2020 Chevrolet Trax LS

Stock # 2030665A

Hey amy this is chris doyle at alderman chevrolet buick gmc in rutland vermont vermont’s favorite car dealership where we’re known for awesome deals and fabulous service i want to thank you for your request for information on this 2020 chevrolet trax this is the all-wheel drive ls nice little car low miles one owner vehicle and certified i’ll get into the

Certification in just a minute here but i just want to give you a little bit of a tour all the way around take a look at some of the features the condition of the vehicle kind of hard to convey sometimes but that’s why we have the videos because we want to show you it’s in very good shape all the kind of hot spots you always want to check out when you’re looking at

Any kind of a pre-owned vehicle certified or not excellent tire tread rims are in very good shape overall very clean as is typical for just about everything that we have on our pre-owned lot here as i mentioned it is certified certification is basically the next best thing to buying a brand new vehicle so it’s going to give you extra warranties another year or

12 000 miles on the bumper-to-bumper warranty on top of anything that may or may not remain from its original owner powertrain warranty is even better for a certified than a brand new vehicle instead of five years sixty thousand miles from the original date of sale it’s six years 100 000 miles so there’s a lot left on the vehicle you’re also going to get a couple

Of maintenance visits free free trials of onstar and satellite radio and wi-fi and 172 point checklist that it had to go through to be certified from gm in the first place so get that out of the way there’s a lot that comes with it again taking a look at that great i’m not sure i don’t honestly don’t know if these are brand new tires or really darn close but very

Very good tread just something you’re not going to have to worry about for quite a while down the road the trax is a nice compact platform sub-compact as a matter of fact but you’re really not going to suffer from because of it i’m going to hop in the back here i’ve got that seat back pretty far and i slide right in there’s quite a lot of room lots of headroom

That’s always a concern especially if you’re looking at smaller suvs from other manufacturers you can feel like you’re kind of according yourself in there nice dash up there that chevrolet look we’re gonna get a closer look at that in fact let’s take a look at that right now because there are a couple of nice things that i want to point out to you here there you

Go there’s your switches why am i showing this to you why am i showing switches on a video because this is one of the areas that can really be beaten up if a car hasn’t been maintained regularly it kind of gets gross and dirty and paint starts coming off very good shape another one here taking a look at the seat the bolsters on the side you’re kind of getting in

And out of it all the time sometimes they can get a little wrinkled a little beaten up very nice condition yeah this was a nicely maintained vehicle so i’m going to sit down here just so you can see we’ve got our cruise control we’ve got our controls here for bluetooth we’ve also got our volume controls right on the steering wheel and um controls for uh changing

Your channel or your source from the radio stereo system i should say um so audio here apple carplay and android auto great feature very easy to plug your phone right in there whether it’s an android or an apple you’re gonna have a lot of fantastic features showing up right on the screen and they’ll be touch screen and voice screen voice control so makes managing

It a lot easier google maps spotify pandora there’s a lot of things that you’ve got on your phone that you can use right here through the main screen and of course it goes without saying there’s your backup camera once we throw it into reverse so speaking of the back of the car let’s take a look this is an suv there’s a surprising amount of room not only for people

But for stuff inside so i’m going to pop this open just so you can see pretty good sized trunk especially for the size of the car and that’s the nice thing about these track tracks is trackside still haven’t quite figured that out it’s very easy to drive very easy to park but again there’s a lot of space there those seats will split and fold down and one really

Neat feature about the tracks i’m going to open this door just so you can see is don’t let the size fool you if you look at the back of this seat you can see it’s a hard plastic shell back there isn’t on the driver’s side why well that’s because this seat will see if i can do this one-handed there you go we’ll fold all the way down and flat the seats here will

Split and fold too it now means that you can put items up to eight feet long inside the vehicle without hoisting it over somebody’s shoulder or jabbing somebody in the back of the head while you’re doing it you can’t do that in a lot of larger suvs out there just a really neat thoughtful feature about the tracks oh very nice didn’t even notice this we even have

A nice little platform hitch there not for towing behind you but for mounting things like bike carriers for example a lot of things you can actually put on the back of it just a really nice looking car in that great silver color which is so easy to keep clean let’s take a look at those tires again boy they are in good shape again just one less thing to worry about

Down the road so if you are interested in learning more about this 2020 chevrolet trax all-wheel drive ls if you’re watching this video on youtube you can click on the link in the comments below if you’re watching it on facebook you can click on the learn more button and of course the best way to do it is to come see it in person we’re at 65 windcrest road in

Rutland vermont that’s just off route 7 south hope to see you soon

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2020 Chevrolet Trax LS By Alderman’s Chevrolet Buick GMC