you get an extra one year 12 000 miles on the comprehensive warranty up to six years or a hundred thousand miles on the powertrain i used to personally own a traverse and i think it’s a fantastic vehicle this is one of our previous lease customers they just upgraded to a truck so it’s got very low mileage and as you’ll

See no wear and tear excellent condition one owner clean carfax does have the passive entry system simply if you have your key fob in your pocket press that button once to unlock the driver’s side door press it twice to unlock all the doors my favorite part is the seating configuration i do apologize for the music i’ll turn it down as soon as i get to the front

Of the vehicle we have our own climate control bucket seats here in the rear seating for three so this is a true seven passenger vehicle um and it works well for that i love the black interior with the orange stitching this gives it a really nice appearance wi-fi onstar available subscription power windows and door locks of course we have our power liftgate power

Driver seat great shape let’s hop on in i’ll get that music turned out we have auto on off headlights down here uh cruise control and bluetooth there on the steering wheel this vehicle only has 9 483 miles on it we have some information in the within this display also uh how fast we’re going to scoot over here we have our oil life tire pressure i can do music

Uh onstar navigation phone and your vehicle settings so a lot of information available to you there uh electric parking brake you can take this in and out of all-wheel drive which is nice for summer time two-wheel drive better fuel economy as you can see plenty of room here in the center stack with our cup holders plenty of storage options usb auxiliary ports

Heated seats dual zone climate control car starter all standard with this vehicle we have am fm xm radio of course apple carplay and android auto simply plug your phone in it mirrors your messages your phone calls i really like to use it for navigation so whether you like waze or google maps or apple maps or whatever your preferred navigation provider you like

Nice backup camera this is pretty cool little secret compartment here that’s nice a nice spot to keep your registration and insurance card so you never lose it just a really nicely appointed car with a lot of equipment nice bridgestone tires on there you can see those wheels are in great condition no evidence of curb rashing scratching these rotors look great we

Got our parking sensors there in the back dual exhaust power liftgate as i mentioned plenty of room behind the third row which is nice if you’re carrying um luggage and things like that with a with a full car there’s still plenty of room there or you can fold those down and have a ton of cargo space so whatever you’re using the vehicle for passenger side again

Wheels are just in great shape that’s three of the four so far take a peek in the passenger side power passenger seat as well let’s see everything’s been well taken care of and last wheel there for you scott so scott if you’d like to learn more about this 2020 chevrolet traverse lt click the learn more button below or come see it for yourself through 7 south in

Rutland or check it out on the web at aldermen chevrolet.com

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2020 Chevrolet Traverse LT Leather By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC