2020 Chrysler Voyager Review

A quick review of the 2020 Chrysler Voyager which is based on the Chrysler Pacifica Minivan. This is essentially the same vehicle but the 2 entry level trims of the Pacifica were renamed to the Voyager.

Hey everybody welcome back to my channel today i have a 2020 chrysler voyager which is pretty much a chrysler pacifica under a new name let’s go ahead and check it out and let me tell you about the differences so like i said this is exactly a chrysler pacifica design wise and mechanically under the hood same engine pretty much the same vehicle but with the

Voyager you’re looking at the two entry level trims of the pacifica got renamed to the voyager so this is the base model pacifica that goes for around thirty thousand dollars and it doesn’t have all the features that the pacifica would have you still get leather and a lot of nice amenities inside but you are missing nice touches such as integrated turn signals

In the mirror automatic climate control inside sunroofs things like that all those options are to be expected in a pacifica but not a voyager so if you’re looking for a minivan and you want to save some money this is it personally i don’t agree with the separate name because it is exactly the same vehicle i think it’s kind of strange that they would market this

As a voyager but i mean it’s still the same car you have you know the power liftgate you have everything that you would expect in the pacifica is in this vehicle right here so i already made a review and i’ll link it in the description of the pacifica so i won’t get into too much detail because it’s pretty much the same but uh just wanted to show you real quick

Let’s let’s take a tour let me show you inside so even though it’s the voyager you still have the smart key remote start keyless entry and all of those things on the inside the dash and the seats and the trim are exactly the same as the pacifica you have the automatic headlights you have steering wheel controls the same screen in the center you even have android

Auto and apple carplay all the storage compartments everything that you would expect but you’re missing some strange items such as auto climate control this this button right here would be for auto climate control so you just got to manually adjust it this one does have the garage opener as well in the back you still have the captain’s chairs and they do stow

Away under here you can check out my other video for instructions on how to do that the third row is pretty much the same i mean you just don’t have the all the extra buttons and electronic features like you don’t have usb charging ports in the back and just little little things like that but overall this car it drives the same as a pacifica and it it looks the

Same so i i don’t see why they renamed it and why they changed the marketing on this it’s still a pacifica i mean if i bought one of these i would just re-badge it to say pacifica well thanks for watching the video i hope this was helpful please consider subscribing

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2020 Chrysler Voyager Review By Masry Motors