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2020 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Touring Quick Tour

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A Quick tour on our 35th Anniversary Hybrid Pacifica at Fred Frederick in Laurel Maryland.

Hello and welcome to fred frederic chrysler here in laurel maryland my name is brian and today we’ll take a look at our 2020 chrysler pacifica hybrid touring 35th anniversary so let’s take a look at the engine of the specific so this one has a 3.6 liter v6 that’s also a hybrid engine so has a big battery and it has an e flight si evt transmission taking a little

Closer look at the engine here you can see the hybrid this part right here is that v6 part you’ll see it a little hybrid starting to show right over there alright so i’m going to show you guys it’s a quick walk around of the vehicle this one comes in a nice diamond black the 17-inch rims chrome trim if you look up top you got that roof rack in chrome as well got

That a hybrid badge as well as that 35th anniversary badge right there so one of my favorite features how the pacifica is that key fob very much controls almost every door on the vehicle so for example i could press this ds 2 right here get this turning open you’ll see the other door on the other side don’t press that it stops to open as well and you’ll see here

The back the tailgate is also a remote tailgate it opens you double click that button so another thing i like about this vehicle is how much storage is so if you open up the tailgate here you’ll notice there’s a lot of space down here for luggage a lot of space for a trip as well but you can also have these stone ghost seats here so let me show you how that looks

Right here you’ll see a few instructions the one two and done so if you look here there is a pulley or handle you can pull it that’s one for both sides one can see the headrests go down this right here is the second part so all you got to do it’s full there you go alright so as you can see in this particular edition of the pacific there is black leather everywhere

And if you look closely there’s also some cranberry wine accents the 35th anniversary edition got leather seats leather wheel nice good quality plastic everywhere alright just wanted to show you guys what it looks like here you’ve got that nice blue lighting in your instrument gauges and you have that nice infotainment here as well this one particularly has the

Navigational system which is nice and bright very crisp and clear and take a look at that you can plug in your phone to one of these usb ports and you can get that apple carplay and ide auto experience i’ve got the climate controls here whether you also have physical buttons for massive volume they’re physical volumes for the fan and a temperature ac air circulation

Auto climate control as well you guys are familiar with you connect system already it’s one of the best infotainment systems just like a smart phone you can move some stuff over with the icons i was the apps over to the other sides or even put it down here most access to apps like let’s say if you want to do send and go right down here i’m gonna place that in

That sin and go alright just to show you guys the space here we got on the second row passenger seats it’s quite great this is myself in a comfortable position behind a comfortable position of myself in the driver’s seat as well as you can see there’s tons of legroom take a look at the back seat here you’re gonna see that there’s a usb port behind for every seat

Actually ports for the driver and passenger ports for the second row passengers and if i show you guys the back here if you’re on the third row you’d still get the usb port right there and that’s pretty much it for a quick tour of this 2020 horus through pacifica hybrid touring 35th anniversary edition if you have any more questions just leave them in the comment

Below and i will answer them if you’d like to test drive the vehicle feel free to give us a call the numbers in the description below come over here it’s a laurel maryland see what’s new or a lot see this car a lot and i don’t forget to like and subscribe

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