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2020 Chrysler 300 Already Has A Leaking Oil Cooler at 69,000 Miles (Common 3.6 Pentastar Issue)

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Hey Good People,

Now let’s cut out the back again with another video for you guys today this is an informative video um today’s patient is a 2020 chrysler 300. she’s sexy now look at that 20 20. she’s i mean i would ride it maybe i don’t know it’s got a penal stuff i think i had a 392 in it yeah that’s a 3.6 penta star um like i told you guys i may name my channel 3.6 kind of

Star because these engines truly keep me in business not knocking them they’re very good engines but you have to baby them see a lot of issues out of the oil cooler um and that’s what we’re going to be talking about today oil cooler sits down under the intake in the valley of the engine where all that heat is and guess what they decide to make it out of plastic so

That’s the problem that’s the failure point it’s plastic plastic in that much heat will warp and when it warps it starts to leak oil leak coolant sometimes i’ve seen them explode and people blow head gaskets from it so that’s what we’re going to be talking about today i actually have another part um should i show them now or should i just wait did i get disconnected

So i have a dorman part here make sure you get dormant i’m gonna post this into my uh what is the description it even come with little seals and i think screws this is a very nice kit the screws are somewhere find it later so this is your oil cooler the only thing you can see on the vehicle is the top portion of it filter goes and you know this is the filter um

Housing right here and coolant flows through here and cools the oil oil cooler so what’s the beauty about this is it’s all aluminum construction aluminum does very good with heat um this is an upgraded version right yes it’s a very nice upgrade so i highly recommend doing if you go in with a new oil cooler get the aluminum even if you have to order it offline um

And i think it’s cheaper too so what i’m gonna do now is go ahead and pull this one down and um show you just side by side comparison oh you know and again folks this is not a tutorial but we do have tutorial videos uh on the on the channel and i’ll put a link in the description and up on the screen we even got his brother doing his own oil cooler so if he could do

It you guys can too so if you want to learn how to do that make sure you check that that video thank you sweetie you’re welcome i’m gonna let you get to it yeah i’m gonna go ahead and get to it and bust it down and um i’ll see you guys in a little bit all right i just got everything cleaned up as you can clearly see it’s supposed to look like clean though and i

Missed what it what it looked like what did it look like it just oily well you can’t really tell because you come up with the oil cooler it’s a good idea to drain your coolant too um it just reduces the mess but when you go up with the oil cooler it’s going to dump oil a lot more oil in the valley so it helps to have some type of shop back and see what we have yes

Right there there’s some brake parts cleaning just clean up everything um now i get a lot of flack behind doing this guys i like to leave my intake ports open um it’s everybody got their way of doing stuff i just kind of wanted to address that real quick i don’t close them up like normally mechanics they’ll put like a towel or a rag or put tape over it i don’t

Feel it’s necessary to do that because i’m not leaving my area and i always make it a habit to check back into my um before i put the intake back on i always check down into my intake ports to make sure there’s nothing dropped down in there to each their own yes and then some people the people who do the rack thing they forget it’s there sometimes i’ve seen that

They will stuff the rack down in there and crack the engine up and yeah so to teach their own just be mindful of what you’re doing the only way i would do that if i’m leaving the area for extended period of time i don’t know some mechanic may not like me and dump some in my engine now i’m just playing but any of good people this is the oil cooler i was talking

About earlier so the cooler part is the only aluminum part on this piece the rest of it as you can see is clearly is plastic uh i truly does i think they truly designed this stuff to fail um to be honest with you because they could have did this from the factory i i don’t i don’t know fiat get it together yes fiat well fiat own chrysler back um damn do you know

What fiat sold chrysler to stalantis i don’t know i don’t know the deal if you know comment below i think did they just make themselves still antics no i don’t know i don’t know but i know fiat had him a long time and i have to tell a lot of my customers like yeah that’s a fiat you’re driving this is no longer american made oh that’s why it’s so complicated but

Yes um you can order this now the years may be wrong it may say this is to up to a 15. that’s fine as you can see it’s clearly the same piece the only thing you’ll be having to switch over is the oil pressure sensor this is the oil pressure sensor from that one um same exact thing fitment is not going to be an issue here um this is a lot better design i’ve changed

Them out in the past and had no issues whatsoever if i own this vehicle and if i had to put my wife in this vehicle this will be the first thing i do i wouldn’t wait to it to go out i would just change it what you think absolutely absolutely i try to i can’t have my wife on side of the road that’s what i’m saying you know look if we ever come put that in this

Decree judge she need to fix my car period i would do it too but i’m gonna be with you forever you can have everything but you have my youtube checks yeah i’m saying that i’m saying that on video so you could mrs call doctor in the house this is my boo y’all but anyway i ain’t going nowhere actually for the keeper exactly but i’m gonna go ahead and put this back

Together um and wrap up this video because like i said this is not a repair tutorial today guys if you want to see it i’ll put it in the link somewhere um i just wanted to show you that and you know give you a tip that hey when you have to replace it do an upgrade please it’ll save you in the long run especially if you want to keep your car is this um does it have

A failure point on this yes on this plastic piece this is what ruptures um because coolant goes through this and um i had a customer i think i made a video about this it had a big hole in the side of it it was a durango um with a blown head gasket a real good customer of mines and i know i’ve told her plenty of times before cars over here you can just stop just

Stop smoking don’t try to make it because guess what that smoking may not be cooling your car could be on fire you’re just driving along and it could be safety related one more question we get a lot of how much does this job cost oh you know i don’t deal with the prices no more i know i’ve been saying that a lot on my car well i do guys it’s about 7 800 books of

Course that’s depending on the shop their labor rate and where you are in the united states some states i’ll say about depending on where you get the parts from source to parts i saved between five to eight hundred dollars yeah yes that’s a that’s a good thing intake has to come up make sure you guys are replacing the intake gaskets very important when you do do

The job like i said if you want to see a full tutorial it is on the channel my wife got to hook you up she’s gonna post it she do all my editing and stuff so yeah give a shout out to her make sure you hit that like button for my wife like always guys if you want to buy me a beer and if you like this video hit that super thanks button i really appreciate that all

Right good people i will see you guys on the next video alex car doctor out

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2020 Chrysler 300 Already Has A Leaking Oil Cooler at 69,000 Miles! (Common 3.6 Pentastar Issue) By Alex The Car Doctor